Exams in physics in 2021

In 2021 mandatory for graduates of the 9th classes will be only two subjects (mathematics and Russian language), and 2 discipline students will be able to choose their own, passing Examinations in physics, mathematics, computer science, foreign language or other subjects from a predefined list of disciplines.

Today we propose to analyze in detail the changes planned in the new FIPI Kymi Exams in physics 2021. Information will assist ninth-graders who plan to continue their education in specialized classes with profound studying of physics, mathematics or computer science, or wish to join the College in this direction.


Exams for graduate school USA in the framework of the Examinations in physics in 2021 will be held in the following dates:

a full schedule of early period of examinations for the 2020-2021 school year will be:

Exams in physics in 2021

The exact dates of the preliminary period and the last of the mulligans, held annually in the month of September, FIPI will announce in early November 2020.

Exam format

Although in 2021 almost all of the items will receive certain changes in Kymi, the basic format of the DPA-9 will remain unchanged.

Exams in physics in 2021

In 2021 to pass Exams in physics the students of all schools USA will be on the basis of their educational institutions. Although many other items, the presence of teachers of various subjects is not allowed, the documentation FIPI for Exams in physics clearly States that the audience must be present “specialist in physics”. Its task is to conduct an introductory briefing and to cope with the safety in execution of the task No. 17 (the experiment).

For putting physics in 2021 will be allotted certain days (to know the dates you will be in a special calendar Exams that FIPI will present closer to the middle of autumn 2020).

Duration of examination – 3 hours (180 minutes).

In the course of work the participants of the Exam will be allowed to use:

  • reference materials that will be provided in the package with Kimami each graduate;
  • the classic line;
  • non-programmable calculators.

Important! Is considered to be non-programmable calculator that can perform basic arithmetic operations and calculate trigonometric functions, but may not store any information and provide access to external sources or to act as a device for data exchange.

The main changes

The next reform of the Examinations , referring to 2021 and KIMS in physics stems from the fact that 9 class was just finishing school children whose education from 1st class came in accordance with the requirements of the new standard of education of the GEF. Without going too in smart terms which like to operate in the field of education, say that the new Exams will be more focused on the test purchased by the student practical skills and the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

In the allotted format GIA 180 minutes, the pupils have to answer 25 questions, including:

  1. the questions on knowledge of the theoretical foundations of the topics studied in grades 7-9;
  2. tasks of different difficulty levels;
  3. the experiment, for which you will have to use laboratory equipment.

Exams in physics in 2021

In the preparation of tickets FIPI staff was guided by the existing programs, this means that the exam will cover such major topics as:

  • mechanics;
  • optics;
  • thermodynamics;
  • electrostatics;
  • quantum physics.

All the tasks will be divided into the following groups:

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