Exams in Informatics in 2021

Before delivery of Exams to students graduating in 2021 9th grade, there is not much time, and we propose to discuss the changes announced FIPI in the exam and what will be different preparation and the format of the GIA-9.

Interest in computer science increases every year, and therefore the number of ninth-graders who choose to 2020-2021 academic year computer science as one of the subjects of the Examinations by choice, will also increase. Today you should think about the preparation of the exam to anyone planning to link their lives with such popular professions as a web developer, programmer, specialist in cyber-security, etc. We will tell you how to change KIM computer science in the new season of Exams , as well as tell you about the secrets of effective training.


In the main Exams period 2020-2021 academic year computer science can be put into these days:

For the main Examinations period 2021 schedule of all items submitted for GIA-9, will be as follows:

Exams in Informatics in 2021

The draft schedule for the pre-period Exams 2021 (March-April) and a chart of the September gear FIPI claims traditionally closer to the month of November. As soon as the official information about the full project calendar in the GIA 2020-2021 school year, we will be the first to tell you about scheduled dates of exams.

Exam format

In 2021 FIPI plans to upgrade Kimy for Exams in computer science. Innovations dictated by the features of the program that was studied by the examinee completing the 9th grade in the 2020-2021 school year. It is worth considering that unlike graduates of all previous years, this will be the first issue to be studied by the standards of the GEF with 1st class.

Exams in Informatics in 2021

The main requirement of the new educational standards introduced in the 2010-2011 school year – a practical approach to the study of Informatics that excludes machineless format the teaching of this discipline.

Starting from the standards of the GEF and relevant programs, FIPI has developed a new Kimi, with which to face the graduates of 2021. Otherwise the format of the DPA-9 in Informatics will remain unchanged:

  • the exam will be held in the walls of the home institution;
  • duration – 2 hours 30 minutes (150 minutes);
  • answers the 1st part is recorded in the form;
  • answer to job, 2nd part is the file that you want to save to PC;
  • the use of any calculators prohibited;
  • Internet access on the PC on the day the Exams will be blocked;
  • examinees are provided with the files of the workpiece to perform some of the tasks of the 2nd part.

While normative documents stipulates that on the Exams the graduates should be provided with computers with software that students used in science lessons (word processor and spreadsheet, editor presentations, the environment for the compilation algorithms, programming environment).

Important! The examinee is given the right of choice of programming language when solving a problem No. 15.

The main changes

So, in preparation for GIA should always start with reviewing what changes will occur in the tickets, and we offer a more detailed understanding of the innovations of the demonstration version of the new Kim presented on the FIPI website.

In 2021 the ninth-graders for Exams on computer will have to perform 15 tasks (in 2020 was 20), which will be divided into two parts:

With a short answer (without a PC)

The overarching response (practical work with PC)

Important! Teachers recommend 150 minutes per 1-th block to allocate 30 minutes, and the remaining 120 minutes to devote to the performance of practical tasks.

Exams in Informatics in 2021

Of the 10 task 1 unit 7 key level 3 – high complexity. In the second block the number of tasks with a high level of difficulty increased to 3, but will also meet the practical objectives of the basic and high level.

All tasks will be approximately equally distributed among three main themes:

  1. Mathematical foundations;
  2. Information technology;
  3. Algorithmization and programming.

Some jobs in 2021 will be similar to last year, but in the new Kymi in them will not be ready-made answers, that eliminates the solution of the problem by a trivial substitution of numbers.


The maximum number of test points on the Exams 2021 in computer science – 19.

For the correct answer to each question of the first part the examinee will be able to get 1 point. Accordingly, to cope with 10 questions you can earn only 10 points, that will be enough for graduation, but will not open up doors to graduate specialized class or College.

Exams in Informatics in 2021

  • No. 13 (the creation of the presentation or formatting of the text);
  • No. 15 (the algorithm for the performer “Robot”);

The maximum number (3 points) you can earn by correctly completing all three of the sub-task No. 14 (work in the spreadsheet).

Also on the FIPI website already presents the recommended tables for translating test scores Exams 2021 in computer science in school assessment:

Training secrets

As in any other discipline, preparation for Exams 2021 on the subject of “computer science” involves a repetition of the theoretical foundations of the topics studied from 5 to 9 class, as well as practical skills.

Exams in Informatics in 2021

If the subject is fully taught in school all these years, the graduates should have no problems with the assignments proposed in the new KIM. But, for maximum confidence in their own abilities, is:

  • carefully disassemble the demo version presented on the website FIPI;
  • practice in solving problems proposed in the database of GUIA 9;
  • to study the tickets 2020, as most of the tasks are very similar in wording;
  • to distinguish the topics that cause difficulties and further pursue their own or with a tutor.

Important! Some tasks Exams 2021 will require the student graduating from grade 9, not only good orientation in the topics of the subject “Informatics”, but also the ability to perform mathematical calculations.

Since calculators (including built-in OS of the computer) not allowed for use, some examinees may experience problems with calculations when solving problems on the calculation of the volume of information and number of possible requests to the server. Tip one – practice verbal score, do not rush to enter into the form the final answer and solve such problems in the preparation stage (of course, without using a calculator).

In the course of performance of practical tasks, carefully read condition! Remember that all the calculations performed in the spreadsheet should be made using appropriate formulas or functions. At the decision of the task №18 will be required to demonstrate an ability to operate with variables and to combine when writing the program operators, loops and branching.

We also propose you to look video analysis of the solution of the problem of the demo promising model Exams 2021 in computer science:

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