Exams in social studies in 2021

Finishing grade 9 in 2021, a plan to choose as exam choice Exams in social studies – proposed today to see what changes it plans to implement FIPI in Kymi, as well as when the date of the DPA-9.

According to statistics, more than 60% of all graduates choose social studies as a subject choice. In part, this decision is dictated by the fact that at first glance, the subject seems to be one of the easiest. But, educators warn that those wishing to earn a high score on the Exams for the society in 2021 will have to try and spend a lot of time training.


When will the exams in social studies in the framework of the Examinations 2021, see the table:

We also propose you to see the schedule of tests of basic period other items submitted for Examination in 2021:

Exams in social studies in 2021

Exam format

Although the content of KIMS in 2021 will get a number of significant changes, the format of the Exams in social studies will remain the same. In particular, it is possible to tell with confidence that the pass final examination for grades 9 will be on the basis of native graduates, though without the presence of the study subject teachers, which could affect the result of the passing Exams .

Exams in social studies in 2021

Of the main points regarding GIA-9 at the society, it is worth noting the following:

  • exam duration: 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes);
  • additional materials are not provided by the organizers;
  • using third-party sources of information is strictly prohibited.

Verification of knowledge of graduates will include such key areas studied in the school curriculum, such as: law and Economics, politics and sociology of individual and society, as well as spiritual culture.

The main changes

Unlike other disciplines, has received minor adjustments, Exams in social studies will receive in 2021, a number of major changes and graduates 2020-2021 academic year, first of all, you should learn about the innovations that will distinguish the new options KIMS.

Not be amiss to carefully consider new tasks and teachers, because most have grown accustomed to the standard questions and tasks that have remained largely unchanged since 2009.

Exams in social studies in 2021

So, the first and most significant innovations that catch the eye when looking at the demo and specs of is the change in the number of questions and the lack of a clear division ticket blocks.

If previously students were asked to complete 31 missions in Kymi 2021 there will be only 24. The distribution of questions types will be as follows:

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