Doctor’s day in 2021: what date, date, in October

Doctor’s day, which will be held in 2021, is a professional holiday for employees of the medical industry. In the calendar, it is marked as a working day. A holiday with a floating date is usually celebrated on the first Monday in October. In 2021, it falls on October 4.

The history of the emergence

The professional holiday of doctors has existed since 1971. The idea of its creation belongs to representatives of the United Nations. The establishment of the doctor’s Day was approved by various international organizations, including the well-known Red Cross. The world health organization (who) prepared documents dedicated to honoring the professional date of physicians. In the following years, this UN structure, together with the international medical humanitarian Union “Doctors without borders”, actively developed the new holiday. As a result, it has managed to become one of the most beloved and expected in many countries of the world.

Doctor's day in 2021: what date, date, in October

The value

On doctor’s Day, it is customary to Express respect and gratitude to medical professionals of various profiles who have dedicated their lives to improving and preserving human health. The holiday, which has been celebrated for almost 50 years, has become a symbol of the dedication of doctors to their work, the unity of specialists from different countries and nationalities in achieving noble goals.

Doctor’s day symbolizes solidarity and active actions of medical professionals to preserve and improve the health of patients. Doctors are called upon to provide assistance to all those who need it, including people affected by epidemics, natural disasters, armed conflicts and other factors. At the same time, representatives of a humane but difficult profession consider all patients equal, and do not pay attention to the age, national, religious, social differences, and political beliefs of patients in need of treatment.

Despite the fact that the celebration is called doctor’s Day, it is customary to congratulate all healthcare professionals on its arrival. Junior medical staff, students who master a noble specialty, and those who want to contribute to the development of medicine celebrate their professional date. Congratulations are also accepted by retired doctors.

Doctor's day in 2021: what date, date, in October

In which countries do they celebrate

Doctor’s day is considered an international holiday. This date is annually remembered in Europe and in many CIS countries. Despite the fact that in the American Federation the first Monday of October is not a “red day of the calendar”, it is eagerly awaited and solemnly celebrated by employees of many health care institutions.

Among American doctors, the holiday called the day of the medical worker of the American Federation is no less popular. It is customary to celebrate it on the third Sunday of the first summer month. In America, the holiday of health workers, falling on March 30, was called the National day of the medic. In India, a similar celebration takes place on July 1, in Cuba-on December 3, in America-on the third Sunday of June.

How is the celebration going

A day dedicated to the responsible medical profession is celebrated in many countries.:

  • conferences;
  • symposia;
  • forums.

Such events discuss current issues and innovations for healthcare, identify the most important problems and effective ways to solve them. Also, exhibitions are held everywhere, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the latest medical equipment, the latest pharmacological developments. Educational seminars are held for students of medical Universities.

Doctor's day in 2021: what date, date, in October

Health care facilities organize corporate events and special concerts. The most responsible employees are awarded with certificates, commendations, and cash bonuses.

As always, on doctor’s Day in October 2021, employees of the medical industry will receive congratulations. Many teams will gather at a common table and celebrate their professional holiday in a narrow circle. Celebrations are usually held in a home environment, surrounded by relatives and friends.

Professional dates for narrow specialists

Medical specialties are truly irreplaceable, and are deservedly considered one of the most popular in the world. That is why it is customary to congratulate representatives of the healthcare industry more than once a year. In addition to the General holiday, there are also Days:

  • dentist (February 9);
  • a TB (March 24);
  • nurses (may 12)
  • traumatologist (may 20);
  • mental health (October 10)
  • the surgeon (November 25).

We offerdownload congratulations to the day of the doctor:

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