Exams on history in 2021

Around Exams on the history occurs the greatest number of questions in the 2020-2021 school year, and we propose to understand whether the item is mandatory for graduates of 11 classes, what possible changes, whether to keep the structure of the KIMS, when it will pass the test (main and backup date), and also must be trained to achieve the best result.

A compulsory subject or not?

Conversations on necessity of introduction of compulsory exam on the history of the USA in the framework of the DPA-11 underway for quite some time. And Vladimir Putin, and the Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva has repeatedly focused public attention on the fact that every USA citizen should know the history of their country.

Exams on history in 2021

Earlier, speaking at the Military Academy of the General staff of the air force USA, Olga Vasilieva said that the story, as the third compulsory subject, graduates will be commissioned in 2021.

However, at the moment all the evidence suggests that in the 2020-2021 academic year, the block of compulsory subjects do you plan to expand nor history nor English.

Analyzing promising models KIM 2021 on history, we can conclude that the object will remain in the number of elective disciplines.

Recall that in the 2020 story in the ranking of choice of the applicants is only in 4th place:

The subject

At the same time, only 9.2% of the examinees were able to obtain more than 80 b. and the average result on the subject accounted for 55.3.

In 2021 certificate Examinations in history will be required for all who plan to continue their education in universities in USA such as:

  • history;
  • regional studies;
  • law;
  • political science;
  • archaeology;
  • Event management;
  • lockjaw;
  • applied ethics;
  • publishing;
  • the history of art.


Within pre-session Exams history will pass in those days:

  • main — 06.04.20 (Monday);
  • backup — 08.04.20 (Wednesday).

Date the main session Exams even in the summer, announced Sergey Kravtsov:

4 Jun 2021

29 Jun 2021

3 Jul 2021

Please note that as part of the September gear can be corrected by an assessment on compulsory subjects Exams 2021, and because the history exam refers to the electives, the last chance to correct the result will be July 3 – the date of the last retake GUIA 11 of the basic period in all subjects.

Exam 2021

In the structure of the KIM 2021 for Exams on the history of changes will not happen, but will be revised terms of scoring raw score for the performance task number 25.

Exams on history in 2021

However, make no mistake about the difficulty of the test, because a good result graduates should possess sufficiently large volume of information such as:

  • important dates and periods;
  • historical events;
  • biographies of individuals influenced the course of history.

The format and rules

  • test duration is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes);
  • the number of questions in Kim – 25;
  • the maximum score (primary) – 56 (in 2020 was 55);
  • the minimum result in the certificate to receive the document on education – 32;
  • additional materials are absent.

Structure KIM

The number of jobs and the overall structure of KIMS 2021 in history will not differ from 2020.

Exams on history in 2021

The ticket will traditionally consist of two parts:

Although all issues in the ticket history 25, sometimes talking about mission 31, provided also criteria of estimation of works. Thus, of the 31 questions proposed examinee, 16 will be a basic complexity level, 8 – high and 7 – high.

In the first part of 11-graders will meet a variety of tasks that will need:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of the theory, choosing a pair of concepts and their definitions, monuments of culture and their characteristics, etc.;
  2. to restore the chronology of events;
  3. to establish a mutual correspondence between dates and historical events
  4. show the skill of working with historical sources and satin.

In the second part the examinee has to give a detailed answer to 5 questions and write a short composition about one of the historical periods, stating:

  • the major events, phenomena and processes;
  • 2 personality and their role in these events;
  • the characteristics of each individual through the prism of their acts;
  • at least 2 causal relationships between events that have occurred in the period;
  • evaluation examinees historical facts and the critics.


Correctly completed 25 missions in the Examinations in history in 2021 you can get 56 raw score (in 2020 was 55), which would correspond to 100 points on the certificate.

Exams on history in 2021

While there are maximum thresholds for the various issues Kim:

№ 1, 4, 10, 13-15, 18,19

№ 2, 3, 5-9, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22

The answers to the first part, which must be entered in form No. 1, will be digitized and checked automatically, and questions No. 20-25 lie down peer review. The second part of the work independently of each check 2 expert, and in the case of significant dimensions in the assessment and a third expert.

Scores for the essay will be on 7 criteria:

Of the person and their role in history

Assessment of the impact of events in the history of the USA

The theoretical terminology

Assessment of the factual errors

Please note that according to the criteria No. 6 and No. 7 points are awarded only if the results of check of the first 4 criteria, the examinee scored a total of at least 5 b.

Assignment No. 25 (composition) experts will put “0” points on all the criteria if:

  • not specified historical events;
  • these events are not relevant to the selected time period;

Because changes in grading work only applies to job No. 25 (now for criteria # 6 is the maximum you can get 3 b.), threshold score to overcome the barrier “passed” / “not passed” will remain unchanged and will amount to 32 b. Recall that “diploma” graduate is enough to give 9 correct answers for task 1-St part.

Important! Appeal can only be to the result of the check the 2nd part of the competition Exams, which test experts. The responsibility for the proper filling in form No. 1 is imposed on the examinee.

This means that if because of improper filling program does not recognize the response (or recognize as wrong), the organizers are not liable and to review the result of automated checks will not be.


Statistics show that to take Exams on the history of 90-100 points – a task not from simple, but high-quality training will allow the graduate 2021 as close as possible to the desired level (and perhaps become one of the few 100-can for the upcoming school year).

Exams on history in 2021

We propose the following algorithm for the training:

  1. Familiarization with the codifier and specifications, which were developed FIPI for 2021;
  2. According to the list of time periods covered by the examination, repeat the theoretical information.
  3. To practice on questions from an open database FIPI, working through each period separately.
  4. To improve the skill of writing essays on historical subjects.
  5. To solve the demo version of the Exams 2021 (and 2020).

In the elaboration of the theoretical material will help you a table of the main historical events.

If you need a tutor to prepare for Exams 2021 on the subject of “history” depends on how well you have mastered the material and memorize new information and are able to organize effective self-study. If the opportunity is there, then the best solution is training with an experienced tutor. Please note, not just with school teacher and a man who knows how to effectively prepare for Exams.

If this is not possible, look for useful content, and special publications developed by FIPI designed to prepare for the Exams. Useful are also online lessons that provide detailed analysis essay on a historical theme.

We offer you to start preparing for the Exams 2021 now view these training videos:

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