Demolition plan for five-story buildings in New-York 2021-2022 | addresses of houses, khrushchevki

Renovation of the capital’s housing stock is one of the most discussed topics in the last few years. This is a large-scale company, which is implemented in several stages. In 2021-2022, the second stage will be held, and a plan for the demolition of five-story buildings in New-York has already been approved, which will affect most urban districts.

The causes of changes

Despite the large-scale development, a large number of houses built in the 60-70 years of the last century remain on the territory of the capital. The lion’s share of them are brick five-story khrushchevki with simplified layouts, which are intended for demolition in New-York in 2020 and 2021.

There are no conditions for comfortable living in these houses: cramped kitchens, combined bathrooms, no balconies in separate rooms, etc. In addition, such objects are not intended for long-term use (no more than 25-30 years). Today, they are physically and morally outdated, because they do not fit into the modern capital, either visually or qualitatively. Many structures are in poor condition and cannot be repaired. And the maintenance of such structures costs a lot of money. That is why in 2017 the city hall approved the program “Housing”, which involves the demolition of five-story buildings, including in 2021, with the preliminary relocation of citizens to new premises.

The criteria for selecting the houses to be demolished

The list of houses to be demolished by 2021 has already been approved. Buildings that are in poor condition and meet the following characteristics will be removed within two years:

  • Located in the settlement area.
  • It is possible to build a new building in the immediate vicinity of the demolished house according to the established schedule.
  • The opinion of citizens is taken into account.
  • Implementation of renovation in a short period of time.
  • It is possible to relocate the maximum number of residents within the limits of building density standards in the selected territory.

Demolition plan for five-story buildings in New-York 2021-2022 | addresses of houses, khrushchevki

  • Selected places with minimal encumbrances and engineering systems.
  • The map of damaged buildings corresponds to the map of high-rise buildings for relocation according to the capital’s renovation plan.
  • The launch sites were selected taking into account the subsequent quarterly development in accordance with the urban planning documentation formed for the implementation of the program.

The implementation of the 2nd stage of renovation will begin immediately after the end of the new Year holidays.

Addresses of demolished five-story buildings in New-York until 2021

We offer you a list of districts, blocks, streets, and addresses where demolition of five-story buildings is planned in New-York during 2021-2022.

Basmanny districtBakuninskaya St. VL. 60
Basmanny districtul Baumanskaya, d. 47/1
Krasnoselskiy R-nsq. 998, 2/1, p. 1, 2
Krasnoselskiy R-nsq. 998, Rusakovskaya str., 6
Tagansky districtMelnikova str., 2
Beskudnikovo distr.sq. 8, 9, bldg. 1
Beskudnikovo distr.sq. 8, 9, bldg. 20
Beskudnikovo distr.sq. 8, 9, bldg. 24
Beskudnikovo distr.sq. 8, 9, bldg. 32
Beskudnikovo distr.Korovinskoe highway, VL. 10
Voikovsky districtNarva VL. 5
Golovinsky districtAvangardnaya St., VL. 10
Golovinsky district68 Flotskaya St., building 1
Golovinsky district68 Flotskaya St., building 2
Golovinsky district35 Onezhskaya St., building 5
Golovinsky district35 Onezhskaya St., building 6
Golovinsky district55 Kronshtadtsky Boulevard
Golovinsky districtSmolnaya St., VL. 21
Golovinsky districtPulkovskaya St., VL. 3
West DeguninoAngarskaya str., 33
West DeguninoBazovskaya str., VL. 15
West DeguninoTaldomskaya str., VL. 1
Koptevo3 Novomihalkovsky third passage, VL. 8
Molzhaninovsky district3-ya Podrezkovskaya St., opposite VL. 24
Timiryazevsky districtAstradamskaya str., VL. 9A
Timiryazevsky districtDmitrovskoe shosse, VL. 55
Timiryazevsky districtLinear Avenue, VL. 8A

Demolition plan for five-story buildings in New-York 2021-2022 | addresses of houses, khrushchevki

