Exam schedule Exams in 2021

Although the full official version of the calendar approved by the DPA closer to the month of November, we can already say what will be the schedule of examinations of the main session of examinations in the 2020-2021 academic year because the dates of the tests announced in his speech Sergey Karzov.

December essay

The first test for 11 graders 2020-2021 school year will be a final essay, which in the coming season, all future graduates USA will write 4 December 2020.

Exam schedule Exams in 2021

December essay will be admission to the main block of examinations. If a student for valid reason does not write an essay on a specified day, or get a “fail” on the first attempt, then he will be given another 2 chances to rectify the situation. The reserve days for the final works in 2021 will 05.02.20 and 06.05.20.

Three period Exams

The unified State Exam, which is held annually for all graduates 11-x classes as well as graduates of past years who wish to enter higher education, involves three periods:

graduates of previous years

11-graders 2021, provided the document a valid reason for postponement of the exam

all graduates 2020-2021 academic year

participants GUIA 11 2021 who do not pass one of the compulsory subjects

Early session

Initially the opportunity to take the GIA in early spring (by 2 months before the primary period) was intended for graduates of previous years and those who finished school before the introduction of mandatory testing. But, in practice, this opportunity in 2021 and can make use of 11-graders, if for any reason they will not be able to attend the test Examination within the calendar dates of the basic period.

Calendar of early period:

foreign languages (writing)

foreign languages (oral)

Informatics and ICT

Exam schedule Exams in 2021Backup days of the early period:

Informatics and ICT

foreign languages (oral)

foreign languages (writing)

mathematics (base and profile)

A valid reason for the premature delivery may be:

  • international sports competitions which are held in may and June.
  • participation in international competitions and festivals;
  • planned treatment (surgery, preventive treatment, Spa treatment, etc.).

If you wish to take exams early and I know that I have this right, you must not miss the period of application. It must be done before 01.02.20!

Please note that graduates high school in 2020 and informed, the subjects will be provided with only one attempt to score required number of points. If participants receive an unsatisfactory result, they are not provided an extra chance for the next retake.

All 11-graders 2021, taking the Exams early will be eligible to retake the General procedure. For this defined reserve days of the early period. For compulsory subjects, it is also possible to re-sit in September.

Exam schedule Exams in 2021

Important! In the fall, you can retake only the required items. Do not get an additional chance in 2021 those who do not overcome the minimum threshold at 2 or more disciplines.

The main session

These dates of the test Exams 2021 should be interested in graduates 2020-2021 school year.

Preliminary calendar of the main session is already known. It was presented to Sergey Kravtsov, in his speech dedicated to the results of the Exams 2020.

Exam schedule Exams in 2021

So, in the coming year will focus on such dates:

foreign languages (oral)

foreign languages (oral)

foreign languages (writing)

Please note! Almost all of the dates involve passing the two items. If a graduate wishes to take both (for example, history and biology), it is one of the subjects he will have to pass into the reserve day.

As a reserve in the project schedule Exams for 2021 are these dates:

foreign languages (writing)

foreign languages (oral)

The autumn session

Autumn retake is the last chance for those who failed one of the compulsory subjects:

  1. Russian language;
  2. mathematics (base);
  3. mathematics (profile).

Exam schedule Exams in 2021

To retake the 2021 allowed graduates who did not come to the basic exam for a valid reason or have not overcome the minimum threshold, and in case of cancellation of the examination result through the fault of third parties.

Important! If the examinee was removed from office for willful misconduct, was accused of using prohibited devices, Cribs and other tricks, he loses the right to fall attempt and can retake the Exams (and thus to graduate), only in 2021.

Graduates wishing to retake the math in the autumn period have the right again to choose the test level. So, if failure is mainly the period comprehended in the test of core math, then you can try to retake the basic examination, which will allow you to obtain a certificate, but will not give possibility to start in 2021 a number of specialties of physics and mathematics profile or the scope of IT.

Expert advice

What to do if you were among those who failed the Exam? This question bothers many alumni and parents. Of course, the situation is quite unpleasant, but not as catastrophic as often paint teachers, motivating students for high-quality training.

First, all certifications Exams are valid for 4 years, and that means passing the exam in 2021, you will be able to apply to the UNIVERSITY until 2023, inclusive. If misfortune befell one of the compulsory subjects, and retake it failed, is to focus on this discipline and to pull knowledge to the required level, again tried happiness during dosochnaya session 2021.

Secondly, it is always possible to be safe. Some graduates choose not 3 items as required by the regulatory framework of the DPA, and more. Most often it is 4-5 courses to meet the possible directions of submission.

Exam schedule Exams in 2021

So, just in case you can take and profile and basic math. In preparation for the profile, you will easily cope with the base, providing a guarantee of obtaining the certificate.

You can also select more than one subject. Of course, it will be more difficult to prepare. But, if one of the exams to fail, the second can allow you to successfully proceed in 2021.

Think, check their capabilities and the demands Universities, study schedule Exams, as well as changes that will occur in Kymi in different subjects already in 2021, and then make a conscious choice!

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