Earth day in 2021

In 2021, Earth Day is traditionally dedicated to environmental issues, and the event will be directed to conservation on the planet. Now the festival is a large-scale almost in all countries. According to unofficial data, it is attended by more than 200 million people.

To mark

People wishing to participate in public activities aimed at improving the environmental situation, wondering what Earth Day will be in 2021. Confusion with the dates arises from the fact that they celebrate the holiday at the international level two times:

  • March 20 − the vernal equinox;
  • April 22 – in the established of the UN world Earth Day.

Events dedicated to Earth Day, held throughout the month in the period established between the two dates. Although large-scale clean-UPS and actions, meeting with scientists is traditionally organized on April 22.

Earth day in 2021

The origin and history

The spring equinox was dedicated to the planet is not by chance. It is believed that in this period there is the awakening of nature from winter sleep. It is great to protect the planet from the negative effects of humanity, landscaping and other measures aimed at saving the environment.

World Earth Day, which in 2021 will celebrate on April 22, has a long history. It all started with the fact that in the nineteenth century in North America mercilessly cut down the forest. People have used wood for construction, as fuel and for other purposes, but unsustainable use of natural resources has brought great harm to the environment. Suffered animals, fish, insects and other fauna.

Senator of Nebraska Nelson appealed to residents with a request to plant trees. Just 1 day it was rooted almost 1 million seedlings. Gradually the campaign was gaining popularity, and in 1970 it was carried out officially across America. In 1971, the festival was supported by the UN, so it has acquired the international format. In USA began to celebrate world Earth Day since 1992.

Earth day in 2021

Symbols and attributes

Over the decades the celebration has formed a certain customs and traditions. Got its own attributes:

  • The Flag Of The Earth. Although it has only symbolic value, without it there is no event dedicated to the preservation of the environment and care about the environment. The flag is a blue flag, which depicts a planet. Usually is applied to the canvas photo, taken from space by the crew of “Apollo 17”.
  • Theta. The Greek letter theta is used less frequently, although also associated with Earth Day. An elongated oval with a line down the middle is usually depicted in green on a white background.
  • The Peace Bell. This symbol has a special meaning, because it is a solemn call to all to pay attention to the environment. The first Bell was installed in the headquarters of the UN in new York in 1954. Its main feature is that he was cast from coins collected by children.

In USA there are also Bells in the World. The first Bell was installed in 1998 in Novosibirsk at the International center of the Roerichs. Later joined the initiative , Volgograd and other cities. In 2014, the ceremonial opening Bell .

Earth day in 2021

Traditions and customs

Each country has formed its own traditions. USA is no exception. In 2021 will be a series of events dedicated to world Earth Day:

  • Public action on beautification and planting of greenery of settlements. In cities and villages people gather together to clean up the garbage, cleared and planted trees. Painted benches, playgrounds, skatyvaetsya flower beds and planted flowers also work on beautification of the territory.
  • Festivals, seminars and conferences. They urge people to pay attention to the environmental situation. The participants propose solutions to global problems related to protection of water, ozone ball, vegetable or animal world. Conferences and festivals have involved both adults and children.
  • Exhibition. The main themes – protection of the environment. The organizers come up with unusual compositions, looking for unique items to attract more people.
  • Rallies and flash mobs. One of the ways to attract the public attention to the unsustainable use of natural resources, solution of environmental problems.
  • Concerts, sports events and marathons. Are usually carried out on a charitable basis. The money raised at such events are sent to research centers and other institutions that are engaged in ecology.

Earth day in 2021

At the end of March 2004 hold Earth Hour. The essence of this event lies in the fact that people switch off lighting and electrical and home appliance for one hour. Join the action the whole city, which shut off the illumination on the streets, and even industrial equipment in factories. The event is held in order to draw people’s attention to environmental issues and climate change.

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