ALEKSEEVSKIJJ R-nStaroalekseevskaya St., VL. 3
Butyrsky districtMKR. 78, building 66
Butyrsky districtRustaveli St., VL. 3, building 4
LianozovoIlimskaya str., VL. 1-3
LOSINOOSTROVSKY districtemerald St., VL. 26A
LOSINOOSTROVSKY districtMKR. 3, building 53
LOSINOOSTROVSKY districtTaininskaya St., VL. 13
LOSINOOSTROVSKY districtNorilskaya str., 6 (opposite)
MarfinoHotel passage, VL. 8, building 2
MarfinoAkademika Komarova str., VLD. 11
Maryina RoschaOktyabrskaya street, VL. 105
Maryina RoschaSheremetyevo St., VL. 5, building 1
Maryina RoschaSheremetyevo str., VL. 13, building 1
Maryina RoschaTPU ” Maryina Roscha»
Ostankino R-nMKR. 15, 16, building 93
RostokinoAgricultural St., VLD. 14 (VLD. 14/1, VLD. 14/2)
SviblovoNansen passage, VL. 8
SviblovoShady passage, VL. 6
Northern R-nDmitrovskoe shosse, VL. 167, building 4A
Northern R-nDmitrovskoe shosse, VL. 167, bldg. 8A
Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo33 Molodtsova St., building 1
Yuzhnoye MedvedkovoDezhnev proezd, VL. 8
Yuzhnoye MedvedkovoMolodtsova St., VL. 17, K. 1
Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo25 Molodtsova St., building 1
BogorodskoeMillionnaya St., VL. 3
Bogorodskoemicrodistrict 8B, building 4
BogorodskoeOpen highway TPU»
East Izmailovo13-ya Parkovaya St., VL. 16
East Izmailovo15-ya Parkovaya St., VL. 27
East Izmailovo16-ya Parkovaya St., VL. 12
Vostochny district9 May str., VLD. 28, z / y 1
GolyanovoThe Shchelkovo highway, d. 71, korp. 1 and 73 d.
GolyanovoBely kun square, VL. 1
Ivanovskoe lakeMKR. 40-52, building 2
Ivanovskoe lakeMKR. 40-52, building 5
IzmailovoIzmailovsky Ave., VLD. 5, z/y 1
IzmailovoLilac Boulevard, VL. 4
Kosino-Ukhtomsky districtChernoe Ozero str., VL. 4
Kosino-Ukhtomsky districtOrenburg St., VL. 3
Kosino-Ukhtomsky districtKaskadnaya St., VL. 21, z / u 1
Kosino-Ukhtomsky districtKaskadnaya St., VL. 21, z / u 2
Kosino-Ukhtomsky districtkamova St., VL. 24
MetrogorodokOpen highway, VL. 30, z / y 1
MetrogorodokOpen highway, VL. 26, building 6
MetrogorodokOpen highway, VL. 28, building 3
PerovoPlekhanov St., VL. 18
PerovoPlekhanov St., VL. 22
Perovo2-ya Vladimirskaya St., VL. 30
PerovoZeleny Prospekt, VL. 27A
PerovoShosse Entuziastov, VL. 86
Perovoplusheva St., VL. 12A
Perovoplusheva St., VL. 15, building 3
Severnoye Izmailovo15-ya Parkovaya St., VLD. 46A
Severnoye Izmailovo15-ya Parkovaya St., VLD. 42A
Severnoye IzmailovoKonstantin Fedin St., VL. 13
Severnoye IzmailovoKonstantin Fedin St., VL. 5
Severnoye Izmailovo9-ya Parkovaya St., VL. 68, bldg. 2, 3
Sokolinaya GoraGarazhnaya St., VL. 3
Southern administrative district
Vykhino-ZhulebinoMKR. 129, ferghanskaya St., VL. 5
Vykhino-ZhulebinoAkademika Skryabina str., VL. 3
Kuzminkisq. 115, bldg. 17
Kuzminki115 sq. m., bldg. 18
Kuzminkisq. 116, bldg. 1 (Shumilova str., 4)
Kuzminkisq. 116, bldg. 2 (Shumilova str., 16, bldg. 2)
KuzminkiMKR. 113, ul. Yunykh Lenintsev, VL. 42
KuzminkiMKR. 119, Volgogradsky Prospekt, VL. 163
KuzminkiMKR. 120, Zhigulevskaya str., VL. 3
KuzminkiMKR. 120, Zelenodolskaya str., VL. 28, building 4
KuzminkiMKR. 118, ul. Yunykh Lenintsev, VL. 117
KuzminkiMKR. 117, ul. Yunykh Lenintsev, VL. 73
KuzminkiMKR. 118, ul. Yunykh Lenintsev, VL. 99
Lefortovosq. 3, bldg. 6
LefortovoShepelyuginskaya St., VL. 16
LefortovoZolotorozhsky Val St., VL. 11/14, Zolotorozhsky Val St., VL. 11/15
LublinMKR. A, ul. Lyublinskaya, VL. 113
LublinMKR. Zh, Krasnodon street, VL. 46/1
LublinMKR. A, 109 Lyublinskaya str., building 1
LublinMKR. A, ul. Lyublinskaya, VL. 111, building 2
LublinMKR. Zh, ul. Verkhniye Polya, VL. 19, bldg. 2
