December 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

December is the last month of the calendar year. In the USA in December 2021 no national holidays, but there are professional and religious. After working days USAн expect a long new year’s weekend, which must be thoroughly prepared.

Production calendar

In December 2021 this allocation of time of work and rest days:

  • calendar – 31;
  • workers – 23;
  • calendar weekend – 8;
  • reduced for 1 hour pre – 1.

Standard working hours under different types of loading:

40-hourOne hundred eighty three
24-hour front Desk109.4

In December of 2021 year, there is no public holiday and long weekend associated with the transfer. But there are 8 weekends at five-day working week:

  • Saturdays – 5, 12, 19, 26;
  • Sundays – 6, 13, 20, 27.

December 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Fruitful work in the last month of the year to allow for timely conclusion of the case and, after a rest, to go to work in January and start the year with a clean slate.

Russian holidays

01.12.2021All-Russian day of hockey
01.12.2021The day of military glory of the Russian Empire: battle of Sinop 1853
03.12.2021The day of remembrance of the unknown soldier
04.12.2021Informatics day
05.12.2021The day of military glory USA: battle of Moscow 1941
08.12.2021The date of establishment of the Treasury USA in 1992
09.12.2021The day of the heroes of middle name, established in 2007
10.12.2021Date of establishment of the liaison office of the interior Ministry
12.12.2021The day of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the main document of the country and citizens
17.12.2021Day of the strategic Missile forces in Russia
18.12.2021Day of divisions of own safety of the Russian Federation of police employees and their families
22.12.2021The date of formation of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
23.12.2021Date of military glory: the taking of Izmail Generalissimo Suvorov in 1790


In the religions of the world in December 2021 fall into a variety of events. Some of them relate to current days of prayer and remembrance, and to Light some Great holidays.

Orthodox Christians

The Orthodox will continue the Christmas fast, which began with 28.11 and will last until 06.01.2021 year. 4 December is one of the great feasts, which does not change its date and title of introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin.


In December 2021 Catholics around the world commemorate these dates:

  • 8.12 (Tuesday) — day of the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary;
  • 24.12 (Thursday) – Christmas Eve;
  • 25.12 (Friday) – Christmas;
  • 27.12 (Sunday) – Holy family;
  • 28.12 (Monday) – the day of the Holy innocent infants of Bethlehem.

December 2021 in the USA: calendar, holidays, weekends

Jewish Hanukkah

From 10 to 18 December Jews celebrate Hanukkah. Its other name the feast of lights. Starting from the first day of Hanukkah Jews around the world light one candle, on the second day 11.12 – two candles and so on until December 18, when light 8 candles. Days for the Jews are still valid, just for kids can be a relief and give additional output. Candles Jews are considered to be endowed with sacred power and embodies the Torah. Hanukkah is celebrated within the family and close relatives. In the days of Hanukkah are allowed to eat traditional dishes: cheese pancakes, doughnuts, pancakes. You can dance, rejoice and sing, and be sad and crying is strictly prohibited. Jewish children receive at this time gifts from older relatives and Hanukkah money.

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