Dobrodel — yard improvement for 2021

To exercise active citizenship and to contribute to the improvement of their city in the 21st century can no longer from home. This opportunity was provided to the city Government for residents of cities and districts of the Moscow region. With a virtual book of complaints and suggestions “Dobrodel” Moscow residents have the opportunity to participate in the courtyards. The scope of work for the year 2020 have been identified and what yard area will be improved in 2021 still have to choose. A crucial role will be played by the views of residents.

Useful project

“Super idea” — so speak the people in the capital and Metropolitan regions about what the intention of the government to organize interactive platform “Dobrodel”. Through this “smart system” people can leave their complaints, and messages with wishes directly to the authorities. All of the most topical problems of the people are, that is, visible and known to the Governor. The head of the region in turn, if necessary, has a corresponding impact on municipal leaders.

All messages received on site is sorted by the system according to thematic categories. Here are some of them:

  • business problems;
  • medical institutions;
  • ecology;
  • the work of the IFC;
  • the courtyards and public areas;
  • physical culture, sports etc.

Dobrodel — yard improvement for 2021

Official Government portal opened in 2015. Its popularity is growing from year to year. During the work of the population received more than two million complaints. Most of them are enabled to detect failures in work organizations of different levels and resolve problems. Posted on the website and around the clock there are several headings:

Under the heading “complaints” anyone can request a description of the problem. The application is registered, with numbers assigned and its processing status can be monitored in real time. Treatment of other citizens with the full text messages are also available for viewing. Under the heading “polls” citizens can Express their opinions on various topics offered by the authorities. For example, in November 2018, the topic of discussion was “Current problems of health in your area.” Feedback allows the public to resolve issues in the work of the portal . Applications are reviewed within two business days. The most active users and their good works can be viewed by clicking on the section “dobrodely”.

Dobrodel — yard improvement for 2021

By voting authorities determine what specific objects or areas will be landscaped in the first place. This way solves some of the yards will be ordered in 2021. That is, the more active residents, the greater the chances that their territory will fall under the improvement program.

For information. In the framework of the project on the improvement of yard areas in 2020 have voted more than 55 thousand people. More than 1,300 houses will put in order this year, slightly more than this number have been arranged in the past.

How will the yard

On legislative level the list of mandatory elements in device areas near the house. These include:

  • playgrounds;
  • Parking spaces;
  • the new lighting system;
  • garbage containers;
  • information boards;
  • green spaces.

When working in 2021 to the mandatory components of the yards will add benches and litter bins. Their location is also determined by popular vote. It is important to know that each national Assembly should end with drawing up of the certificate of approval of types of work. Well-formed document must have the signature of the representative of the public and residents. In addition, all decisions should be reflected in the diagram of the yard, which is an integral part of the act of agreeing.

Dobrodel — yard improvement for 2021

How to vote

To interact with the Executive authorities and have the opportunity to vote for their yard need to register on the website . In addition, you need to use the account ESIA or Services. The voting algorithm is simple:

  • on the home page under the heading “Voting” can be found in the list of active “Project for improvement of yard areas 2021”;
  • on the map choose your municipality;
  • in the box on the right side of the screen from the list to select the desired item and click on it.

If the vote has been counted, then the screen will display a message about it. If you want you can describe the problem or to offer their ideas. At the end of voting on the portal will generate a list in which are indicated all the yards included in the improvement program 2021. As a rule, the vote on the development project lasts about 10 days. Open it this fall for the next.

The official website of “Dobrodel” in the section “about the project” has detailed instructions on how to leave a message or vote.

Who can participate in the program

To participate in the improvement projects in 2021 can claim all courtyards in Moscow region. But the law stipulates some exceptions. You will not be able to qualify for the new look of yard areas:

  • commissioned after 2013;
  • comprehensively landscaped in the period from 2015 to 2018;
  • related to houses for the resettlement in the next 7 years.

In addition to the sites selected in the result of the vote on Dobrodel, the list of planned integrated landscaping will include other yards. We are talking about sites to be included on behalf of Vladimir Putin and the Governor of the Moscow region on the basis of appeals of citizens to local self-government bodies, on the recommendation of the Gosadmtekhnadzor Moscow region and the Association of chairmen of councils of apartment houses in Moscow region.

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