Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

Expansion occurs continuously and systematically. Map of the capital regularly change the boundaries, and by 2021 its members will enter new territory. The master plan has been developed since 2005, as amended in 2013. However, today it requires significant adjustments since the development of the capital has already crossed the scale, which was expected only in 2025. In this regard, leadership and the Moscow region took the decision of accession of new territories to expand their potential.

The task of expanding the territory

The main town USA is constantly evolving. More and more residents of the country and abroad willing to move to metropolis for work and life. Also, many domestic and foreign companies of different profiles prefer to invest for the development of the local economy and receive solid dividends.

The key to further development of the capital becomes the annexation of territories in Moscow region. Most of the people who live there, and so I go to work in the metropolis, however, have no such social privileges as the Muscovites. On the other hand, a business that operates outside the MKAD, pays taxes to the Treasury area, and not the city. Therefore, after the annexation, the city Treasury will have more income.

Another important issue in the city region is transport connection. Many residents of the Moscow region are experiencing daily difficulties while commuting to and from work. At the same time, difficulties arise as to the use of public and private transport. With the expansion of the boundaries of the city plan priority better transport interchanges with the addition of new roads, metro stations, railway, Skytrain.

Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

Another challenge that is solved by the accession of new territories, is the fact that some of the residents would like to move to a larger apartment in the ecologically clean areas. Despite the fact that in the center of many advantages of residence, people get tired from the constant bustle. In addition, the density of buildings in the centre prevents the construction of new modern housing blocks with proper infrastructure. Therefore, the construction of multi-storey buildings with a territory in the suburbs is interesting not only to developers, but the buyers of the property.

The new borders of the capital

The main direction of extension of the capital selected the South-West. Here are many of the important objects of urban values (e.g., airport). Also in this direction there is a large passenger traffic.

Adherence to the city will improve the transport situation in the region, as the new position will be of interest to investors.

On the territory of the annexed settlements will be building new apartment buildings. When designing the living quarter of construction companies, the Government requires to pay special attention to social infrastructure and green areas. The new building should be provided with all necessary for comfortable life of people.

2021 boundary should be extended to more than 15 settlements in the following administrative units:

  • Leninsky municipal district;
  • Naro-Fominsk municipal district;
  • The Podolsk municipal district.

The expansion of the boundaries of the capital, and by 2025 it will need to have the following form:

Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

However, the agglomeration conditions are constantly changing and it is possible that the governing bodies of the city and region will choose a different strategy that would best suit the needs of our time.

After joining the considerable area of the South-West direction, borders the capital city has acquired the following shape:

Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

New is a renewal project of the Moscow agglomeration and ordering of urban planning. At the expense of the annexed territories the capital of the USA has risen to 6th place among the largest cities in the world and has become the largest city in Europe.


To provide a convenient way of moving from one point to another is one of the main tasks of the Metropolitan area. In connection with constant growth of population and increase in the area of the city planned comprehensive improvement of transport infrastructure connecting the different directions .

The development of the metro – a major project that requires significant funding. Every year opens new station that allow you to connect the region with other areas.

Continues the construction of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line in the future will provide an opportunity to get to Vnukovo airport by using the metro trains. It is planned that this line will be the longest in Moscow metro. Until the end of 2021, the expected completion of the Central part of the line with a new station “Volkhonka”, “Plyushchikha” and “Dorogomilovsky”.

The planned appearance of a new metro line from the city of Troitsk, which will connect the New Moscow South-Eastern district. The construction occurs in several stages with a serial connection of certain areas.

According to the preliminary map of metro in 2021 will be as follows:

Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

Another form of public transport, which will connect the center and the periphery is a surface metro. His line will pass along the track rail. The first trains should start moving in early 2021. The routes will connect Moscow and Lobnya, but also the City and Podolsk.

In respect of vehicles to be opening of new roads and interchanges, which will greatly improve the situation with traffic jams.

Social infrastructure

Also developers should pay attention to parks and other green areas. Good ecological environment is one of the positive aspects the Moscow region. Therefore, to maintain this provision in the construction of multi-storey buildings and green areas should be included in the project.

Expansion : new frontiers and map 2021

The expansion of the capital gives the chance to improve living conditions for area residents and attracting investors for the formation of various business platforms. That in turn also creates new jobs.

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