Day USA in 2021

One of the youngest holidays in the country – the day of the USA. This day is an occasion to recall the greatness and power of the country, to be part of a large-scale, significant processes to be proud of the Homeland and its citizens. In 2021 at the feast a jubilee – 30 years ago, adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. Ratification of the document happened in 1990 on 12 June. This day is considered the official date of celebration.

Rest USAне in 2021

Public holiday Day USA proclaimed in 1992, but a public holiday announced in 1991. Despite the fixed date of the holiday, the total number of days may vary from year to year. In the case of deposition on the middle of the week, there is only one day of rest. But if at the beginning or end of the working week – weekend is significantly stretched. In 2021 this is the case, June 12 falls on a Friday, so all USAн waiting three whole days off in a row.

Day USA in 2021

The confusion with the names

Still not all USAне know what is celebrated on June 12. In the survey of a thousand people from different regions of the country revealed that to pinpoint a holiday can only 49%. The rest called or independence Day, or even undecided.

The confusion with the name is the explanation. In difficult 90-e years when all the former Soviet republics aspire to freedom and autonomy, deputies of the RSFSR adopted a seminal paper on independence. And originally the celebration was called the Day of adoption of Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. Appropriate information was recorded in the Labour code. But due to the cumbersome official name of the holiday in the nation caught more, simplified – independence Day.

Day USA in 2021

A few years later Boris Yeltsin, the then President, addressed the nation with a proposal to end the confusion and to call a festive day USA. Besides, the name did not reflect the current reality – by the time the Soviet Union, once a huge, multinational state collapsed, all the republics were free, Autonomous and independent. At the official level, the name proposed by Yeltsin, was enshrined in 2002 following the adoption of the new Code of labour laws.

On June 12 there was another significant country for the event. In 1991, this summer’s day in USA choose the President. The election victory was celebrated by Boris Yeltsin.

Day celebration USA

Despite her young age, the festival has managed to acquire good practices. In the framework of the action “Russian tricolor”, which starts usually a few days before the official date, volunteers go out on the street and handed to passers-ribbon colors of the Russian flag. In all the settlements of USA are posted the national flags, the streets are decorated with posters and banners. On this day, the President of the Russian Federation appeals to citizens of a country with a congratulatory speech, presenting awards for high achievements in scientific and production activities in culture and sport.

First solemn ceremony of presenting State awards took place on 12 June 2005 and since then has become an annual event.

In all cities, settlements and villages of the country USA Day pass festivities, organized gala events, festive entertainment programme. You can participate in sports and participated in flash mobs, visit museums, exhibitions or to view the exhibition under the open sky, to undergo training at various workshops, buy Souvenirs and crafts in fairs arranged. Required – public concerts, which are popular performers and Amateur groups. And late in the evening all of USA admires the colorful fireworks. On 12 June decided to arrange fireworks in towns and cities across the country.

In 13 Russian cities on 12 June celebrated a double holiday: the Day USA and the city Day.

Day USA in 2021

But the magnitude of different events in the capital. Day USA 2021 celebrate in a big way. Especially as the anniversary date. The streets will be held solemn processions in the squares and boulevards spread out, fair tents, everyone waiting on thematic festivals and master classes, sports competitions and shows. Many museums entrance is free of charge. At the open concert grounds, the main of which will be located on red square, will come out stars. The festivities will start early morning and end after sunset with a Grand salute, which can be seen from any point within the Garden ring.

The national Russian holiday celebrated in foreign countries. So in Spain in June, various events devoted to Russian culture. And in Limassol at this time starts the annual Russian-Cypriot festival – a symbol of friendship and understanding between the two peoples.

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