Exams in mathematics in 2021

One of two required exams for 11th graders in 2021 will be Exams in mathematics and we propose to discuss what will be different profile and base, will there be changes in the structure of the KIMS, what date and what steps involves effective training.

Important! According to information posted on the official website of FIPI in 2020-2021 academic year in Kymi in mathematics (basic and core) are not expected any changes.

Base and profile – what to choose?

Mathematics is a compulsory subject of Examination, but the examinee has the right to choose the level of the upcoming test:

  • basic – easier, but not listed for admission to engineering degree and direction of physico-mathematical profile (including programming);
  • profile – difficult, but such a diploma is essential for anyone who plans to associate with mathematics, physics, economy, IT industry, and many other specialties.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

The choice of level Exams in mathematics – a crucial step for all graduates of 2021 and the sooner the decision is taken, the more time for practicing with the features of the examination of tickets. There are three options:

  1. only basic;
  2. only profile;
  3. both exams (base and profile).

Which option is best, see the video:

Significant differences in the regulations, Kymi and evaluation system basic and core mathematics will be discussed later.


Within early session Examinations on the basic and core math in 2021 will pass in those days:

  • the main day — 27.03.20 (Friday);
  • reserve day — 13.04.20 (Monday).

In 2021 for mathematics in the calendar the main period Exams are allotted the following dates:

  • June 1, 2021 (Monday) – first day of the delivery of basic and specialized mathematics;
  • 25 Jun 2021 (Thursday) – reserve (base and profile).

Exams in mathematics in 2021

To retake the subject in the event of unsatisfactory results or failure to appear for a valid reason, students will be able to the month of September.

Important! When submitting the application to the September retake, the examinee may re-select level, regardless of which exam he passed in previous times.

Thus, is not amenable to from the first time profile can take more than just a basic exam. In this case, 11th grader will increase the chances of getting a diploma, but will lose the opportunity to enter a number of fields in which the necessary condition is the presence of the certificate in mathematics profile level.

Exam basic level

In 2021 to pass basic Exams in mathematics are many. First and foremost, graduates who plan to apply for a specialty in Philology and chemical-biological profiles, as well as a wide range of other areas where in the list of compulsory certificates of no corresponding requirement. The basic exam will be taken by guys who are still undecided with the University and the desired specialty and wishing to err, go take both.

Important! please note that basic and core exam will take place in one day, so one of them will have to take in reserve day.

The format and rules

As FIPI has no plans to amend the format of the Exams-2021, basic mathematics will be based on the same basis as last season, namely:

  • duration – 3 hours (180 min.);
  • the number of jobs – 20;
  • the maximum raw score of 20 (corresponding to 100 test points);
  • a minimum score of certificate (to certificate) – 27;
  • you can use a ruler and reference materials available in Kim;
  • perform calculations using a calculator is prohibited.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

Structure KIM

Examination ticket base level contains 20 jobs, the answer to which can be a number, a number, a sequence of numbers. The distribution of the number of questions on the main 6 thematic units in 2021 will be as follows:

Equations and inequalities

The beginning of mathematical analysis

Combinatorics and probability

Please note! In the demo Exams 2021 on basic mathematics given different types of tasks that may appear on the exam. But the real ticket such a choice will not.


With the evaluation exam of basic level everything is simple:

1 correct answer = 1 point primary

In 2021 the minimum necessary to obtain a certificate will not change and will amount to 27 test points, which is equivalent to 6 correct answers.

Since Kim has no complex tasks (high and high-levels), inspection of works is carried out only digitally and graduates it is important to correctly enter data in the forms of answers that the automated system can read and interpret.

Exam profile level

Unlike a database, the relevant Exams will require graduate knowledge of theoretical basics and honed skills of solving various problems.

Among the main differences of the relevant exam:

  1. the presence of tasks of different level of complexity;
  2. more time to complete work;
  3. minimum reference materials in Kim.

The format and rules

So why then preparing, if in 2021, you expect to pass Exams in the subject “mathematics” for admission to the UNIVERSITY and choose the “profile”?

  • the duration is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 min.);
  • number of jobs – 19;
  • the maximum raw score is 32 (corresponding to 100 test points);
  • a minimum score of certificate (to certificate) – 27;
  • you can use a ruler and are available in Kim 5 basic trigonometric formulas;
  • any calculators is prohibited.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

Structure KIM

Although the profile 19 jobs, and the base 20, do not be mistaken on account of their complexity. So, all the questions of the relevant exam can be classified according to levels of complexity as follows:

(9 high level)

(2nd highest level)

brief and detailed

Thus, the distribution of the main blocks of the school curriculum in the relevant exam will be slightly different.

Equations and inequalities

The beginning of mathematical analysis

Combinatorics and probability


Assessment of relevant mathematics will apply a differentiated approach:

  • the first 12 questions will be checked digitally,
  • task 13-19 – two independent experts.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

The maximum raw score 32. In this case, the table of distribution of scores for tasks of different difficulty levels would be:

Important! 32 primary score corresponds to a 100-point Exams result. The minimum threshold that must be overcome to obtain a certificate – 27 test points.

But, teachers recommend students to establish a personal bar, focusing on passing scores in the interest of their Universities. So, in most regions of the USA, the threshold for technical specialties is in the area of 65-70. For admission in Top universities of the capital of the applicant, it is desirable to have not only a certificate with a score of 95 points and above and the victory ranked math tournaments and competitions.


To obtain 100 points of core mathematics is real, but you need to put a lot of effort not only in the 11th grade, and throughout all the years of education at school (Lyceum or gymnasium).

Mathematics is a subject that cannot be learned from scratch in a few months, and this is his main difficulty. One, seemingly insignificant gap in knowledge in 5, 6, 7 or 8 class are able (for the taxes with the snowball effect that came out of the mountains), turn into a huge snowdrift misunderstanding. Therefore, omitting a topic because of illness or for other reasons, be sure to work through it independently or with a tutor.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

Where to start?

At the introductory stage it is important to understand what awaits you on the Exams 2021. This will help to demo, as well as specifications and codificatory posted on the FIPI website.

Of course, you can start with the solution demo 2021, but it would be much smarter to repeat everything I learned in school years on blocks, what will help you open Bank of tasks of the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements.

If you find it easier and easier to work with paper versions of thanks – take advantage of special editions for self-study for the math midterm. In 2021 will be relevant and the reference 2020, as fundamental changes in the structure of the KIMS did not happen.

If you need a tutor?

If we are talking about the specialized exam, which required the highest possible result, an experienced teacher, able to find gaps in knowledge and to build an individual trajectory of training, are simply irreplaceable. The exception of graduates from specialized classes with profound study of mathematics, which owns the subject at a high level and having high self-organization.

Exams in mathematics in 2021

Tips teachers

Experienced Tutors who raised not one 100-balnica recommend:

  1. To combine theory and practice.
  2. To solve more diverse problems.
  3. When solving geometric tasks in detail as possible to describe reasoning when building a logical chain.
  4. To consider all rules of the image of geometric shapes.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if in preparation encounter any difficulties.

Remember that the entries made in the forms of KIM and drafts will not be evaluated. This means that you can not spend time at the beautiful drawings and accurate records, and you can cross out and add anything by working with the draft. In this case, all that is entered in the blank answers must be written clearly, legible handwriting with observance of the established norms (recommend to read the requirements, fill in advance so as not to waste time on it during the exam).

Also a good helper in self-preparation for Exams of 2021 math will be video analysis solutions demo versions and online lessons Tutors.

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