Ekadashi calendar for 2021 | schedule, New-York, St. Petersburg, in January

The Ekadasi calendar for 2021 is an integral part of Vedic culture. It reflects the days when you should consciously give up food for spiritual enlightenment and purification. Translated from Sanskrit, Ekadasi is the eleventh. Accordingly, fasting is performed every eleventh day after the new moon and full moon. It is believed that these days food is overflowing with negative karma and, by refraining from using it, you can get rid of the karmic burden and heal your soul.

Basic rules

During the days of purification, one should forget about material whims and take care of raising one’s level of spiritual development. This is the perfect moment to burn the accumulated karmic “tails” (in Christianity, this is the atonement for sins), and raise the sattvic level of being. You can gain spiritual strength and wisdom if you understand the essence of Ekadasi and adhere to all the rules of fasting.:

  • it is necessary to limit yourself in the use of food;
  • don’t use foul language, avoid bad thoughts;
  • do not associate with drunk people and do not touch women during menstruation;
  • do not visit unworthy places;
  • avoid at least a day’s sleep, if for certain reasons it is impossible to completely abandon it;
  • do not eat food in other people’s homes, restaurants or cafes;
  • make donations to people with a high level of spiritual development;
  • do not shave, do not use cosmetics (for more advanced followers);
  • meditate, chant mantras, and study the Scriptures to learn the laws of the Universe and your true nature.

Ekadashi calendar for 2021 | schedule, New-York, St. Petersburg, in January

It can be difficult for an untrained person to completely stop eating and drinking water right away for a day. Therefore, first it is better to start by giving up junk food and culinary excesses, then switch to a raw food diet, and after a few months do not eat in the afternoon.

The exit from the post should be smooth and gentle. The next day, in the morning, you should eat a little legume or grain food, eat a flatbread or porridge.

Ekadashi calendar for 2021

Each day of fasting is calculated in advance by astrologers according to the lunar calendar. This information is posted in Vedic communities attached to temples. However, due to the fact that each region has its own lunar calendar (this is due to time zone shifts), when searching for such data, you should start from your place of residence. In particular, the Ekadashi calendar for 2021 for New-York looks like this::

A monthDateThe Name Of The Ekadasi
January9Saphala (fasting is observed in honor of the God Vishnu)
24Putrada (destroys all sins)
February7Bhaimi (carries the idea of loving service)
23Amalaki (the Amla festival of Indian gooseberries)
23Kamada (absorbs all the sins)
23Mohini (it was observed even by Lord Rama)
June6Apara (even the greatest sin can be erased)
21Pandava Nirjala
20Padma (Devshayani)
August4Kamika (the purest of all days)
17Gauna Of Parsva
October2Indira (the ancestors who have fallen to hell can get liberation)
November1Rama (allows you to enter the spiritual abode)
14Prabodhini (Devothan)
30Utpanna (the most celebrated day in the entire Universe)
December14Mokshada (the opportunity to receive many benefits)
30Gauna Has Saphala

The most powerful Ekadasi is considered to be Pandava Nirjala. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that if for some reason a person missed several fasts, he can compensate for them by “dry” fasting on these days. Another mandatory condition is round-the-clock wakefulness until the twelfth lunar day.

Ekadashi calendar for 2021 | schedule, New-York, St. Petersburg, in January

If it was not possible to fast on the eleventh lunar day, you can refuse food on the next, twelfth day.

The levels of fasting

Depending on the state of health, inner strength and desire, you can observe Vedic fasting in different ways. An inexperienced person can start Ekadasi in January 2021 with a simple fast. And after a few months, move on to a more complex, ascetic level. It is important to take into account the presence of chronic diseases, as they can manifest or worsen when refusing food and water.

There are such levels of Ekadasi observance::

  1. Restrictions on the consumption of mushrooms, any type of meat (including poultry), and fish. At the initial level, you should completely exclude the use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking.
  2. Changing your diet. First of all, this applies to legumes. From the point of view of Vedic culture, by eating such foods, a person accepts sin.
  3. Avoid eating foods that do not contribute to spiritual purification and development.
  4. Eating food in one meal (as a rule, this is dinner – “nakta”). Time interval: from 16.00 to sunset.
  5. Complete and deliberate refusal to eat. You can only drink water. The recommended time is after 12.00.
  6. Complete ” dry ” daily fasting. You can not drink or eat for 24 hours: from dawn to dawn.
  7. Refusal of day and night sleep, wakefulness. The day should be devoted to spiritual practices and meditation.

Ekadashi calendar for 2021 | schedule, New-York, St. Petersburg, in January

People who are weakened due to illness can partially observe fasts and do not refuse to eat and drink. But at the same time, they must make a generous donation in favor of people with a high level of spiritual development. Not abide by the Vedic posts are an elderly person, for which any limitation of risks to result in serious consequences. A spiritual master (Guru) has the right to prohibit Ekadasi for any reason. He can also order the use of prohibited products and the person will not have the right to disobey him.

What does Ekadasi do?

From the point of view of Vedic culture, the phases of the moon affect the psyche, so on every eleventh lunar day, the inner world of a person experiences a great load and pressure. Weak, devoid of the will the person can succumb to temptations, to hurt loved ones and commit the rash act. A strong person will be able to resist the situation and, on the recommendation of enlightened people, will refuse food that is expensive for his energy.

Ekadasi should not be taken as a therapeutic fasting with a complete refusal of food and water. This is an opportunity to practice meditative practices, give up worldly desires and rise spiritually to realize the whole essence of being.

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