Lublin19 district, sq. G, St. Stavropol, VL. 23-1
LublinSportivny proezd on the territory of the sports core of school No. 2121 of school Department No. 1
Nizhny Novgorod district80 sq. m., between Novokhokhlovskaya St. and the Third transport ring
Nizhny Novgorod districtNizhegorodskaya St., VL. 76
Ryazan R-nMKR. 128A, Papernik str., 12
Textile workers3A Chistova St., building 1
Yuzhnoportovy districtMKR. D, 18 Petr Romanov St.
Southern administrative district
Biryulyovo VostochnoyeZagoryevskaya St., VL. 2/1
Biryulyovo ZapadnoyeBulatnikovsky proezd, 16A
Biryulyovo ZapadnoyeKharkiv proezd, VL. 1/1
Danilovsky R-n5th Roshchinsky proezd, z / y 1
Danilovsky R-nPeresvetov lane, VL. 5
Danilovsky R-nLeninskaya Sloboda, VL. 3
Donskoy districtSevastopol Avenue, VL. 7, K. 6/1
Donskoy districtMalaya Tulskaya str., VLD. 55/1
Nagatinsky BackwaterSt. Rechnikov, d. 18-20
Nagatinsky BackwaterKolomenskaya St., opposite VL. 3
Nagatinsky BackwaterRechnikov St., VL. 22
Nagatino-GardenersVarshavskoe shosse, opposite 47, building 2
Nagatino-GardenersVarshavskoe shosse, opposite 61A
Nagatino-GardenersKashirskoe shosse, VL. 11, building 3
Nagorno-R-nSimferopol proezd, VL. 7, building 1
Nagorno-R-nVarshavskoe shosse, VL. 100
Nagorno-R-n9 artekovskaya St. (PBX)
TsaritsynoYerevan street, VL. 6
TsaritsynoKavkazsky Boulevard, VL. 40
TsaritsynoKantemirovskaya St., VL. 27
TsaritsynoKantemirovskaya St., VL. 39
Tsaritsyno28 kaspiyskaya St., building 4
TsaritsynoBekhtereva St., VL. 3, z / u 1 (MKR. 4, bldg. 402)
Chertanovo YuzhnoyeMKR. 26, bldg. 81-82
KuntsevoMolodogvardeyskaya str., 44
KuntsevoBobruiskaya St., VL. 15
Mozhaisk R-n71, 72, Kubinka str., VL. 18, bldg. 2
Mozhaisk R-n12 Petr Alekseev St.
Ochakovo-MATVEEVSKOE35A Bolshaya Ochakovskaya St.
Ochakovo-MATVEEVSKOEFan of street, VL. 26A, 26B
SolntsevoShchorsa St., VL. 15
SolntsevoRodnikovaya str., VL. 5A
Filevsky ParkBeregovoy proezd, VL. 2, VL. 2, p. 18, VL. 2, p. 19
Fili-Davydkovo44-48 kastanaevskaya St.
Fili-Davydkovo44-48 castanayevskaya St., building 2
Fili-Davydkovodavydkovskaya St., VL. 14-16
Novo-PeredelkinoSculptor Mukhina street, VL. 11/1
Northern administrative district
MitinoParkovaya St., VL. 31
Severnoye TushinoMKR. 5, Turistskaya str., VL. 14, bldg. 1, 2
Severnoye TushinoVilis Latsis St., VL. 42 (opposite)
Khoroshevo-Mnevniki83, Generala Glagoleva str., VL. 5, bldg. 1
Khoroshevo-Mnevniki22 Demyan Bednogo str.
Khoroshevo-MnevnikiKaramyshevskaya embankment, VL. 22, building 2/1
Khoroshevo-MnevnikiMnevniki St., VL. 10, building 1
ShchukinoNovoschukinskaya str., VL. 8/1
Yuzhnoye Tushino11, building 1
Yuzhnoye Tushinobuilding a Boat, VL. 11
Southern administrative district
Academic R-nSt. Novocheremushkinskaya, d. 24/35
Academic R-nsq. 18, Shvernika str., VL. 6
ZyuzinoB. Yushunskaya St., VL. 7A
ZyuzinoOdesskaya St., VL. 10
Zyuzino42 bolotnikovskaya St., room 4
Zyuzinobolotnikovskaya St., VL. 43
Zyuzinosq. 14, bld. 3
ZyuzinoKakhovka St., VL. 23, K. 5
ZyuzinoKerchenskaya St., VL. 2
ZyuzinoKerchenskaya St., VL. 20, building 1
ZyuzinoKerchenskaya St., VL. 30, K. 1
ZyuzinoKerchenskaya St., VL. 26, K. 1
ZyuzinoSevastopol Avenue, VL. 71, K. 1
ZyuzinoSevastopol Avenue, VL. 79
ZyuzinoChernomorsky Boulevard, VL. 22, bldg. 2
KonMKR. 6, bldg. 3
KonMKR. 6, bldg. 2
Lomonosovskiy R-nArchitect Vlasov St., VL. 2
Obruchevsky district18 Garibaldi street
Severnoye ButovoFeodosiyskaya St., VL. 7, K. 1
Novye Cheryomushkisq. 20, 21, Garibaldi str., VL. 17
Novye CheryomushkiSevastopol Ave., VL. 28, K. 9
Novye Cheryomushkisq. 20, 21, ul. trade Union, VL. 32
Southern ButovoKrasnolimanskaya str., VL. 29

