Dune – movie 2021

Fantastic films so often become a projection of the future that inevitably have to think about whether this is a coincidence? The global issues that will have to decide the characters in the movie “dune 2021” tomorrow can become a part of reality and then the situation gets out of control.

Dune – movie 2021

The history of painting

  • The basis for the script was the eponymous science fiction novel by Frank Herbert;
  • The first film adaptation was a complete failure financially, but received several awards from the American Academy;
  • In 2000 appeared on the screen the mini-series;
  • to write a new script, Villeneuve was invited by Eric Roth, who created Forrest Gump, John Spada “Dr. Strange” and composer Hans Zimmer, “blade Runner 2049”;
  • in the movie “dune” 2021 will be removed famous actors who embody the grandiose intentions of the authors of the project.

Interesting fact! This novel and its adaptation has been a huge influence on popular culture and have become a source of inspiration for the creation of the iconic “Star wars”.

The plot

In the future, mankind will have multiple paths of development. Judging from the current situation, people prefer surrender to the power of machinery and all sorts of technological devices that greatly facilitate the quality of life, but do not give the opportunity to develop mental and psychic abilities.

Dune – movie 2021

The action takes place in the distant future. The universe turned into a monarchical aristocratic Empire. Planets run Great home. The only monopoly in all kinds of transportation acts as the spacing Guild, which absorbed the smaller companies. The main jewel in this world is melange or spice, with which ships cross the space. Substance gives you the opportunity to navigate the world without all kinds of browsers and computers. In addition, egg can be used inside. It helps to improve health and to increase longevity. People who have a great opportunity to acquire a substance can be distinguished from other blue eyes. It is in this color stains the spice squirrels and the iris is the “eyes of Ibad”.

Dune – movie 2021

A valuable product can be produce only on the planet Arrakis, home to huge sand worms. The surface is very reminiscent of dune. Indigenous people are accustomed to the arid climate of the planet. In this world, of particular importance is the water that is necessary to extract, even from our own bodies. When a Fremen dies (representative of the local population), his body before burial becomes a source of moisture for others.

In this wonderful world there is a change of the ruling circles. Young Aristocrat Paul Atreides belongs to an influential family, in which submission is Arrakis. The young man will understand what is happening and to go to the planet, which depends on the existence of the Universe. The intrigue and the way the Harkonnen, who was managing the production of melange, lead to the fact that killed nearly all members of the Atreides.

Floor together with his mother is hiding in the desert. He will have to meet framename that will be the only help in the fight for justice. Amazing customs and the ancient wisdom will force the aristocracy to change their Outlook on life. At the same time, local residents clearly understand that this man is Elected. According to legend, came of their deep past, Paul can confront the Empire and will be a worthy ruler. In the trailer of the film “dune” 2021 shown pictures of the new cinematic world, which can surprise even the most spoiled audience.

Dune – movie 2021


Judging by the rating on IMDb, the film “dune” 2021 will be one of the most anticipated, the figure is 93%. A big role in this played the part of the actors, including Timothy Salame – the main character, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson – his on-screen parents, Stellan Skarsgard, Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista, Zendaya and others. They are ready to open for the inhabitants of the Earth a different reality and sent to a fantasy world.

Large-scale production will definitely attract attention of science fiction fans who will compare the on-screen embodiment of the characters with their ideas about the characters. Since the previous screening were not masterpieces, authors have to work hard. The movie “dune” will be in 2021, but judging by the trailer, it will be something grandiose. Spectacular special effects and computer graphics will help to convey to the audience the main idea and show one of variants of development of events in the future.

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