Divination on Christmas day in 2021

Christmas is the best time to lift the veil of the future and learn their fate. Yet since time immemorial, divination was given only a few days a year. According to folk beliefs, to look beyond death, the evil power allows for two weeks of winter holidays – at Christmas. That is, in the upcoming 2021 it is possible to conjecture from 6 January until the feast of the Epiphany – January 19. The most powerful methods of divination have been passed down from generation to generation and reached our days.

Guessing on the groom

Unmarried girls can’t wait to see when they will meet their betrothed. Christmas divination are particularly relevant, they will help you to prepare for unexpected twists of fate in the new year. To learn what to expect in 2021: a wedding or big meeting, separation or grief in several ways.

The dreams

During the Christmas holidays you need to go to sleepovers. Settling to sleep in a new place, before I go to sleep to utter the sacred words: “Sleep in the first place, he had a dream the bridegroom to the bride. Come forth with the how will go under the crown.” Then you need to sleep. The appearance of a bridegroom must dream of the future bride.

Our grandmothers to see the groom, in the prophetic dream, under the pillow left a piece of rye loaf and went to bed with the words: “Come to dinner my betrothed”.

Divination on Christmas day in 2021

By means of a ring

Engagement ring you can borrow from parents or married friends. Authentic guess all this way on Christmas eve on 6 January.

Clear glass with smooth walls you need to fill a third well or a melt water. Throwing a ring in a glass to say: “Mate, show yourself!”. After the water in the mill will calm down need to look in the oval ring. The image of the groom at first it may appear muddy lines, but you need to wait, and the picture will become more clear.

Another popular way is divination using precious rings and woolen yarn. By the way, in the belief it is alleged that thread need to take exclusively red. In the water-filled Cup should omit the ring tied to the thread and shaking to listen to the ringing from the blows. In chords, you can learn the name of a loved one.

Note: Before you begin the ritual of divination, it is important to remove all jewelry, hair pins and clothing with zippers and buttons. You need to be quiet and not laugh and not to be trifled with.

Guessing on children

To find out how many children are destined to give birth, you can go to the bath. The ritual should be carried out in the steam room and steamed broom. Sitting on the canopy need to say loudly: “the Strength of the bath, I place a maternity show, in response to the number of children waiting on you”.

Divination on Christmas day in 2021

After pronouncing the sacred words need to warm up and see how many leaves remain on the body. This will be the right answer to the hidden question:

  • 1 sheet — destined to give birth to one child.
  • 2 sheets — expect double motherhood;
  • 3 sheets and more – the woman will be rich with children and loved my husband.

With regular matches, you can determine the sex of the unborn child. For this dish, pour the living water and prepare matches. Mentally formulate a question on the alleged box of the baby, then light a match and wait until it is completely burned. Extinguished the match drop into the bowl of water. On the birth of a boy who drowned will indicate a match, and floating – on the birth of a girl.

Guessing on upcoming events

Turning to fortune-telling on Christmastide, you can predict the events for 2021. What to expect in the coming year in various spheres of life will help proven ways and Christmas predictions.

Bee wax or candle

Melted on a water bath bee wax or wax from a burning candle give freely drain into a dish of water. In a bowl, should form a sufficient quantity of wax, so the candle procedure can be repeated several times. Then you need to carefully consider the signs of destiny:

  • large drops in the new year are expected to be significant for the future events;
  • a long strip of wax — Herald travel or long trips;
  • many short and thin strips — blank trouble;
  • if the wax has formed into one big tortilla — marriage in the coming year will not;
  • the wax ring or candle — for emergency wedding;
  • cross to disease or big trouble;
  • the envelope or bell — means that news will come from afar.

The same interpretation can be used when guessing on the egg. Shapes forms a protein that if you dissolve egg in a glass of hot water.

Divination on Christmas day in 2021

Note. For divination, you cannot use tap water, it has no energy. Living water you can gain from outdoor speakers or just to melt the snow.

On paper

On a sheet of paper to list at a distance from each other different events. To take coffee bean and with eyes closed, throw it over the sheet. A grain falls and point that heralds the new year.


This method of divination is suitable for several people. In opaque containers or cans need to add the items: a coin, a piece of bread or crumbs, candy, salt, pepper ring, onions. One container filled with water. Tara shuffled and each with closed eyes in turn chooses his or her own. What to expect in the near future will tell the contents of the selected banks are:

  • onion — to tears;
  • the ring — to marry;
  • coin — profit;
  • water — the major change is not expected;
  • salt — trouble at work;
  • candy — a happy event;
  • pepper — for an exciting adventure;
  • bread of life unnecessarily.

Divination on Christmas day in 2021

Modern methods of divination

Prababushkin methods of divination was transformed to the modern realities and are popular with the residents of the cities. It is not necessary to keep a house rocker or to have a farm with chickens, to tell fortunes on Christmas night for the future with the help of modern gadgets.

Using the phone

Dial any combination of digits on the phone and call this number. Heard in the receiver is interpreted as follows:

  • number is busy — empty trouble;
  • no one answers — disappointment, misfortune;
  • replied the woman soon to expect mutual love;
  • the man answered — an early marriage;
  • if you know meet — the incredible luck and good fortune will visit you in the near future.


The essence of divination is very simple: you need to formulate your question and open at random any page of the electronic book. Most focusing on exciting need with my eyes closed to guess which paragraph contains the answer.

Divination on Christmas day in 2021

In a similar way you can use the TV: the question that all of us want to hear the answer, you must say aloud, and then without looking, press the button on the remote. Heard in the first seconds will be the answer.

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