Drawings for the New 2021

Love to draw with pencil, paints or in computer programs – we will tell which drawings will be relevant to the New 2021 how to draw popular Christmas characters, as well as offer many creative ideas for children and adults.

Following the advice of professionals, you will get a lot of vivid emotions, creating with their hands beautiful drawings that also can become an original gift to friends or relatives on the New 2021.

How to draw?

Today there are many high-quality art materials, each of which has its own characteristics and provides certain opportunities.

Drawings for the New 2021Drawings for the New 2021Drawings for the New 2021Drawings for the New 2021Drawings for the New 2021


One of the most popular techniques of fine art, the advantage of which is the use of water based paints that allows for beautiful transitions between notes. Base – special paper for watercolor painting.

Drawings for the New 2021


Unlike watercolors, oil paint on canvas or on wood. This method can be safely choose for those who want to make not just drawings, but a unique mini-gifts for the New 2021.

Oil paint creates a textured brushstrokes, so to work effectively it is necessary to acquire some experience.

Drawings for the New 2021 Drawings for the New 2021 Drawings for the New 2021


Acrylic paints are quite popular today and for many are an alternative to oil. But, when choosing a material keep in mind that acrylic is very allergenic. Such paints are not recommended for children!

What to draw?

Having dealt with the characteristics of the drawing tools, go to interesting ideas for creativity. In anticipation of the New 2021 relevant are these drawings:

  • winter landscapes;
  • the Christmas tree;
  • Grandfather frost, snow maiden and forest animals;
  • Santa Claus, reindeer and elves;
  • the symbol of the New 2021 – bull (or a mouse);
  • hand-drawn cards;
  • coloring.

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