Education news in 2021

In 2020-2021 year system of education in USA will find a number of changes. In addition, I continue to be implemented projects for the development of education adopted in 2016, are being developed and new educational standards. The authorities are preparing bills designed to solve urgent problems. Among all the news, there are several major that relate to preschoolers and schoolchildren.

Pre-primary education in 2021

For parents of preschoolers, there is good news – thanks to the implementation of national projects over the past year, the availability of education for children 3-6 years of age increased to 99%. At the same time, there are regions where these values remain at the level of 60-90%, for example, in the Crimea and Buryatia Republic. So in 2021 the challenge to solve this problem. Will build new kindergartens, to carry out repairs to the old, to buy equipment.

The situation with shortage of places in the older groups is slowly improving, but the nursery remains a pretty big deficit. State institutions can’t accept about 30% of children from 1.5 to 3 years. In this regard, the Ministry of education propose to approve the project to allocate subsidies for the creation of a free nursery in the private gardens. Now formed a list of organizations and individual entrepreneurs from different regions of the Russian Federation, which will be able to provide such places.

Also 21.05 in the state Duma was introduced a bill on monetary compensation for children 1-3 years who do not have enough space in the garden. In the case of a law, one of the parents of these kids will be able to receive social assistance in an amount not less than the subsistence wage for minors. This should at least partially compensate for the losses that are moms/dads who are forced to stay at home to carry out supervision over their child. While the bill is under consideration, so if it is accepted not earlier than in 2021.

Education news in 2021

Improvements need to occur directly in the methods of teaching and educating kids. At the initiative of the Ministry of education organized research in early childhood education, which will conduct 2 Institute of RAO. The results of these studies will be formed a new methodological developments for educators at the 2020-2021 year.

2020-2021 school year

Since 2011, schools have started to work on the new standards of learning GEF. In recent years, managed to evaluate the system and identify its shortcomings. On the basis of these studies, recently developed an updated GEF, which, moreover, has put up for public revision.

From 28 March to 28 April of this year documents that the educational standards were published on the website so everyone could contribute their improvements and suggestions for program improvement. The result was collected over 7 thousand recommendations from specialists from all over USA. Their needs will be considered in the special Commission, and then published the final version of the GEF for which the students will study in the next academic year.

At the moment, one of the main problems of Russian schools is too much load. According to experts, children spend on learning about 47 hours per week (this includes directly lessons, homework, tutoring and extracurricular section). That is a lot, considering that adults work 40 hours.

Education news in 2021

Now the standards are specified, on homework in all subjects from elementary school students should not go more than 1.5-2 hours, and in first class, they shouldn’t be. But these standards to abide by does not work, because they are not comparable with the amount of educational material. In this regard, the relevant organizations were requested to revise the new GEF to establish compliance of load with the capabilities of children of different ages, and setting new standards.

What are the news about education in 2021:

  • The exams for ninth-graders will be held in the updated format, according to GEF. Exams are more likely to evaluate the skills of the child, that is, its ability to apply this knowledge in practice. The number of exams remains the same, but more can be more – 4.
  • The list of obligatory exams Exams are also going to expand. To mathematics and Russian want to add to the story, although the relevant law has not yet been established.
  • Should begin its work the first anchor school of RAS, the purpose of which is to identify talented children and training of specialists in the field of science and high technology. Currently selected 101 schools in 32 regions.
  • The project on early vocational guidance of pupils “Ticket to the future” in 2021 are planning to distribute in all regions of the Russian Federation. It launched in 2018 in order to help children understand from an early age what they want to be and what it needs. The project was successful – surveys show that graduates have become more consciously approach to the selection of a career.
  • In accordance with the Federal programme of education development for the 2020-2021 year, teachers will be trained refresher courses. In addition to the position the teacher will appear the position of “senior teacher” and “lead teacher”, each of which will have their own specific duties.

In the coming year, perhaps the emergence of a new kind of social support, which will be aimed at assistance in preparation for school families with low incomes (this aid includes, for example, purchase of necessary supplies).

Education news in 2021

School canteens

In 2021 we can expect some changes in the field of nutrition:

  • First, Putin said that the need to expand the group of students who eat free in the dining rooms. But before to implement this project, the authorities in each region should conduct calculations to find out how many children are actually included in this group, as well as how long it will take funds.
  • Secondly, the control of food students are going to transfer to the Governor’s level. Now it is controlled by schools themselves.

Also prepared reforms aimed at improving the quality of food. According to the study, which was conducted in 2017-2018, half Board with dinners provided only 65% of the students. In addition to the low coverage of hot meals, there are problems in the absence of a single program in some of the dining rooms menu too monotonous, there are no standards for the preparation of meals for students with special needs (allergies, diabetics, etc.). The quality of the products, as recent events have shown, too, leaves much to be desired.

Education news in 2021

To solve the pressing problems of the Ministry of education announced a competition for the creation of a single model of a food of pupils. Enrollment will continue until may 29, will be selected the best option, which will form the basis of a new system of power.

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