Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness movie 2021 / release date, cast

Marvel’s story has smoothly reached its fourth phase, where one of the most anticipated films will be Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness. It will be presented to the audience in the spring of 2021. This time, the creators have somewhat moved away from the usual concept. Previously, the sequel was released for three years after the first part. After the release of the first “Avengers” appeared “Age of Ultron”, and three years later – “infinity War”. The return of doctor Strange to the screens was supposed to take place in 2019, but this did not happen.

Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness movie 2021 / release date, cast

Reasons for the breakup

One of the possible reasons for the long gap between the release of films may be a change in the overall concept and adaptation of the script to the events of the series “Wanda vision”, which is scheduled to be shown in spring 2021. The connection between the projects is obvious, as is the presence of the Scarlet Witch in the plots.

Attention! The Doctor Strange sequel will not just be part of phase four, but also a huge event that could usher in a new era.

First of all, this is a change in genre affiliation, which causes a skeptical attitude of some categories of fans. They doubt that marvel will be able to produce a real horror (horror film), but the planned premiere should be really scary.

Powerful heroes who are practically the most important in the cinematic universe will face a Nightmare. The main villain obeys the dimension of dreams, in which you can create creepy dreams.

Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness movie 2021 / release date, cast

The demon appeared on the pages of comics back in 1963. He is a constant opponent of Doctor Strange and Ghost rider. The torturer is able to capture the astral form of a sleeping person and send it to his realm. Here the victim suffers from his own nightmares. In addition, he can command creatures from the otherworld.

Big changes

In the fourth phase, there will be no Iron Man, the Avengers or Captain America, but there will be expanded stories of characters who were previously undeservedly deprived of attention.

Until then, Netflix’s superhero series were only formally part of the Marvel cinematic universe and did not particularly overlap with the Studio’s films, but after the launch of the Disney+ service, the situation changed significantly.

According to Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, future series will be intertwined with the events of the pictures. In the project “Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness” as one of the main characters will be the scarlet Witch from the show “Vandavision”.

Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness movie 2021 / release date, cast

Depending on the events of “Doctor Strange “will develop what is happening in other projects, for example, in the mini-series” Loki ” with Tom Hiddleston. To fully cover the essence, you need a Disney+subscription.

Actors and Directors

The Director’s chair of the project is Scott Derrickson, who specializes in shooting thrillers and horror films. He promises to make the sequel a real horror. In the Director’s track record:

  • the fifth part of Hellraiser (2000);
  • “Six demons of Emily rose” (2005);
  • the first “Sinister” (2012);
  • “Deliver us from the evil one “(2014).

Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star again, while Elizabeth Olsen is set to play the scarlet Witch.

Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness movie 2021 / release date, cast

Interesting facts:

  1. Doctor Strange was originally considered an important character, as he owned the Time Stone.
  2. He was seen as a replacement for Iron Man.
  3. Perhaps mutants or vampires will appear in the picture, especially since Blade has already entered the universe.
  4. Doctor Strange will have to defend not only The sanctuary in new York, but also other things.

Big witchcraft party

Doctor strange, which will hit screens in 2021, will mark the beginning of a new era and will be an explosive mix of horror and adventure. The intensity of passions should be off the scale, and it is almost impossible to predict how events will develop in the future. Each of the characters has their own unique abilities that can lead beyond the universe.

Who could have predicted during the creation of comics that they would become the basis for a fantastic world, embodied by cinematographers with special effects and the latest computer technology. With them, the villains manage to carry out the most incredible plans and reshape the world as they see fit.

The witchcraft party is ready to surprise, but there is a lot of work to be done before it becomes perfect and meets high requirements.

For more information about the new horror game, see the review from fans of the marvel universe:

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