Day of the librarian in 2021

Day of the librarian is dedicated to everyone who keeps the books, helps others to understand the world and acquire new knowledge. What day celebrates the Day of the librarian in the USA and what is the history of this holiday?

In the calendar of Russian holidays you can see the official name is national libraries day. In the country it is celebrated every year on 27 may. Professional holiday is an ordinary working day except when the date falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Day of the librarian in 2021


Despite the popularity of the profession in Soviet times, the holiday was relatively new. 27 may 1995, Russian President Boris Yeltsin issued a decree established the all-Russian day of libraries. The idea belonged to the head of the Russian national library named after V. N. Zaitsev. Thanks to him, national library annexed to the “world digital library”. Due to this, the NLR has changed for the better. Opened a new building of the stacks, began to update the shelves, there was computer equipment and added new edition of the popular book series. All of the above is the result of Zaitsev in his post.

May 27 — not a randomly chosen date in the calendar. On this day in 1795, by decree of Catherine II was founded the Imperial Public library and its construction began that launched the library Fund of the Russian Federation.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century were actively talking about the fact that you want to create a repository of books available for the citizens of the Empire. It had become a place for people of all classes who want to acquire new knowledge or simply to diversify the leisure. However, in order to bring the idea to life required huge funding. It took almost a hundred years before the project was approved. The Imperial library included the collection of the first library of the Commonwealth, with more than 400 thousand volumes. This huge collection was a trophy, because in the beginning of XX century was returned to the poles.

In 1810 Alexander I signed an important Executive order. Each publication was produced on the territory of the Empire, was added to the library. It was not only about scientific papers or novels, but even tabloid fiction and Newspapers. In 1814 he personally opened the library, then later the library Fund USA was one of the largest in the world.

Day of the librarian in 2021

How to celebrate

This day is always fun. Thought out in advance the script of the holiday, arrange competitions, songs and feast. Well, fans of printed books can just take an interesting instance of the library, come home, get in your chair and enjoy a night of interesting reading.

What to give for the holiday

Gift officer serves as recognition of his work, because it is important to remember about familiar representatives of the profession and to honor them. A woman can pick up a nice and beautiful souvenir cover for phone, luxury pocket mirror, jewelry box, jewelry. A floral bouquet is always a good decision.

Book a work or a rare edition will also love the person of this profession. The picture will serve as inspiration and painted a computer mouse will become an unusual gift that will be useful at work.

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