DIY Christmas balloons for 2021 | how to make them for the New year

Now you can buy Christmas toys for every taste, but handmade decorations create an indescribable atmosphere and comfort, which turn an ordinary room into a festive home. On the eve of the New year 2021, you can make Christmas balloons to your liking, taking into account the features of the interior.

There are more complex techniques used to make balls that are not inferior in appearance to the most expensive ones. But if you want, you can also find very simple options that are available even for children.

From threads

For such Christmas balloons, you will need to get twine or other threads and PVA glue. Balloons need to be inflated. It is advisable to inflate everything at once to compare the sizes, but if such toys even slightly differ in size, this is also acceptable, because they are made by hand.

The threads are smeared in glue, after which they are wrapped around the toy in a chaotic order, intersecting in an arbitrary order. Usually leave gaps through which voids will be viewed.

After the threads dry out, the rubber is pierced with a needle or needle. There is no need to be afraid that the whole toy will fly apart from this. The remaining rubber is carefully pulled into the gaps between the threads. In order for the structure to be strong, the threads are re-lubricated with PVA glue on top. You can repeat this procedure several times. On top of the finished decoration, after complete drying, attach a bow.

Often, such products are strung on a glowing garland so that the LEDs are located inside the toy. When turned on, such a garland creates an unforgettable picture, letting fancy shadows on the ceiling and walls.

DIY Christmas balloons for 2021 | how to make them for the New year

Made of cord and beads

Such new year’s dyeing looks very beautiful, but at the same time they are extremely simple to perform. You need to take a cord, beads and glue. Now many people prefer to use glue guns with silicone instead of PVA. If there is such a device, you can use it, but it is best to take transparent silicone, so that it does not paint the decoration in an undesirable color if it penetrates outside.

Then, from the upper part in the place of attachment, they begin to glue the cord in a spiral, and in the butt with it – a ribbon of beads. Such materials are easily purchased in any store that sells Handicrafts or sewing accessories. The cord and beads are laid in a spiral, gradually descending to the center,and then reaching the bottom. If the ribbon of beads breaks, it can be imperceptibly glued and continued back to back, but with the cord this can not be allowed, because the error will spoil the appearance of the new year’s toy.

Made of buttons

Recently, Christmas decorations made with their own hands in a vintage style have become increasingly relevant. Very original look toys for a Christmas tree made of buttons. To create such a masterpiece, you need to stock up on a large set of buttons, ribbons and a glue gun. The greater their variety in colors and sizes, the more interesting and unexpected the result will be.

Sometimes the color of the buttons is left the original, but if desired, they can be painted with acrylic paints to achieve the desired color, combined with the interior. Most often, silver or Golden colors are preferred for new year’s holidays.

The restriction on buttons applies only to fasteners: through and hidden fastening is perfect, but the convex type will not be able to attach at the desired level, such a button will protrude sharply above the rest.

Buttons are attached with hot glue and a glue gun. They are attached one at a time to a foam billet. You can first attach large ones, and then fill the remaining areas with small ones. The denser the surface is filled with buttons, the more beautiful the Christmas balloon will look. Then a ribbon is glued to hang on the Christmas tree.

If you need to paint the toy, then do it after attaching the buttons. When placing such balls on the Christmas tree, they should be placed at a certain distance from each other, so that the decor does not look too colorful.

DIY Christmas balloons for 2021 | how to make them for the New year

With the New year’s symbol

Often, the symbolism of the upcoming new year is used in decorating the Christmas tree. In 2021, it will be a Bull. You can make your own Christmas balloon with the appropriate symbols, which will make the decor exclusive and unique.

With embroidery

To do this, you need to find an embroidery scheme with the image of a bull on the Internet. On-demand embroidery sites offer many options, among which you can choose the right one. You need to really evaluate your strength. Average embroidery takes from one day to a week. If you want to make several such balls, then you should start embroidery in advance.

The embroidered picture is attached to a plastic or foam ball using a glue gun. Here it is important not to use too much silicone, so that it does not show through the fabric to the outside. After the image is pasted in the Central part, the remaining space is decorated with an application. To do this, use scraps of other fabrics or the same fabric on which the embroidery is made. Often, the toy is additionally decorated with beads, sequins, various sequins to add brightness and new year’s entourage.

DIY Christmas balloons for 2021 | how to make them for the New year

In the decoupage technique

This technique has not lost its relevance for several years and has consistently remained in the trend. The ideal basis for such Christmas products will be napkins with the image of a bull. Other images are also suitable, but you must make sure that the paper is as thin as possible. The basis on which everything will be attached will be Christmas balls or their foam blanks.

Before starting, the mount must be removed so that it does not interfere with the process. If the ball was previously with sparkles, then they must be carefully cleaned with fine sandpaper. Old paint is washed off using acetone.

When making crafts together with the child, it is necessary to make sure that he does not inhale acetone vapors. It is advisable to remove children from the room at the time of using this substance. If a foam billet is purchased, then pre-processing will not have to be done. Next, you need to Prime the surface. To do this, use a mixture of PVA glue and white acrylic paint in the ratio of 5 ml to 30 ml, respectively. After priming, the workpiece must be allowed to dry. The napkin is divided into two layers, and the top one is taken, with the applied pattern. The bull is cut out along the contour and glued on the surface of the ball. For gluing, the glue is diluted with water in equal parts.

You need to carefully expel the air from under the paper so that there are no bubbles left. For smoothing, you can use a soft brush or sponge. Keep in mind that the paper or napkin is very thin and easily torn. In order not to damage the image of the bull, you need to show maximum care, you can not put pressure on the drawing. After drying, the edges of the sticker are sanded, and the rest of the untreated area is painted over with a suitable color.

So that the Christmas decoration has a particularly beautiful look, after drying it can be varnished. This will add extra Shine. You can also use artificial snow, which is made from semolina and white acrylic.

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