DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year’s gifts

New year is a time of fun and gifts, you need to prepare for it in advance: buy various gifts for your family and friends in the nearest shopping center or try to make holiday Souvenirs yourself. To meet the year 2021 fully armed, we offer you a small selection of interesting crafts for children and adults.

Tips for beginners

Before you start making new year’s Souvenirs, be sure to think about what to give and to whom. Consider the recipient’s personal preferences and tastes, as well as their Hobbies and interests. It is possible that this handmade craft will take pride of place in your friend’s collection in the future and will become a real interior decoration on the eve of 2021.

When choosing options or templates for work, focus on accessible and understandable instructions and techniques. It is better to let the gift turn out to be simple and concise, than made with errors in the process of work and non-compliance with technology.

Traditionally, many different materials are used in working with crafts. The most popular types are::

  • natural (cones, spruce branches, dried fruit, wood, paper, etc.);
  • artificial ones (decorative elements, sequins, floral wire, Christmas-themed accessories).

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Master classes

Be sure to involve the whole family in creating Souvenirs for the New year with their own hands – let each of the household members participate in the preparation for the 2021 meeting. We are sure that together you will spend an unforgettable time, and the work will be done easily and simply!


These cute snowmen can decorate any Christmas tree or interior of the house, make them quite simple, so even small children can participate in the process of work.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

  • cones – we will make a torso out of them;
  • head-plasticine, papier-mache blanks, tennis balls, Styrofoam, polymer clay or Christmas balls are suitable;
  • colored cardboard;
  • sleeve of toilet paper;
  • the nose is a sliver of wood or a stud with the orange clay;
  • thermal gun with adhesive rods;
  • markers;
  • hands – decorative wire or wooden sticks;
  • decor – scarf and bells.
  1. Paint the petals of the cones white – to do this, take gouache or acrylic paints.
  2. We prepare a hat – we collect a headdress from the details, fasten the thread for hanging.
  3. We make a “carrot”, then fasten the body parts, fix the accessories.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's giftsDIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Another interesting new year’s souvenir –snowman on skis– a great gift for 2021 for an athlete or a person who likes to actively relax.

  • bamboo toothpicks;
  • skis – ice cream sticks or decorative fence;
  • cones;
  • head – clay, Styrofoam beads or small pompoms;
  • acrylic paints, eyes, snowflakes;
  • the wire – hands;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.
  1. We paint toothpicks, put snowflakes or a stationery button on their tips – the sticks are ready.
  2. We paint the “skis” and bumps for the trunk. We make “hands” from “ruffled” wire. We collect the details of the head, attach everything together, as shown in the photo.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Decorating the Christmas tree

Universal new year’s souvenir for 2021 –Christmas tree decoration. Such crafts will be gladly accepted by best friends or parents, they will complement the main gift or can act as small independent surprises.

To work, prepare:

  • artificial snow;
  • ready-made figurines of a deer and spruce;
  • lace;
  • glue;
  • decorative thread;
  • corrugated tape;
  • cardboard sleeve from Scotch tape;
  • awl;
  • big bead;
  • a pair of scissors.
  1. We pierce the bushing with an awl, thread the thread through the hole.
  2. We glue the blank around the perimeter with corrugated tape, fix the deer and spruce on the inside with glue. The figures are pre-painted with paint.
  3. The front part is additionally decorated with lace, we put a bead on the thread.
  4. Evenly distribute the “snow” throughout the craft.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Cute and cute gnomesthey will fill the house with comfort and warmth during the new year holidays, they will definitely appeal to both young children and adults.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

List of required components:

  • scissors;
  • felt in various colors;
  • glue;
  • spine;
  • device for the Assembly of POM-poms;
  • white yarn;
  • cardboard template for caps;
  • thread for sewing;
  • decorative beads and beads;
  • twine or rope.
  1. With the help of a special device, we make small pompoms, fix and cut off the excess. In the absence of this device, we cut the knitting thread into small pieces, tie it all together in the middle and straighten it.
  2. We apply the template for the caps to the fabric and cut out the details. Thread embroidery patterns-snowflakes, twigs and zigzags.
  3. Sew the caps — insert a string into the top, put on the ball and stretch the thread inside. We make the height of the loop at our discretion.
  4. Using glue, we fix the cap and a wooden bead – “spout” on the pompom.

Christmas balls with photos of your family– a touching gift for grandparents. So you can tell them about your feelings, convey warmth and tenderness. The process of creating such Souvenirs is simple — take transparent Christmas balls, put pictures inside and decorate them with artificial snow and ribbons.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Installations with candles

Various arrangements with candles, pine needles and other attributes of the new year theme look elegant and beautiful on the festive table. Such a simple craft will be an exquisite gift for Housewives who love to create comfort and beauty in their home.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

To make it, you will need:

  • transparent glass jar;
  • twine or twine;
  • glue;
  • “snow” – salt, finely ground;
  • regular candles or with LEDs;
  • cones;
  • bunches of berries;
  • coniferous twigs.
  1. We tie twine around the neck of the jar, lubricate the upper part of the container with glue.
  2. We hold the jar by the bottom, rotating it in our hand, sprinkle salt on top of the glue. Set aside to allow the blank to dry. Later, shake the remaining “snow” from the jar.
  3. From cones, berries and needles, we make small boutonnieres to decorate the installation, tightly tie it with a tourniquet. We glue a small bouquet to the neck.
  4. We put the jar on the table, pour salt inside and sprinkle the sides.
  5. Using a long pair of tweezers, place the candle inside the jar.
  6. Also, instead of a candle, you can use led garlands.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts
Candle holder from a jar: a new year’s souvenir

Arrangements with candles on a wooden base look original – such a gift can be made literally in a matter of minutes.

List of components to work with:

  • cutting down a tree;
  • candle;
  • needles;
  • a glue gun;
  • cones;
  • dried citrus fruits;
  • glass tumbler;
  • cinnamon sticks.
  1. On a wooden base, we glue all the components alternately.
  2. We put a candle in the glass and put it in the center of the craft.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Christmas trees

The main attribute of the upcoming holiday is considered to be a fir tree. A practical and popular gift is crafts in the form of a Christmas tree, which can be made literally from any materials and raw materials.

  • base;
  • yarn;
  • ready-made pompom;
  • glue;
  • multi-colored buttons;
  • a pair of scissors.
  1. We take a ready-made base made of foam rubber or foam, you can also use a rolled cone made of thick cardboard. Tightly wrap the thread.
  2. We attach a pompom on top.
  3. Glue the buttons in random order.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Greeting card with straws made of wrapping paperit is not difficult to prepare, such a small surprise can be presented to each of your guests — just follow the step-by-step instructions and write sincere congratulations.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

Santa’s Sleigh

Traditional treats for children during the new year holidays and holidays are various sweets. Are you planning to visit? Take a few minutes to assemble small sweet presents for children. Little sweet tooths will definitely appreciate such an unusual presentation.

DIY Souvenirs for the New year 2021 | new year's gifts

You will need Scotch, caramel and various candies in wrappers and packages, Christmas decor and glue. We collect the arrangement in the form of a sleigh, fix it with glue and decorate it with a ribbon.

You can learn more about the build process fromauthor’s video tutorial:

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