Day of the Builder in 2021

In 2021, the Day of the Builder will be among the most significant professional events. The construction industry is one of the key sectors that affect the well-being of individuals and the overall development of the country. The builders are building residential houses, industrial buildings, commercial buildings and other structures. They also provide road – building highways, Railways, bridges. They create comfort and convenience for other people. Their hard work deserves respect, therefore all employees who are associated with the field of honor in the professional holiday.

To mark

Most professional events have a “floating” date. In other words, it varies from year to year, since the benchmark is the day of the week (most often a certain Saturday or Sunday of the month). These holidays include the Day of the Builder, so the interest, what number it will be in 2021, quite naturally.

Each year the Builder’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of August.

Important! In 2021 builders will congratulate on 9 August.

A direct relation to the feast are the representatives of the workers:

  • plasterers;
  • painters;
  • masons;
  • slingers;
  • tilers and others.

Although also congratulate the superintendents, engineers, technicians, suppliers and other professionals who work in the construction sector.

Day of the Builder in 2021


The festival has more than 60 years. For the first time the builders were congratulated in 1956, although the events that preceded, occurred in 1955. Was initiated by Nikita Khrushchev. Labor feat of the people who built the Zhigulevskaya HPP, very impressed with the country’s leader, so he invited annually to honor the builders. Hydroelectric power plant was built in just 5 years (between 1950 and 1955). The construction of large-scale buildings (the second largest hydroelectric power plant in Europe) was complicated by terrain and other factors.

Just a couple of months after the opening of a large power station on the Volga river in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet signed a decree approving the occasion. On the first Day of the Builder newspaper wrote that he will go down in history as a national holiday. Overall turned out well, as many of the families were somehow associated with the industry. In Chelyabinsk at a meeting dedicated to the solemn celebrations, was attended by 40 thousand people. In Tbilisi, the festivities lasted for two days – Saturday and Sunday. The exhibition was organised, which demonstrated elements of reinforced concrete structures, advanced technology and features of large-block construction.

In 2011, the Day of the Builder has acquired the status of a Federal holiday, but the output is not transferred to Monday. All events are on Sunday.

Interesting! In Soviet times, the holiday produced postage stamps. They depicted a large building.

Day of the Builder in 2021


Since the days of the Soviet Union formed a tradition of celebrating. In 2021, the Builder’s Day will be celebrated on a large scale. The main celebrations usually take place in houses or palaces of culture that exist in every city. For professionals organize concerts with the participation of local and regional stars. Employees often congratulated senior officials. The best employee award and appreciation, material gifts, write out a prize. The ceremonial part often ends with a Banquet or a corporate party in a cafe.

Often the celebration arranged in parks or on the streets. Because they are held in August, warm weather is usually that only helps. Sometimes arrange meetings or festivities with contests, games and other entertainment. In some cities organize competitions between different teams of experts. While competing workers, demonstrating skills, physical skills or intellectual abilities.

In the holiday or the day before also conduct the following activities:

  • thematic exhibitions;
  • of the conference;
  • seminars;
  • round tables etc.

They can be devoted to the already built objects and innovations that you plan to use in the future. At shows you can usually see new items of materials, tools and technologies. Visiting them is interesting not only to specialists but also to ordinary people. In schools I often listen to case reports or conduct lectures on innovations or recent discoveries.

Day of the Builder in 2021

On the second Sunday in August, engineers, tilers, plumbers usually receive congratulations, not only from superiors, but also from friends and relatives. In some families organize feasts, gather people, and the heroes of the day give symbolic gifts.

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