Essay plan for the USAn language unified state exam 2021 | FIPI, example, structure

The unified state exam in American is a mandatory exam for all 11th graders in 2021, so we recommend that each graduate familiarize themselves with the assessment criteria developed by FIPI, as well as learn how to correctly draw up an essay plan. Having thoroughly analyzed the structure of the essay, worked out possible directions and selected the best cliche phrases from the examples given, you can easily write a high-quality essay in the allotted time, which will significantly increase your chances of a high result and successful admission.

Key facts about the unified state exam 2021 in American

In 2021, graduates will have to take the unified state exam in American in a format that is already well-known to everyone – this will be the traditional test of GIA-11, which includes a test part and an essay (without the previously announced oral part).

Essay plan for the USAn language unified state exam 2021 | FIPI, example, structure

The main parameters of the American language exam will be as follows::

  • the test duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes (210 minutes).);
  • the number of tasks in Kim is 27;
  • the minimum score (for the certificate) is 36 out of 100 possible points;
  • the maximum primary score is 58 (interpreted as 100 points in the certificate).);
  • the use of any additional materials is prohibited.

CMM structure and features

No drastic changes are expected In the results of the 2021 unified state exam in American. A large-scale reform of the knowledge quality control system has been completed, and the prospective unified state exam models proposed by the FIPI for 2021 fully meet the Federal state educational standard.

In the exam paper, the graduate will be asked to complete 27 tasks (26 tests and an essay):

The answer to part I tasks can be a letter or sequence of letters, a word or phrase, a number or number. Answers to tasks #1-26 should be entered in the answer Form #1. This part of the work is subject to digitization and automated verification.

In task # 27, graduates will be asked to write an essay of at least 150 words, revealing a specific problem.

Essay plan for the USAn language unified state exam 2021 | FIPI, example, structure

Important! The range of problems that may be addressed in the 27th task of the unified state exam in American in 2021 is not announced in advance.

Nevertheless, there is a certain list of the most relevant problems that can be encountered in the exam in a high degree of probability. Moreover, the topics do not repeat themselves from year to year, which means that the probability of encountering problems from the 2020 and 2019 tickets in the new Kim is extremely low, although you should not categorically delete them from the list.

Evaluation criteria

The approximate ratio of points for completing part I and part II tasks for the 2021 unified state exam will be as follows: 34 points for the test part and 24 for the essay.

The first part of the work is evaluated according to the following table:

TasksRating process
1-7, 9-15, 17-250 or 1
16from 0 to 2
26from 0 to 4
8from 0 to 5

For task No. 27 of the unified state exam 2021 in American, FIPI has developed 12 criteria that experts will use to evaluate the essay.

Important! First of all, verifiers count the number of words. If they turn out to be less than 70, the essay is not subject to further verification and all criteria are set to 0. Works with a volume of 70-150 words cannot be rated for the highest score according to criteria #7-12.

It is also worth noting that experts will give “0 points” for the 27th task if they believe that the examinee did not formulate (or formulated, but incorrectly) the problem.

We invite you to learn more about all 12 criteria for evaluating an essay in 2021.

The plan works

The clear structure of the essay can be traced already in the very wording of task No. 27 of the unified state exam 2021 in the American language. Thus, a work that claims to be highly rated must contain 6 structural blocks:

  1. statement of the problem raised in the text;
  2. example-illustration (comment on the issue);
  3. description of the position of the author of the text;
  4. position of the examinee (his consent or disagreement with the position of the author);
  5. argumentation of your position;
  6. a brief conclusion.

You can better understand what exactly reasoning looks like with the correct wording and argumentation by reading ready-made essays available on the web, but you should not expect to use these texts for the unified state exam in American in 2021. There are a number of nuances:

  1. Over the years, experts easily calculate plagiarism, which can affect the result.
  2. The topics may be similar, but the issues raised change from year to year, which means that there is a risk of incorrect wording of the problem.
  3. Not all texts from the Internet actually meet the criteria for 2021.

We suggest you watch the video analysis of the perfect essay.

Experienced teachers recommend using cliches instead of fully prepared texts. Using universal phrases and blanks, you can create a beautiful text of the essay according to the prepared plan as from the constructor.

So, we have an approximate plan for an essay on the American language from 6 main points (it is also the structure laid down in the very task of the unified state exam 2021). Your task is to learn how to use this template for writing essays on various topics, because it is not known what will be offered to graduates in the new season of the unified state exam.

The universal algorithm for writing an essay will be as follows:

  1. Familiarity with the text (you can read it several times, emphasizing keywords in the text).
  2. Definition of the issue that concerns the author and the problem raised in the text.
  3. Selection of at least 2 examples among the works you know that illustrate the problem (or even more).
  4. A brief description of the position of the author of the text.
  5. Description and justification of your position (it doesn’t have to coincide with the author’s position).
  6. Summing up the results (it is your essay, not the proposed text).

Essay plan for the USAn language unified state exam 2021 | FIPI, example, structure

When analyzing a good example of a American essay for the 2021 exam, you will notice that the text consists of 6 paragraphs, although in practice there may be more. In particular, a block with illustrative examples can be divided into 2-3 paragraphs, depending on the literary works under consideration.

When writing a paper, you can also rely on such cliches:

Tips from teachers

The most important advice of all Tutors is to practice as much as possible. To get a high score on the unified state exam in American in 2021, it is not enough to look at the analysis of tasks or read an example of an ideal essay. The main task is to learn how to write essays by analyzing the proposed topic and quickly selecting illustrations for it from familiar literary works.

Among the most useful tips of advanced teachers are the following::

  1. Work out in detail the universal works that raise a wide range of topical issues.
  2. First, complete tasks #24-26, which will help you better understand the proposed text.
  3. Try to learn how to write an essay in 70 minutes (this is how much experts recommend to allocate for the exam).
  4. Aim for a volume in the range of 200-250 words (but no more than 300).
  5. Try to avoid “stop words” in the text (incorrect turns, excessive generalizations, incorrect use of pronouns, etc.)

We suggest that you start studying the literature with the works presented in the list.

If you don’t have time to get acquainted with all the positions in the list, limit yourself to the universal ones, which are described in more detail in this video tutorial.

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