Examinations in grade 4 in 2021

Mandatory final examinations in 4-class pass all the students of the Russian Federation, and in 2021 the final examination graduates of elementary school, which is often called the Exams will be held in the standard mode. Introduced in 2017, the Unified State Examination in the transition from I to II stage of learning is subjected to violent criticism on the part of parents, but to expect its abolition in the near future is not worth it. It is better to try to learn more about what awaits all graduates 4 classes and understand how to help the child overcome his first examination test. And talk about this.

The essence Exams in 4th grade

Discussing the upcoming certification, the majority of parents voiced the same question – “Why do we need exams for these young children?”

Examinations in grade 4 in 2021

The introduction of “children’s Examinations” in the Ministry of education explained the necessity of monitoring the success of graduates of the elementary schools in different regions of the USA. Exam with multiple objectives:

  1. The collection of statistics that will allow you to assess the quality of primary education in Russian schools.
  2. Motivation for the teacher to achieve maximum efficiency when working with children.
  3. Motivation for students and parents to pay more attention to items which will be certification.

Thus, if in the 11th class result of Exams is crucial for the student, the final examinations in grade 4, more worried about a primary school teacher and the school administration. For the teacher is a demonstration of the quality of his work, and for the administration – the ability to attract new students, in terms of high results, which show pupils.

Important! In 2021 the results of the Examinations shows a child in the 4th grade, used exclusively for statistical purposes and do not affect a student’s transfer to the 5th grade.

The format and features

Despite the fact that the final exams in grade 4 is often called the Examination, in reality they are quite similar to the certification offered for 11th graders. Parents should know these basic facts about the final assessment when transferring from 4 to 5 class:

  1. The exam takes place in the home for the child, school and home class (ideally, the children sit in their seats two by two, like a conventional lesson).
  2. Exams conducts by the same teacher, who read the subject of the children during this learning period in elementary school.
  3. The work is given one lesson – 45 minutes.
  4. Assignments in its content and scope do not differ from the familiar children tests.
  5. All students, regardless of region of residence, will be offered the same job from a single Bank, tailored to the GEF.

Examinations in grade 4 in 2021

The list of items

In 2021, the graduates of the Junior school will take in the 4th grade these exams:

  1. Russian language;
  2. mathematics;
  3. nature (the world).

Russian language

In the 4th grade Exams in Russian language involves 2 stages, and upcoming 2021 year will be no exception.

1 lesson (45 minutes)

1 lesson (45 minutes)

15 test tasks

Thus, the exam takes 2 lessons. But, the first and the second part must be conducted on different days.


The form contains 11 problems, solving which students will demonstrate knowledge on the different topics studied in elementary school:

  • performing arithmetic operations (counting);
  • solution of tasks of different difficulty levels (up to 4 actions);
  • recognition of geometric shapes by their image;
  • calculating area and perimeter.

The world

But do not be afraid, because most of the questions submitted for the exam are well-known to kids. Practice shows that most kids easily pass the test on the subject “the Surrounding world”.

Examinations in grade 4 in 2021

Possible changes

While there is no official information about any significant changes in the format of the Exams in 2021, while talking about what exams in grade 4 should include more subjects is still underway.

As in GIA for 9th and 11th grades, kids can increase the number of compulsory subjects from 3 to 6. Among the possible disciplines that are planning to put on the Exams, call: foreign language (most likely English), literature and drawing. But given the fact that until now the official document has not been adopted, it is possible with high probability to say that in 2021 the examination papers at the end of grade 4 will, as in previous years, only 3.

Training secrets

Unfortunately, what began as a test of the quality of work of teachers and effectiveness teaching methods in General, in many USA schools grew into a common goal for teachers and students of 4th grade.

How to understand that subject in the school paying too much attention?

  1. Talking about the upcoming Exams not subside throughout the school year.
  2. Children and parents afraid of “not passed the exam”.
  3. There are additional classes (and sometimes even paid training).

If a teacher worked well for 4 years, and the child has learned the program, getting the final grade from 3 to 5 (it’s as given), no additional with the purpose of preparation for Examinations is not required. Special attention the teacher should give only weak guys, but this question is irrelevant to the certification, and is the direct responsibility of the teacher.

Examinations in grade 4 in 2021

When you need a tutor?

  1. The baby a lot and often sick.
  2. In the classroom teachers often change, which affects the level of teaching.
  3. The baby has individual characteristics which the collective learning in the classical format is given to him hard.

That’s just thinking about the need for additional training not before exams, and at that stage, when you found that the child did not understand the subject, cannot do the job and needs the help of a tutor.


Psychologists are unanimous in the opinion that the level of stress in toddlers at the stage of final examinations depends on the behavior of teachers and parents.

If children constantly feel pressure from the teacher, and parents at every opportunity, remember the child that “he would not pass the Exams,” the student will be constantly under stress. It should be noted that to create such a negative environment, many parents and teachers manage long before the end of the 4th class, scaring the children in the control, twos poorly learned lesson, the prospect of “stay down” and other “horror stories” that are able to recapture the desire to learn.

The best option would be, if the children perceive the Exams as a normal test, no psychological pressure and discharge the importance of the moment.

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