Doctor Sleep movie 2020

To forever fall in love to the universe by Stephen king, just once to read a book or view a painting. Those who until that time considered myself a fan of horror, you can start with the movie “Doctor sleep”, which will be released in 2020. For longtime fans it will be another gift from the masters of dark cinema. After such paintings should go home through the dark alleys, where every shadow come to life eerie images…

Doctor Sleep movie 2020

In “Doctor Sleep” is used not only a work of Stephen king, but the movie “the Shining” in the interpretation of Stanley Kubrick. The authors undertook the process of combining three different sources, namely books and paintings. What came out of it, to judge the audience.

Preparation for work

The project with great interest to see journalists who are anticipating the next sensation. Director Mike Flanagan met with representatives of mass-media after appeared the trailer and told some of the details without opening the main secrets. The creators need not only to film the acclaimed novel by Stephen king, who has created an amazing world, but also to pay tribute to the classics of the cinema.

  • Writer not happy with the film adaptation of Kubrick. He believes that the interpretation of the image of Jack TORRANCE needs to be somewhat different. It’s not evil gloomy appearance, from which we can expect trouble. This is a complex man, who unsuccessfully struggling with alcoholism. He fails to find the balance between family and work.
  • Authors need to consider the time that filmmakers created images and characters largely affect your readers, who will see actors between the lines of books.
  • Flanagan managed to convince the king that “the Shining” Kubrick will be able to blend in “Doctor Sleep”.
  • You have to decide the fate of the characters who died in the final picture, but alive in the novel.
  • The end result is the king liked the new version, as he did not hesitate to write on Twitter: “This film will blow your mind. Of course, if you have he’ll stay after “It’s 2”.

Doctor Sleep movie 2020

A little about the plot

After a dreadful season, held the boy clairvoyant Danny TORRANCE in the hotel “overlook” many years have passed. The boy had to endure the madness and death of his father. Childhood trauma has led to the fact that the man turned into marginal-alcoholic. With him to contact “the shining” a little girl named Abra. She needs help, as it became the object of attention of the “True Node.” These people hunt for gifted children.

The cast

The actors who will embody the characters in the movie “Doctor Sleep” 2020 will not be easy. Starring Rebecca Ferguson. On her account – “the Greatest showman”, “Mission impossible: Effects”, “Mission impossible: the rogue nation. The girl works as a model since 13 years old and starred in commercials. Partner movie will be Ewan McGregor, who will play the adult Danny TORRANCE, and Rebecca got the role of antagonist Roses-Slapnica.

The role of the main character in my childhood play young Jacob Tremblay. He has a solid track record in which films such as “Miracle”, “Room”, “Henry’s Book”.

The image of the “shining” girl Abra stone will embody Kylie Curran (Curran Kyliegh).

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