Dentist day in 2021

In 2021, the Day the dentist will celebrate prosthetists, dentists, dental surgeons, their assistants and students of specialized educational institutions. Professional holiday is known mostly in a narrow medical circles.

Among the population dentist Day little known, although every year is taking measures for its promotion. Meanwhile, the holiday was established not only to show gratitude and reverence to the doctors for a beautiful smile, but also with the aim of attracting public attention to the problems of diseases of the oral cavity and the teeth, and their timely prevention.

Dentist day in 2021

When will

Important! The holiday has a fixed date. In 2021, the international dentist day will be celebrated on 9 February.

Official holiday is not, though in 2021 falls on Sunday, so doctors will be able to arrange a corporate event or to spend the evening in a festive atmosphere in the circle of relatives. To go to work will have units, and particularly doctors, working in private clinics and are ready to help clients any day of the week.

Holiday date is chosen not casually. The Catholic Church honours on this day the memory of the Martyr Apollonia of Alexandria. She lived in the third century, when Christianity suppressed the Gentiles. She believed in one God, for which he suffered. She was asked to renounce Christianity. A woman did, she was brutally tortured – pulled of large forceps teeth.

When it came time for execution, she asked me to untie her, to kneel for renunciation. But once his feet were free, she immediately ran into already prepared a blazing fire. Apollonia was burned alive. It happened on 9 February. She was later carried to the martyrs. It is believed that treatment and prayer to pollonia help to get rid of the most severe toothache.

Dentist day in 2021

Important! In USA also celebrated as the international dentist day 6 March. The holiday marks the emergence of the first drill in the distant 1790.

A bit of history

Nowadays many people desire to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, and doctors often repeat that the condition of the mouth affects the health of the whole organism. Dentistry is a developed branch of medicine and dentist’s profession is considered prestigious and highly paid. And although trips to these doctors is not always pleasant (some people are even afraid of them), suffering are the result.

Dentistry originated in the late XVII – early XVIII century, although historians have found evidence of dental treatment more early period. For example, the first hand drill has an age of about 9 thousand years. In the XVIII century, happened a turning point, because it became common to treat teeth than to pry. A great contribution to the development of dentistry has made Pierre Foshar, who first began to produce dental bridges and crowns.

With each new generation health and beauty of teeth have paid more attention, and so the services of dentists was becoming more popular. Despite this, the professional holiday of dentists appeared only at the end of the last century. Initiated by the American dental Association. The idea was supported by other countries, so for several years the festival has acquired international status.

Dentist day in 2021

USA in world dentist day in 2021 we will mark the 19th time. The first events devoted to the celebration of dentists was conducted in 2001.

The tradition of celebrating

The main tradition of the festival, which continue in 2021, the public involvement in the diseases of the oral cavity. For this purpose in some clinics often hold promotions free inspections and consultations. Dentists often give master classes, teach adults and children how to properly brush teeth or care for the oral cavity. In the big cities organize charity events to raise funds for the poor or needy citizens.

Important! Tooth decay is included in the list of the most common diseases worldwide. Suffer from it, adults and children, rich and poor.

B , e and other cities to carry out different activities:

  • seminars;
  • of the conference;
  • round tables etc.

Experts discuss the problems of diseases of the oral cavity and possible ways of their solution. Often organize and exhibition on dental topics, which will present modern drugs for anesthesia, materials for fillings and prosthetic (crowns, bridges, bearings, etc.), medical equipment and other products for dentists.

Dentist day in 2021

Often, dentists concerts and solemn events where greetings are the officials from the Ministry of health or the higher authorities. At such events the best specialists are awarded:

Celebrate the professional holiday of dentists at corporate or in the family circle (usually after work).

How to congratulate

To congratulate your doctor Day dentist in 2021, enough to send SMS or greeting card with beautiful greetings. Here are a few options:

On the Day of the dentist is wonderful

Today will be a lot of words

But from the desire of the heart

Healthy, strong teeth!

So instead of screaming “Ouch, that hurt!”

The client shouted: “again! again!”,

And so with a satisfied smile

Thanking you warmly!

Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021
Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021

I sincerely congratulate you on International day of the dentist. I wish Bravo to remove the stones from the teeth of patients and their own way to happiness. Even if the work is easy, but profitable, and the patients grateful. Let life good fortune.

With a personal day for you, the dentist,

We smile and congratulations.

And without timidity and fear,

Mouth before you you disclose!

Let the caries is “getting stronger”,

Adjusting to you customers.

Well, the seals fly

Only your competitors!

Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021
Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021 Dentist day in 2021

To Supplement a card of congratulations can be a symbolic gift – a cake in the form of teeth or Souvenirs on a dental topic.

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