Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays

An essential tool for employers when planning work on the territory of Tatarstan will be the production calendar of the Republic in 2021 with approved holidays, work and output. On the basis of this information will be calculated norm of working time depending on work schedule. Information from a document is relevant not only to the employees of the accounting Department and staff, but also ordinary working citizens when planning their daily activities and trips in the coming year.

We invite you to read an approved version of the production calendar of the Republic of Tatarstan for 2021 with the transfer of public holidays.

Regulatory documents

Production calendar of Tatarstan for 2021 prepared by the Ministry of labour, employment and social protection of the Republic subject to the provisions of the Federal and Republican regulations:

  1. The order of the health Ministry of the Russian Federation No. 588н from 13.08.2009.
  2. The labour code of the Russian Federation.
  3. Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "On transfer of days" (approved annually).
  4. Of the law of RT № 1448-XII dated 19.02.1992.
  5. The decree of the President of RT, which determines the date for celebrating Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha in 2021

2021 the year is a leap year, so it will have 366 days, including 246 workers and 120 output (assuming a five day week of work with a non-working Saturday or Sunday).

Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays


For Tatarstan are national holidays enshrined in Russian legislation. Calendar 2021 the dates of the holidays considered official holidays, are as follows:

Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays

Republican holidays

  • Eid al Fitr – Sunday, may 24.
  • Eid al Adha is Friday 31 July.
  • Day of the Republic of Tatarstan – Sunday 30 August.
  • Constitution day of the Republic of Tatarstan – Friday 6 November.

Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays

Note! For the national holidays, which coincides with the date with the calendar weekend (Saturday or Sunday) from 2016 abolished the possibility of additional guests on the next working day (according to the Law of RT № 67-LRT from 29.09.2016. Russian holidays transfers all also act as and in all regions of the country.

Reduced time

For days preceding official holidays, employers are obliged to set the duration of the working day by one hour less, which must take into account in the production calendar (under article 95 of the labour code). In 2021, engaged citizens of Tatarstan will receive abbreviated days:

  • Thursday 30.04;
  • Friday 08.05;
  • Thursday 11.06;
  • Thursday 30.07;
  • Tuesday 03.11;
  • Thursday 05.11;
  • Thursday 31.12.

Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays

What is transferred

Non-working national public holidays, which in 2021 match the output on the calendar, provide an opportunity to rest from work on the next working day. Based on this rule in 2021 it is expected that will be migrated:

What is the dateOn what date
04.01 (Saturday)04.05 (Monday)
05.01 (Sunday)05.05 (Tuesday)
23.02 (Sunday)24.02 (Monday)
8.03 (Sunday)9.03 (Monday)
9.05 (Saturday)11.05 (Monday)

Special attention is paid to the transfer of the days assigned to holiday hours, under the so-called Christmas holidays: two of them are distributed on other days of the calendar year (according to law No. 35-FZ, dated 23.04.2012), which is reflected in the corresponding Government Decree.

When planning dates, officials strive to consider the interests of citizens and to provide longer stay instead of the traditional two-day weekend. Thus, in 2021, the days 4 and 5 January (Saturday and Sunday respectively) will be postponed to may 4 (Monday) and 5 may (Tuesday) that will extend the holidays in may.

Long weekend

Holidays official holidays and breaks in some cases, will provide the population of Tatarstan several longer periods of rest than the traditional 2-day weekend. Considering the above mentioned predictions about shifts, long weekends in 2021 we can expect:

  • 01.01.-08.01. due to new year holidays;
  • 22.02-24.02. on the Day of defender of the Fatherland;
  • 07.03-09.03. in honor of International women’s day;
  • 01.05-05.05. on the Day of spring and labour;
  • 09.05-11.05. on the occasion of the Victory Day;
  • 12.06-14.06. Day USA.

Factory calendar for 2021 in Tatarstan with the holidays

Working time rules

Presented above data about work, weekends and public holidays and associated rest periods, and reducing the time of operation before used in the calculation of the norms of working time in 2021. They are set to different operation modes, presenting monthly, quarterly and annual picture. Indicators for "five days" is presented in the table below:

Month/quarter/yearThe number of daysWorking time (hours)
Two thousand twenty oneThree hundred sixty sixTwo hundred forty sixOne hundred twentyOne thousand nine hundred sixty one1764.21173.8
calendarworkingweekend40 hours/ week36 hours/ week24 hours/ week
JanuaryThirty oneSeventeenFourteenOne hundred thirty six122.481.6
FebruaryTwenty nineNineteenTenOne hundred fifty two136.891.2
MarchThirty oneTwenty oneTenOne hundred sixty eight151.2100.8
AprilThirtyTwenty twoEightOne hundred seventy five157.4104.6
MayThirty oneSeventeenFourteenOne hundred thirty five121.480.6
JuneThirtyTwenty oneNineOne hundred sixty seven150.299.8
JulyThirty oneTwenty twoNineOne hundred seventy five157.4104.6
AugustThirty oneTwenty oneTenOne hundred sixty eight151.2100.8
SeptemberThirtyTwenty twoEightOne hundred seventy six158.4105.6
OctoberThirty oneTwenty twoNineOne hundred seventy six158.4105.6
NovemberThirtyNineteenElevenOne hundred fifty134.889.2
DecemberThirty oneTwenty threeEightOne hundred eighty three164.6109.4
1st quarterNinety oneFifty sevenThirty fourFour hundred fifty six410.4273.6
2nd quarterNinety oneSixtyThirty oneFour hundred seventy sevenFour hundred twenty nineTwo hundred eighty five
3rd quarterNinety twoSixty fiveTwenty sevenFive hundred nineteenFour hundred sixty sevenThree hundred eleven
4th quarterNinety twoSixty fourTwenty eightFive hundred nine457.8304.2
1HOne hundred eighty twoOne hundred seventeenSixty fiveNine hundred thirty three839.4558.6
2nd halfOne hundred eighty fourOne hundred twenty nineFifty fiveOne thousand twenty eight924.8615.2

Note! Monthly norms are calculated by dividing the length of the workweek in hours by 5 (assuming 5 days) and multiplying the resulting figure by the number of days work on the calendar minus the reduced hours on the eve of the Federal and national holidays. On a similar principle are also calculated observantly and total annual values.

Total in 2021 the production calendar of the Republic of Tatarstan provides for different modes the following working hours:

  • 1173,8 HR (4.8 HR shift/ 24-hour week).
  • 1764,2 h (at 7.2 hour shift/36-hour week).
  • 1961 HR (8 HR shift/40 hour week).

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