Demolition plan for five-story buildings in New-York 2021-2022 | addresses of houses, khrushchevki

Zelenograd, Kryukovo districtGeorgievsky Ave., building 1935
Zelenograd, Kryukovo districtGeorgievsky Ave., building 1934
Zelenograd, Kryukovo districtGeorgievsky Ave., bldg. 1936
Zelenograd-Staroe KryukovoSunny alley, K. 934
Zelenograd-Staroe KryukovoMKR. N 9, bldg. 935
Zelenograd-Staroe KryukovoMKR. N 9, bldg. 936
Mikhailovo-Yartsevskoye settlementthe village of Shishkin Les, VL. 9, building 1
Mikhailovo-Yartsevskoye settlementthe village of Shishkin Les, VL. 21, building 1
MosrentgenTPU ” Mamyri»
PervomaiskoeD. Zhukovka
Ryazanovskoe settlementthe village of Znamya Oktyabrya, d. 3 about
Troitsk citySolnechny microdistrict, Fizicheskaya str., VL. 22
Shchapovskoethe settlement of Shchapovo, D. near 8 and 9
Shcherbinka37 Zheleznodorozhnaya St. near the building

Principles of renovation

Demolition of old buildings and relocation of citizens is carried out on a wave basis. Initially, a starting facility is being built, where residents of the first emergency house are resettled according to the list of structures for demolition in 2021 (in Krasnoyarsk, a similar method of relocation applies). A new facility is being built on-site for the owners of the next emergency facility, etc. the Law provides for providing citizens with equivalent premises with an improved layout and finish. New apartments are fully livable.

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