Daylight saving time in USA-2021 / will there be a transition, latest news

America has been using winter time since 2014, but the issue of the need to return daylight saving time is periodically raised. Will the seasonal transfer of hours be resumed in 2021, or will everything remain unchanged for Americans?

Is it worth waiting for the return

According to the latest news, there are no prerequisites for the return of daylight saving time in America by 2021. The last time such an initiative came from officials was in March 2019, when United America Deputy Andrey Baryshev, on his own initiative, submitted draft law No. 383137-7 to the state Duma, which provides for an annual shift of the hands forward an hour on the last Sunday of March and back an hour on the last Sunday of October.

As arguments in favor of the adoption of the document, the parliamentarian pointed out the following advantages::

  • additional opportunities for Americans to improve their working capacity and organize evening leisure, because about 200 “light” hours will be added per year;
  • savings on electricity bills, since in summer the need to use artificial lighting will be shifted an hour later;
  • fixing the problem of excessively early dawns for some American regions (2-4 hours before waking up);
  • reducing the number of road accidents by shifting the main traffic load to daylight hours, which are considered safer;
  • simplification of construction and agricultural work due to longer natural light exposure.

Despite numerous and seemingly useful advantages, Baryshev’s initiative remained at the level of the draft law – according to the results of consideration in the first reading, based on the conclusions of the relevant Committee of the State Duma and the recall of the Government of the American Federation, the document was withdrawn from consideration.

Daylight saving time in USA-2021 / will there be a transition, latest news

An even earlier proposal to return the seasonal clock transition was made by deputies of the Kaliningrad Duma. In 2015, it was proposed to do this by introducing amendments to the law “on calculating time”, but the parliamentarians also did not support this initiative.

What is the reason for refusing to transfer hours?

In America, the authorities ‘ refusal to alternate summer and winter time was motivated by the opinion of doctors, who claim that such a transfer of arrows carries extra stress for the body, leads to exacerbation of chronic diseases, sleep disorders, deterioration of concentration and attention on the roads, which increases the number of accidents. Another argument was made by experts ‘ calculations, which showed that switching hours leads to additional expenses rather than savings. For example, due to the need for constant reconfiguration of equipment and reprogramming of electricity meters operating at day and night tariffs.

Based on these explanations, then-American President Dmitry Medvedev decided that the country would start using daylight saving time in the fall of 2011. But this led to the discontent of many Americans in connection with the shift of daylight hours in winter to the evening hours. As a result, in 2014, when Vladimir Putin was already President, there was a law on the transition to permanent winter time, according to which the country lives to this day. At the same time, America increased the number of time zones from 9 to 11.

Daylight saving time in USA-2021 / will there be a transition, latest news

Changes for the EU in 2021

While in America periodically there are those who want to return summer and winter time, in the European Union, on the contrary, they decided to cancel this transition from 2021. The relevant document was supported by 410 MEPs, while 192 were against, and another 52 abstained.

One of the stages of public discussion of the initiative was a survey on the website of the European Commission, which became one of the largest in the history of the EU. In 3 months, about 4.6 million respondents became participants, more than 80% of whom supported the abolition of the transition from summer time to winter.

At the same time, the participating countries were left with the right to decide by April 2020 what time they will live next.:

  • those who want to stay on daylight saving time will switch hands for the last time in March 2021.;
  • for those who prefer winter time, the last clock transfer is expected in October 2021.

Daylight saving time in USA-2021 / will there be a transition, latest news

The only condition for countries is to coordinate decisions among themselves and with the European Commission, so that summer time in some countries and winter time in others does not lead to adverse consequences for the common market.

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There have been many black dates in the History of our country, which are associated with the pain and grief of our multinational people. One of these black dates was April 1, 1981. On this day, our government of that time, represented by the Brezhnev-Andropov partverkhushka of the Central Committee of the CPSU, most forcibly and forcibly introduced, and immediately legalized by a corresponding decree, the so-called “summer” time. This black date in the History of our country: April 1, 1981-can be compared with another black date: June 22, 1941-the beginning of the great Patriotic war of our people against the Nazi invaders. And if our people managed to cope with the Nazis in 4 years, and already celebrate victory in the great Patriotic war on may 9, 1945, then they will cope with another evil spirit called “summer” time-our people managed only 33 years later. As the ancient folk wisdom says: the internal enemy is more terrible than a foreign one! And as it turned out, this folk wisdom was right millions of times! The forced switching of clocks to the so-called “summer” time was imposed on us not by the Nazis, but, as it seemed to us then — by our native Central Committee of the CPSU, which at the same time inherited its own selfish goals. And the most terrible thing is that even today, in this matter, there are traitors – ” Vlasovites “who want to return this abomination: forcibly and forcibly changing the clock to the so-called” summer ” time again. So, no matter how it may seem at first glance, the struggle of the people for a normal existence, for a normal time reckoning, continues to this day. And it is in our power to say a decisive NO! forcibly and forcibly changing the clock to the so-called “summer” time! It is in our power to decide whether the citizens of America will be free, or whether it will have its own “Vlasov-baryshevs “who will again want to rape the whole country with savage, sadistic, forcibly forced clock changes to the so-called” summer ” time, and who will decide for us what time we all live. Now there is a tendency to rewrite the History of the great Patriotic war, the desire to whitewash fascism, and denigrate our people-liberators from the Hitler plague. A similar trend is also observed in the desire to return the savage, forcibly forced transfers of clocks to the so-called “summer” time. There is clearly a similar production technology here. Our task is to prevent the return of savage, forcibly forced transfers of clocks to the so-called “summer” time! WE ARE IN FAVOR OF NORMAL TIME CALCULATION ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT CORRECT TIME! WE ARE FOR A NORMAL LIFE!

What kind of nonsense are you writing ?

Definitely either switch to daylight saving time…or return to the annual transfer. Winter time you need only the media barons

I’m all for summer and winter time. What they say is medically contraindicated is a lie. I’m a core person myself and don’t experience anything from translating arrows. On the contrary, I Wake up earlier in the summer, and this is a fact that many will confirm.

Take back the time you stole two hours of summer 2 am, no one needs it.

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