Electronic employment record since 2021

With 2021 in the USA commissioned electronic work book, which will be the digital equivalent to all the usual document for recording data about the working activities. The new version will greatly simplify the work of personnel services and the Pension Fund, and to perform the required tasks more efficiently. And the owners of the document will receive permanent access to the information contained therein.

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From 01 January 2021 effect of modifications in the legislation (Labour code and several Federal laws) under which data on employment will be documented in electronic form. This does not mean that the usual paper books will no longer be used. They will continue to have legal force, and at the request of the employee, the employer will continue to make all of the changes on work activities (duplicating them in electronic form). To do this, until December 2021, inclusive, the employee must send an application in free format to the name of the employer, with a request to keep a paper version of the document. Otherwise, he will receive the book on hand, and for further storing the employee will be responsible on their own.

With the exception of those employees who are employed for the first time from 01.01.2021 To them will initially form an electronic work book, and all data will be stored in digital form.

In 2021, the employer must inform all employees about the impending changes. This must be done in writing with the following information:

  • warning about switching to a new version of the documentation;
  • informing about the right of preserving the paper version of the document.

Electronic employment record since 2021

In addition, from 01 January 2021, the employer will be a new kind of reporting. He would need to send to Pension Fund employee information forms-based GIS-SC and SCB-AP. They should contain data on employment. In 2021, the report must be submitted monthly, before the 15th of the month following the reporting month. For communication with the FIU can use the usual communication channels.

2021 reports are to be sent to the FIU only in the case of employment or the termination of the employee. The data should be directed to the Pension Fund within one business day following the day of publication of the normative document confirming the personnel changes (for example, the order on employment, the change in the position or dismissal).

In 2021, the employer will need to prepare a number of internal documents regulating the implementation of changes. So, you will need to make adjustments in the collective agreement and the legal regulations on personnel records.

The advantages and disadvantages of innovations

The introduction of a new data storage format due to the desire to minimize errors. For example, if the entry in the workbook is incorrect, it can not be taken into account when calculating pensions. Electronic employment record to minimize the risk of inconsistencies, which increases the reliability of information on work activities. This contributes to a more accurate formation of a well-deserved retirement benefits. Also, the use of digital technologies included in the program of development of the information society, which was regulated by presidential decree.

Electronic employment record since 2021

Among the positive qualities of electronic documents are:

  1. The data is stored in the information system of the FIU, which ensures the safety and eliminates their loss in the destruction of the paper document (e.g. fire, theft, etc.).
  2. Greatly simplified personnel management.
  3. Users can interact with the staff.
  4. Accelerating the process of data analysis for calculation of pension.
  5. Reduced paperwork.
  6. The employee has a regular access to data on labor activities.

Negative aspects include:

  1. The emergence of new statements from the employer on the forms GIS-SC and SCB-AP.
  2. Double dribbling employer of labor books in paper and electronic form, if the employee decides to retain previous versions of a document.
  3. The safety paper employment record rests with the employee, which may lead to its loss, and subsequently a long and difficult process of data recovery.

Transfer information from paper-work book in electronic version is not provided because it would entail an additional burden on the personnel Department and FIU.

Electronic employment record since 2021


The maintenance of the electronic employment record books will deal with the Pension Fund. To do this, he will use the information that is provided by the employer. The employer will be subject to administrative responsibility for untimely provision of data, or untruthful or incomplete instructions.

The digital format of the document will not be radically different from the paper counterpart. It will also indicate the place of work, position, dates of employment and dismissal, and the reason for the termination of the employment contract. In addition, it will contain information about disciplinary violations.

The employee can obtain access to your electronic workbook through the official portal of the RPF or website public Services. For this, you will need to register in the Personal Cabinet on the website and go through the procedure of identification. To obtain a paper statement can also be through these resources or any of the MFC of the country.

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