Exams in physics in 2021

Among 11th graders 2021 many will decide to pass Exams in physics and today we propose to discuss whether FIPI changes in the structure of the KIMS, when will be the exam (date of the basic period) and what should be the preparation of graduates intending to apply in rating Universities USA.

To take physics?

In 2021 physics promises to be one of the most popular items Examinations by choice, because such a certificate can be open to future entrants the doors of Universities of different directions.

Exams in physics in 2021

So, physics will be necessary for those who chose for themselves:

  • the engineering profession in one of the Polytechnic universities;
  • physics (in all directions);
  • some areas of IT;
  • Geology;
  • aviation and space.

In 2020 for the Exams this item is passed about 174 000 people, which puts physics into second place in the ranking of popularity of disciplines for choice (after social Sciences, which chose 385 000 graduates).

Important! In conjunction with the physics must pass the mathematics profile level. Read more about the structure of the exam, read the article “Exams in mathematics in 2021”.


For early period the draft schedule of GIA for 2021 sets the following dates:

  • the main day — 30.03.20 (Monday);
  • reserve — 10.04.20 (Friday).

For the main period set such date:

  • basic exam — 16.06.20 (Tuesday);
  • reserve — 01.07.20 and 03.07.20.

Exams in physics in 2021

Please note that in the preliminary calendar, which was presented during his report focused on the in one day are two subjects, physics and foreign languages. This means that graduates who wish to obtain certificates in two subjects, one of the disciplines will have to take in reserve day.

What will be the date of the test in physics in the preliminary session of 2021 will be known closer to the month of November.

For the subject “physics” (as for other disciplines for choice) autumn retake is not provided. In September, 11-graders will receive a last attempt to overcome the minimum threshold for compulsory subjects, the Exams – Russian language and mathematics.

Exam 2021

Please note that in Kymi Exams in physics 2021 planned some changes. Innovations, announced FIPI, will be minor and will not affect the structure of examination.

Exams in physics in 2021


In the coming year in Kymi on the physics of 11th graders will have two innovations.

Tasks with detailed answer will be 6 (instead of 5 in 2020). Response to the design challenge of course mechanics should now be deployed. Accordingly, for the correct execution of the job, you will get 2 primary points.

Task No. 24 in astrophysics will be worded slightly differently. Now the condition is not specified the exact number of correct answers. There may be 2-3 depending on the question posed.

Exams in physics in 2021

The format and rules

All of the basic standards Exams in physics in 2021 will remain unchanged:

  • the work is given 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 min.);
  • in Kim only 32 jobs at different levels of complexity;
  • the maximum raw score on physics – 53 (corresponding to 100 points for the certificate);
  • to obtain a certificate must score at least 36 out of a possible 100 points text;
  • in Kim given reference materials that are allowed to use (table of decimal prefixes, fundamental constants, metric ratio values of particle masses, astronomical quantities, density, specific heat, and specific heat, molar mass, as well as indicators of normal conditions);
  • allowed to use non-programmable calculator able to compute trigonometric functions.

Structure Kim

Graduates that specialize in 2021 Exams in physics, it can be used for training materials developed for exams in 2018 and 2020, as the structure of Kim’s changes are not expected and the wording of most of the tasks will remain the same.

Exams in physics in 2021

In the ticket, is divided into two parts, will be offered to 32 tasks of different level of complexity.

Among the tasks of the 1st part at 13, the answer should be written in the form of a number, sequence number or a word, and in 11 – to establish a mutual correspondence or to complete the multiple choice correct.

Among the tasks of the 2nd part only No. 25, 26 assume a brief response, and the remaining six (No. 27-32) – detailed.

Distribution by levels of difficulty:

Distribution on the theoretical blocks:

  • mechanics – from 9 to 11 tasks;
  • electrodynamics – 9 to 11;
  • molecular physics – from 7 to 8;
  • quantum physics and astrophysics – from 5 to 6.


Right after completing all 32 jobs Kim possible to score 53 of the primary points that will be interpreted as a 100-point score in the certificate.

Points for primary objectives I and II units will be charged as follows:

№ 1-4, 8-10, 13-15, 19-20, 22-23, 25-26

№ 5-7, 11-12, 16-18, 21, 24, 28

The form of the answer No. 1 will be digitized and verified in automatic mode. To appeal to this type of verification impossible. Fault not recognized (or recognized as incorrect) answers is entirely entrusted to the examinee, so you need to be very careful when completing the form.

Exams in physics in 2021

Tasks with detailed answers to test will be the experts, guided by FIPI developed a grading policy. If the opinion of two experts who checked the papers independently from each other significantly diverge, then the check will draw the third specialist, who will recheck only the disputed tasks.

To check the 2nd part you can appeal if you are completely sure of the correctness and are ready to defend the points to the expert Committee.


Physics is one of those subjects Exams that are impossible to pass for a high score without thorough preparation, because the exam covers a fairly large amount of theoretical material and requires graduates honed skill of solving standard and nonstandard problems.

To succeed graduate will help of three basic fundamentals:

  • a good theoretical training;
  • systematic training;
  • experienced teacher.

Is it possible to prepare for Exams 2021, and what are the pitfalls of preparing graduates who prefer self-study physics? This question arises in many 11th graders. After private lessons with a tutor – not a cheap pleasure, and the pace of the group lessons may not always match your speed.

Exams in physics in 2021

So, if you decided to prepare on their own, would be useful:

  • special edition for Exams in 2018, 2020 and 2021 better;
  • outdoor Bank assignments on the website FIPI (fipi.ru);
  • demo Exam 2021 and 2018 and 2020 (the structure and content of KIMS very close with the exception of two jobs as mentioned earlier);
  • online lessons, stream parsing demos and lectures, to help you better understand complex topics.

Tip! In the preparation phase use the calculator that you plan to take with you to the exam. Also note which of the required data can be found in the submitted supplementary material, and what you should learn in advance.

In the course of practical training special attention is paid to the tasks of the combined type, for which it is necessary to accumulate knowledge from different areas. Also be sure to delve into the topics of mathematics, is inextricably linked with physics (graphs of functions, limits of functions, differentiation, integration, etc.).

The main problem of guys who do own – the absence of the person who will be able to tell if deadlocked and point made in the course of solving the error (not always the “correct” answer we receive in the course of correct decisions), and when checking the 2nd part takes into account every stage in the progress of the solution.

What should be a logical chain of reasoning when solving problems on physics Exams, and on what aspects you should pay special attention, see the detailed analysis demos 2021:

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