Education reform in the USA until 2021

Starting in 2018 in the USA began to undertake a series of reforms aimed at improving education, and continue this process until 2021. Changes will affect how pre-school education and higher education. The Ministry plan to change everything and learning methods, and technology. What’s been done and what reforms are yet to come?

Changes in the Ministry of science

Last year the state Duma approved the decision on the division of the Ministry of science 2 Department: Ministry of education, responsible for primary and secondary level and the Ministry of science and higher education. The Federal Agency for scientific organizations will be eliminated.

The reorganization will have been completed in the first half of 2020. In addition, the leadership of the Russian schools will pass in one hand regional authorities. In 2018, this approach was successfully applied in 19 regions of the Russian Federation, therefore, decided to adopt it across the country. Such changes should have a positive impact on the state of education in General.

Under the new leadership planned to hold a series of reforms. The national project “Education”, which was adopted in the fall of 2018 includes 10 projects involving schools, colleges and universities. Sell it will be for 5 years. The main objectives of the projects:

  • to create a modern educational environment and infrastructure in educational institutions;
  • to make education qualitative and affordable (including for children with disabilities);
  • find and encourage talented young people;
  • to develop an effective system of additional education of children;
  • to prepare highly qualified specialists, training them on the basis of advanced technologies;
  • to develop the capacity of teachers.

Education reform in the USA until 2021

President Putin set a task to bring the country’s education to a competitive level that the USA has entered the top 10 leaders in its quality. The Ministry of education has prepared an updated system of education and training. Was taken the world’s best techniques and produced suitable literature for teachers. Gradually changing the concept of teaching various subjects, as well as criteria of evaluation. What exactly is waiting for every level of education in the coming years?


In this area a year ago, there was a problem with shortage of places in kindergartens, therefore, have been taken appropriate measures. The authorities introduced a system of online queues, ordered the gardens to take all the children have opened and continue to open new institutions for preschoolers. Just for this purpose was allocated 24.5 billion RUB from the state plan of the project, until the end of 2021 at the nursery should be a place for every child.

Also to improve the quality of education and training in kindergartens gradually introduced a program that involved working at a computer. So the kids have a childhood laid the foundations of programming.


The coming education reforms that should theoretically happen in the USA until 2021, include:

  • Creation of a unified database of educational literature for schools. All will study the same textbooks that the quality of training remained approximately at the same level. For comparison: only in the Russian language was 80 manuals.
  • The development of an updated curriculum. It can be added such subjects as astronomy, selevedenie, technology and chess. Students will study 2 foreign languages: one 1st class, and the second from the 5th.

Education reform in the USA until 2021

  • Transition to 12-point system. Since 1937 and to this day in American schools used a 5-point system, so it is logical that it is outdated. Such a system is not effective in many countries, from her long abandoned.
  • Add history among the compulsory subjects that pass the Exams.
  • The project “the teacher of the future”, which involves the creation of a new system of certification of principals and teachers. Also teachers will have the opportunity for career growth based on achievements in work. There will be additional positions – senior and lead teacher.

For parents planning to open a website where you can get advice on training. This project is called “Modern parent”.

In addition, the government intends to allocate funds for the improvement of material resources. The main directions in this field are:

  • repair of educational institutions, as well as roads that lead to them;
  • the provision of additional training places;
  • procurement of transport for children living far from schools;
  • the construction of laboratories, technology parks 34 “Kvantorium”, centres of the type “Sirius”, as well as health camps.

Interesting: the construction of new schools will soon permit to cancel multi-shift training (now the lessons are in 2 and 3 shifts).

If implemented the project “Digital school”, the training will be digital. To this end, each school will be provided with access to the Internet. Printed editions will be replaced by digital, and all reports are also to be filed in a digital format. Students can even view the lessons online if they are absent due to illness. In the longer term – the use of augmented reality and introduction of educational-methodical complexes on the basis of artificial intelligence that will adapt to the capabilities and needs of each child.

Education reform in the USA until 2021

Such innovation requires a lot of time and money. Even purchase electronic devices for each child can become an obstacle for some families. So until full implementation of the project would be many years. However, in 2021 in the learning process promises to introduce e-learning games and simulations.

Colleges and technical schools

To avoid trouble, the Ministry of education proposed a project on establishment of Centers for professional mobility, which will work with the colleges and technical schools. In such places people can obtain training in a specific profile, or to improve their skills. According to statistics, that mid-tier managers is now not enough.

All should be built at least 7 centers, which will train 50 most demanded professions. And the trainers are not only school leavers but also adults who wish to obtain an additional profession or improve their qualifications. For persons with disabilities within 2 years will open at least 30 centers receive specialized education.

Education reform in the USA until 2021

The objectives of the Federal target program which should be implemented before 2021 are:

  • the introduction of new educational programs of a magistracy and postgraduate study;
  • the introduction of advanced technologies;
  • implementation of projects on construction of establishments, laboratory, sports and utility type;
  • elimination of shortage of places in hostels;
  • the development of new tools for the evaluation of quality of education.

All the reforms produced in the Universities aimed at achieving competitiveness at the global level so that foreign students came to study in Russia. So, the government plans to launch a grant program for students from other countries and to build new campuses.

To keep the specialists with higher education in their places, it is planned to make a number of changes:

  • to open in every region of the centers of innovation, technological and social development at Universities to educational institutions to enable graduates to develop after they receive their diplomas;
  • to increase the amount of grant support Universities and scholarships for graduate students;
  • access to long-term basic research.

Again, these events should be about $ 2 trillion. RUB While it is not known how reform will be financed, and therefore it is impossible to say in what way it will hold.

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