Factory calendar for 2021

Factory calendar for 2021 – an indispensable tool in the work of staff personnel services and accounting. It reflects information about the holidays, layoffs, shifts of working days and the norms of man-hours for different variants of operation. Detailed reflection allows you to accurately calculate the number of work and weekends in a specific month of the year for the formation of the schedule of work of the enterprise, payroll, sick leave or other benefits. The information from it is also useful to ordinary people for planning the upcoming holidays, which can highlight the weekend with a maximum duration.

The order of formation

To schedule production calendar for 2021 are used the provisions of the two regulations:

  1. The labour code of the Russian Federation (article 95, 112).
  2. The order of the health Ministry No. 588н "On approval of the procedure of calculation of norm of working time…" (to be adopted closer to the fall of 2020)

Note! In Russian legislation there is no such things as "factory calendar", so among experts and ordinary citizens use different names: cross-application time sheet, labor or work calendar, etc.

Factory calendar for 2021 holidays and weekends approved :

Since 2021 refers to the number of a leap year, there will be 366 calendar days (due to the 29 days in February), of which:

  • 248 – will be working;
  • 118 – the weekend and holiday.

Working time rules

The norm labour hours are calculated based on the information about public holidays, transfers matching output (by calendar or Government regulation), and reduced days for each month of the year.

Dates of public holidays

In accordance with the provisions of article 112 TK in the USA has approved the following public holidays, dates of which always remain output in 2021:

Factory calendar for 2021

Shifts weekends

For holidays that are official non-working, but have a calendar day off (Saturday or Sunday), the latter is shifted to the next working day. In connection with such coincidences in 2021 possible such shifts:

What is the dateOn what date
4 January (Saturday)4 may
January 5 (Sunday)5 may
February 23 (Sunday)February 24 (Monday)
March 8 (Sunday)March 9 (Monday)
May 9 (Saturday)May 11 (Monday)

In a separate order of the Government of the Russian Federation determines how will be moved to the weekends, which are festive in accordance with the legislation in the period of the national Christmas holidays. After changes to article 112, approved by law No. 35 dated 23.04.2012 two such days off are transferred on such dates throughout the year to plan rational distribution of work days and rest.

the draft decision proposes the transfer of the weekend from 4 and 5 January to Monday 4 may and Tuesday 5 may, respectively.

Officially, all transfers must be approved by an official document, which is usually accepted by the government in October-November of this year.

Factory calendar for 2021

Long weekend

Due to the state holiday non-working days and shifts of holiday dates in 2021 will be several periods long weekends. On the basis of assumptions on the possible migrations, it will be the following dates:

  • for the new year holidays (8 days) from 1 to 8 January;
  • the defender of the Fatherland Day (3 days) from 22 to 24 February;
  • on international women’s day (3 days) from 7 to 9 March;
  • on the Day of spring and labor (5 days) from 1 to 5 may;
  • on Victory Day (3 days) may 9 to 11;
  • Day USA (3 days) from 12 to 14 June.

Abbreviated pre-holiday days

The provisions of article 95 (h. 1) of the Labour code stipulates that working days before the official public holidays, working hours reduced by one hour.

Note! Not affected by the reduction of working time on Friday on the eve of public holidays which this year fall on a Sunday.

In 2021 for "five days" working hours will be reduced:

  • April 30 (Thursday);
  • May 8 (Friday);
  • June 11 (Thursday);
  • November 3(Tuesday);
  • December 31 (Thursday).

Given the information provided above in 2021 in the calendar distribution of days of work and rest for each month separately, in observatorna and the annual cut will look like the following:

The number of daysWorking time (hours)
Two thousand twenty oneThree hundred sixty sixTwo hundred forty eightOne hundred eighteenOne thousand nine hundred seventy nine1780.61185.4
calendarworkingweekend40 hours/ week36 hours/ week24 hours/ week
JanuaryThirty oneSeventeenFourteenOne hundred thirty six122.481.6
FebruaryTwenty nineNineteenTenOne hundred fifty two136.891.2
MarchThirty oneTwenty oneTenOne hundred sixty eight151.2100.8
AprilThirtyTwenty twoEightOne hundred seventy five157.4104.6
MayThirty oneSeventeenFourteenOne hundred thirty five121.480.6
JuneThirtyTwenty oneNineOne hundred sixty seven150.299.8
JulyThirty oneTwenty threeEightOne hundred eighty four165.6110.4
AugustThirty oneTwenty oneTenOne hundred sixty eight151.2100.8
SeptemberThirtyTwenty twoEightOne hundred seventy six158.4105.6
OctoberThirty oneTwenty twoNineOne hundred seventy six158.4105.6
NovemberThirtyTwentyTenOne hundred fifty nineOne hundred forty threeNinety five
DecemberThirty oneTwenty threeEightOne hundred eighty three164.6109.4
1st quarterNinety oneFifty sevenThirty fourFour hundred fifty six410.4273.6
2nd quarterNinety oneSixtyThirty oneFour hundred seventy sevenFour hundred twenty nineTwo hundred eighty five
3rd quarterNinety twoSixty sixTwenty sixFive hundred twenty eight475.2316.8
4th quarterNinety twoSixty fiveTwenty sevenFive hundred eighteenFour hundred sixty sixThree hundred ten
1HOne hundred eighty twoOne hundred seventeenSixty fiveNine hundred thirty three839.4558.6
2nd halfOne hundred eighty fourOne hundred thirty oneFifty threeOne thousand forty six941.2626.8

According to the production calendar, the number of working days in 2021, depending on the type of the working week will be:

  • 1979 h – to 40-hour weeks (with change 8 hours);
  • 1780,6 h – for 36-hour week (with change of 7.2 h);
  • 1185,4 h – for 24-hour week (with change of 4.8 h).

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