Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

Annually e spend the Day of the Hermitage cat, we offer to find out what is special about this holiday, what number he will be held in 2021 and who decides what will be the date.

Today “armike” (so-called furry guards of the Museum) – one of the exclusive highlights of the Hermitage and a kind of “tourism brand” of the Northern capital. In 2015 the national football League has ranked the Hermitage cats to the most extraordinary attractions of the world.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

The history of the holiday

The state Hermitage is a jewel among the world’s most significant Museum complexes. In the galleries of the Hermitage holds more than 3 million items, including priceless works of art and ancient monuments of world culture. Part of the values exhibited in galleries and is in a special Museum vaults. Along with providing optimal climatic conditions for the preservation of values, is very important and effective protection of the premises of the Museum from rodents, can cause irreparable damage to the exhibits. Like many years ago, today the role of defenders of rats and mice assigned to the cat’s regiment.

Although the Day of the Hermitage cat mark not so long ago (1998), baleen defenders live in the walls of the Winter already more than 270 years. Legend has it that the first cat in the Palace were brought from Holland Peter I himself, and in 1745, already by decree of Empress Elizabeth to effectively fight against hordes of rodents on the territory of the Imperial residence was moved a whole army of cats-Piper, a native of Kazan. Since the cat’s regiment is on the protection of the Palace and the surrounding areas.

Interesting fact! Not all cats are allowed (previously admitted) into the premises of the Hermitage. In the service of pest control are divided into “room” and “yard,” depending on the nature and inherent to some members of the “scagliotti”.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

In the 60-ies of the last century as a result of uncontrolled growth of the number of pest control companies they were recognized as a threat to priceless artifacts, and the Museum decided to replace the “bearded regiment” in the modern means of rodent control. Cats caught and evicted out of the complex. But already soon brought back, as nothing was able to stop the invasion of the rats that followed the departure of the cats. Since then, no one questioned the value of the cat army Museum keepers, and by which the guards are all respects.

The modern life of the Hermitage cat

Do not assume that cats of the Hermitage exist by themselves. The number of cat army is strictly regulated (no more than 50 pieces), and all made on the Museum service animals are:

  • the official document (veterinary certificate);
  • full package of medical care;
  • beds and bowls;
  • trays (supposed to reside in the premises);
  • the toys often bring fluffy visitors of the Hermitage;
  • running wheel to keep in shape.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

Of course, today the animals are unable to move freely through the halls and galleries, they have only the basement of the complex and the area around. Although, the guards say that at night, the pied Piper, and often make their way to the upper floors, for which they, naturally, do not scold, but just persistently sent home.

Important! All doors in the basement of the Hermitage is equipped with a special “cat” moves, which allows animals to move freely even in private for people.

There are among the “Ermakov” and real celebrities. So, the most photographed is recognized as Basil, and white handsome man Achilles became famous due to the fact that predicted the victory of the Russian team at the world Cup in 2018.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

Baleen regiment Winter, naturally, not fast. The lunch they had on schedule in 2 hours a day. To meet the needs of cats in the state Museum, there are three women. But, the diet of the pest control is made in such a way that would not have no desire to fulfill their main duties – hunt for rodents. However, guests and employees of the Museum do not miss the opportunity to please pussies with something tasty. But, planning to visit the highlight and on the Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021, it is better to take care of the seals, sacrificing for their content a certain amount, as excess food can not very well affect the health of furry guards.

Holiday traditions

Every year the date of which is assigned a Day of the Hermitage cat, is determined by the direction of the Museum, and when the celebration will be held in 2021, will be available in the near future by tracking our news or posters on the official website of the Hermitage.

As a rule, the occasion of the Hermitage which the guard is held in late spring, when pussies with great pleasure to loll around on the lawns and summer residents like to stay warmed by the first rays of the sun monuments that calls an incredible inspiration.

Over the years, the cat’s day in the Hermitage has its own traditions. Usually on this day the Museum pass:

  • exhibition of children’s drawings on the theme of cats;
  • games and contests with animators;
  • exhibitions devoted to cats in art;
  • unique tour to the cellars of the Hermitage, which gives guests the opportunity to see live the legendary Piper;
  • the distribution of cats in the Hermitage guards.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

Distribution “of ermikov”

Indeed, when the number of animals on the territory of the Hermitage exceeds the established limit, the Museum announced the action and offers residents and take any cat home. It is worth noting that such actions are not only a day honoring “Ermolov”. Those wishing to become owner of the Hermitage cat quite a lot, but give not all animals.

Important! Kittens in the Hermitage is not handed out, as all its inhabitants sterilized.

Day of the Hermitage cat in 2021

A potential bidder must clearly understand what responsibility he takes on, because most pest control companies are neither a purebred nor a “home” in the full sense of the word and can’t be just an expensive decoration of the interior. In addition, many whiskered residents of the Winter Palace are behind a difficult and sometimes tragic, history.

No matter whether you will be able to take one of the “Ermakov” to his home or will only an original souvenir with a picture of these amazing animals. Just find time and visit the Hermitage this special day with your children, and you will be able to discover the pearl of the world heritage site with a completely different side. This will be an exciting and truly unforgettable journey into the unique world of the Hermitage cat!

And for those who will not be able to visit e this year, offer to meet with Piper Hermitage, just watch this video:

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