Euro 2021: youth teams | qualifying tournament, table

Euro 2021 – the European youth championship, the qualifying round, which has already begun. This type of competition has been held since the 60s of the last century and is a launching pad for many popular football players. Thanks to the European championship among youth teams, such football stars as:

  • Frank Lampard;
  • Roberto Mancini;
  • Rudi Voller;
  • Luis Figo;
  • Zvonimir Boban;
  • Zinedine Zidane;
  • Raul Gonzalez.

According to the rules of UEFA, players over the age of 21 cannot participate in football matches, so the event was called Euro 2021 U21.

Special features of the event

The Under-21 Championship 2021 is already the 23rd edition of the tournament. Athletes born no earlier than 01.01.1998 will be able to participate in it. The host country election was scheduled to take place on December 2-3 in Dublin, Ireland. But due to the fact that no one has applied for hosting except Hungary and Slovenia, it was decided to divide the final games between them. And if the first one has already acted as an organizer 5 times, then for the second one, 2021 will be the debut year.

Euro 2021: youth teams | qualifying tournament, table

The competition will be held in Budapest, Szekesfehervar, Szombathely, Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje. The youth teams of Euro 2021 will play their matches in the following stadiums::

  • Grupama Arena;
  • The stožice;
  • MOL arena;
  • Human art;
  • Haladas;
  • Z was degel.

55 teams take part in the qualifying games, but only 16 should remain by the final stage. The hosts of the competition automatically receive tickets to the final stage of the tournament.

Qualifying tournament

The draw for the qualification round was held at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon on 11 December 2018. By the decision of the Council, the teams participating in the competition were divided into groups. The division principle is based on the ranking they received for the last three European Championships, including the selection of the Euro 2021 youth championship.

During the qualifying tournament, 14 tickets to the final stage will be awarded. The opportunity to compete for the main prize will be given to::

  • 9 winning teams;
  • the best second team;
  • the remaining 8 second teams that score the highest number of goals in matches against each other must determine 4 more participants.

16 finalists will be divided into 4 groups, between which the final series of games will be held. From each of them, only 2 teams will be able to advance to the quarterfinals. Further competitions will be held on the principle of playoffs.

Euro 2021: youth teams | qualifying tournament, table

Time of the event

Key qualifying matches for Euro 2021 will be played by youth teams:

  • 18-20.03.2019;
  • 03-11.06.2019;
  • 02-10.09.2019;
  • 07-15.10.2019;
  • 11-19.11.2019;
  • 23-31.03.2020;
  • 08-08.09.2020;
  • 05-13.10.2020.

The play-offs will take place from 9 to 17 November 2020. The final is scheduled for June 2021, but the exact date is still unknown.


ScotlandBulgariaNorth Macedonia
San MarinoEstoniaFaroe Islands
BelarusFinlandBosnia and Herzegovina
CyprusNorthern IrelandMoldova

The UEFA Executive Committee decided that the youth teams of Euro 2021 in the qualifying tournament can not be in a pair of Spain-Gibraltar or Kosovo-Serbia.

Euro 2021: youth teams | qualifying tournament, table

Preliminary results

In the first group, Ireland leads with 5 wins in 7 matches played. She already has 16 points and has every chance to keep the first position until the end of the qualifying tournament. Italy is in second place with 5 wins and 13 points. Iceland has the 3rd position, which also has 5 wins, but only 9 points. The worst indicators were shown by Sweden-6, Armenia-3, Luxembourg-0.

In the second group of Euro 2021, the youth teams showed weaker results. In the first place is Switzerland, which won 4 matches out of 4. She has 12 points in her piggy Bank. In the second position is France, which has one less victory. Georgia, Slovakia and Azerbaijan can boast the same results so far – 6 points each. Liechtenstein closes the top six with just one victory.

In the third group, the first place was shared between Austria and England, each of which won 4 matches. In the second position is Kosovo. Albania is just one victory behind it. Andorra and Turkey have the worst results with 4 points each.

Passing in the fourth group of the selection for Euro 2021, the Czech youth team won the leading position, with 11 points. Greece is only 1 point behind it. Scotland, with 2 wins, is in third place. It is followed by Croatia (6 points) and Lithuania (4 points). Worse showed itself, the national team of San Marino, without winning a single match.

In the fifth group, America continues to hold the first place, having already 14 points in its piggy Bank. Poland is in the second position with 3 wins, and Bulgaria is in the third position with 2 matches won. It is only 1 point behind Serbia. The worst situation is in Estonia, which won only 1 game, and Latvia, which has no wins at all.

Having entered the Euro 2021 qualifying tournament as a champion, the Spanish youth team continues to show its skills, having already collected 13 points in the sixth group. Israel is in second place with 8 points. Kazakhstan and North Macedonia shared the third position, winning 2 games each. On the 5th place is Montenegro with 4 points. The Faroe Islands national team, which has not won a single victory, is at its worst.

In the seventh group, the Netherlands continues to show the best results, winning 4 matches out of 4. Portugal has one less victory. Belarus is third with 8 points. Norway is slightly behind it with 2 wins. The Cyprus team has only won 1 match so far. Gibraltar has 0 points.

Euro 2021: youth teams | qualifying tournament, table

Playing in the eighth group in Euro 2021 football, the youth of Denmark shows the best results, winning 5 games out of 5. In second place, with a gap of as much as 5 points from it, is Romania. 3 position went to Finland with 2 wins. America won only 1 match, so it is in 4th place. Northern Ireland and Malta have the worst results, with no wins at all.

The teams of the ninth group so far show the weakest results on points. Belgium – 7, Germany-6, Wales-6, Bosnia and Herzegovina-4, Moldova-3. thus, according to the preliminary results of the Euro 2021 qualifying table, the youth teams of Ireland, America, Denmark and Spain have the best prospects of reaching the final stage and winning.

Seevideo how the American national team trains for the Euro 2021 qualifying round:

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