Diplomatic worker’s day in 2021

In 2021, the Day of the diplomatic worker in USA will be celebrated only in 18-th time. Although the celebration of the young, it is important for people who represent the country in the international arena. They bear greater responsibility, since they often depends on the changing economic and political situation. Diplomats need to master foreign languages, to be communicative and persuasive, able to negotiate and to find the approach to people.

To mark

A professional holidays have a floating date, that is, it changes every year, but diplomats always congratulations in one day.

Important! In 2021, the Day of the diplomatic employee will be celebrated on February 10.

Date is fixed and does not change from year to year. It is approved at the legislative level. 10 Feb for the professional holiday of diplomats was chosen for a reason. This number dates back to the first mention of the Ambassadorial order – the first prototype of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in 1549.

Diplomatic worker's day in 2021

The history of

The professional holiday of diplomats appeared in 2002. The President of the USA was signed the corresponding decree. Diplomatic worker’s day is included in the list of professional and public holidays. Public holiday it is not. Since 2021 on 10 February falls on a Monday, the ambassadors, consuls and diplomats will have to work as employees of other professions.

Although the celebration of the young, the profession of the diplomat appeared during the reign of Ivan the terrible. In 1549 was created by the Embassy of the order, who performed the functions of the current Ministry of foreign Affairs. In the XVI USA, more specifically Russia, was able to assert itself in the international arena and to establish political relations with certain States. And although over the centuries the features of the Embassy has changed, the essence remains the same – diplomats to establish link with other countries for economic and political development.

Every year the Day of the diplomatic worker is gaining in popularity. Congratulations to accept not only the experts who are negotiating with the representatives of other countries, but all who work in embassies, consulates, Ministry of foreign Affairs. Celebrate the holiday also teachers, professors and students of specialized educational institutions.

Diplomatic worker's day in 2021


Each year, the main event devoted to celebration of Day of the diplomatic worker, are concentrated in the embassies and consulates on the territory of the USA and other States, staffed by Russian specialists. Now the Russian Federation has more than 240 offices around the world. Since most of the employees working in the Ministry of foreign Affairs , the Kremlin Palace is annually held the solemn ceremony. On stage are usually high-ranking officials, who congratulated the experts, whose activity is somehow connected with foreign policy. Employees are awarded:

In the professional holiday be sure to honor the memory of the diplomats who died during the Second world war. To their graves and put wreaths bouquets of fresh flowers near the memorial plaque. On TV are often shown movies and documentaries about the profession and famous diplomats.

Diplomatic worker's day in 2021

Interesting facts

With diplomacy in the USA due to a lot of interesting facts:

  1. The first “foreign Minister” was Ivan Viskovaty. Ivan the terrible appointed him head of the Embassy of the order in 1549, but 11 years later he was executed for suspicion of treason.
  2. The first official diplomatic visit was made in 1562 in Copenhagen. During the meeting between the delegations signed the agreement “On eternal friendship”.
  3. The Ministry of foreign Affairs the first was headed by count Alexander Vorontsov.
  4. It was founded in 1944, MGIMO – the biggest school, which has trained diplomats.
  5. In 1939, his career began diplomatic school, specializing in training professional personnel in the shortest possible time.
  6. Now USA has successfully partnered with nearly 200 countries.

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