Ditties for the New 2021

Are you thinking of creating an exclusive Christmas script – we offer funny limericks on the New 2021: children, adults, about Santa Claus and the snow maiden, and original, written specially for the year of the ox.


Mischievous, uplifting and affecting close for kids topics, children’s ditties is a great idea for impressive performances at the matinee in kindergarten or school.

The kids will be easy to remember short poems that are easy to go on music, and childish kind of joke performed by the pesky little kids will love all the holiday guests.

Tip! For maximum effect, consider costumes for little artists. It can be classic outfits, costumes, musicians, or more modern bow “the boys fidget”.

We also propose you to see the performance of kids performing Christmas Jingles and ideas for the upcoming 2021:


Limericks for adults – an integral part of the new year holiday. Funny song will help to lighten the atmosphere and lift the mood at corporate, and will be a great number of holiday programs for the family, relatives and friends new year’s eve.

Tip! For a bright image exposed, you can use attributes such as: accordion, balalaika, wooden spoons, and colorful caps.


Gathered in a circle of friends, each of which chose their individual career path, you can sing in the New Year 2021 creative funny limericks about different professions:

  • doctors;
  • teachers;
  • military;
  • economists;
  • the sellers;
  • the drivers etc.

Ditties for the New 2021 Ditties for the New 2021 Ditties for the New 2021
Ditties for the New 2021 Ditties for the New 2021 Ditties for the New 2021

Tip! The list of occupations can be expanded, making up their own original poems, or just replacing the words to fit the meaning of the verses.

About Santa Claus

By far, the most popular New Year 2021 will be limericks to appeal to the main fabulous character of the Christmas holidays – Santa Claus. Regardless of age, we all expect him unusual gifts “under the tree”, which is often mentioned in these verses.

We offer you a selection of original quatrains, which can be combined in its sole discretion, creating your exclusive text of rhymes for the new year holiday.

Tip! Can be nice to beat such appeals to Santa Claus, inviting guests to pull the blind card with the text of the couplets, which they will announce.

About The Rat

And, of course, it is impossible to ignore in the coming 2021 year of the ox these cute rodents and their closest relatives (mice) – offer an interesting ditties about the new character that will help make the New Year even more interesting and give everyone present a lot of vivid emotions.

Tip! Performing on the New 2021 ditties to a bull, you can wear one of the guests in the costume of the symbol of the year, or just to demonstrate your pet rodent (if any).


The simplest option for those who want to entertain visitors with funny verses, is the usage of phonograms (the so-called “minusovki”). Download classical instrumental accompaniment to the verses, you can now pre-listening to the proposed version through the player.

To fulfill new year’s couplets can also be accompanied by traditional instruments (accordion, accordion, balalaika) and under the cheerful sound of a familiar melody performed by piano or guitar.

It is worth noting that even a beginner guitarist can learn a simple tune. Depending on your playing style and knowledge of music can be choose as option, which uses just three chords, and the more spectacular the losses, find the parse which today is not difficult.

We offer to your attention a video lesson that will help to make the presentation brighter and to sing ditties on the New 2021 under live accompaniment.

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