Dentist’s day in 2021: what date, date, world, international

International dentist’s day is always celebrated on the same date – February 9. In 2021, it falls on a Tuesday. The day is not an official weekend and is practically unknown to people who are not related to medicine. On March 6, another date related to dentistry is celebrated-international dentist’s day. In English-language sources, the first is designated as International Day of dentists or International Dentist’s Day, and the second is National Day of dentist.

The difference, in addition to the translation trick, is that on the second date, the holiday affects not only doctors with higher education, but also all medical professionals related to this field.

Historical background

The date for world dentist’s day was not chosen by chance. On February 9, in the year 249, the Christian Martyr Apollonia of Alexandria was sentenced to death by burning and killed. She is considered the patroness of dentists, some believe that her intercession helps to get rid of toothache. It is difficult to say where this tradition originates. In the images, Apollonia holds dental forceps. It is also known that during the torture before the execution, all her teeth were knocked out.

In America, the holiday has been celebrated since 2001. Although in the rest of the world, it began to be celebrated at the initiative of us dentists somewhat earlier. Every year, more and more countries join the tradition of celebrating this celebration.

March 6 is timed to coincide with the day on which in 1790 the American doctor John Greenwood, who treated George Washington, invented the engine for a foot-operated drill. Previously, only a hand drill was used. Greenwood used a spinning wheel-like design to automate the process.

Dentist's day in 2021: what date, date, world, international


In dental clinics and centers on this day, corporate parties and festive receptions are held. Colleagues congratulate each other. The superiors celebrate the success of their subordinates by presenting them with diplomas and certificates.

In some institutions, seminars and round tables on topical issues of medicine are planned for this day. In 2021, the international dentist’s day falls in the middle of the week. Therefore, this format will be more appropriate than a party. Dentist’s day in 2021 is on Saturday, and then you can have fun and relax.

Open days, lectures, and guided tours can be held in private and public clinics on this day. Children and adults are told:

  • how to brush your teeth properly;
  • what is the difference between different types of brushes and pastes?;
  • how and when to use dental floss;
  • how often should I visit a doctor;
  • what types of prosthetics are available and how much do they cost?;
  • when to wear braces and how to take care of them.

Sometimes on the day of the dentist there are promotions – discounts on certain procedures, free professional hygiene or examination.

On this day, it is customary to spread information about dental health. Social networks are full of articles and posts dedicated to various dental procedures. People share interesting and up-to-date data, and ask questions that concern them in thematic public posts.

Dentists themselves, especially on foreign resources, offer to start taking care of their teeth from today. For some private clinics, this is both self-promotion and a reason to remind them about the need for regular visits to the doctor.

Dentist's day in 2021: what date, date, world, international

Also, doctors shoot video messages in which they urge not to be afraid to go to the dentist. Many people still experience the horror of going to the dentist, even to the point of panic attacks. This is usually a consequence of painful treatment in childhood. But modern types of anesthesia and a client-oriented approach in this field of medicine make going to the dentist a routine and even pleasant procedure in some ways. This is what doctors talk about in their videos, demonstrating the amenities that are present in their offices.

How best to congratulate medical professionals

A close friend can use a funny item of the appropriate theme – a mock-up of a jaw, a Cup, a flash drive, or a box in the form of a tooth. They can be purchased in the store or made to order.

A statuette or decoration in the office is an excellent solution. A personalized or branded pen as a token of gratitude, a certificate to a medical clothing store, or a good book will also be appropriate. A cartoon or a doctor’s figurine can be a good filling for the office. They will create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Giving gifts to doctors is a tradition typical of America and other former Soviet countries. In the US and Europe, this can put the dentist in an awkward position. A verbal expression of appreciation and appreciation for his work will suffice. In the West, it is customary to take a selfie with your doctor as a greeting and post it on social networks with the hashtag #dentist day.

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