Day of air defense in 2021

The day of the defense, or, according to the Handbook, the Day of the air defense forces is one of the most important holidays of the military. Included in the number of professional holidays and memorable days, celebrated every spring in early April.

Day of air defense in 2021

Question, what number Day of air defense, always occurs every year. The fact that this holiday is not “binding” on the calendar. According to the Decree of the President memorial day is celebrated in the second Sunday in April, and therefore the date changes annually.

In 2021, the Day of or Day air defense air defense artillery falls on the 12th of April, Sunday.

April was not in vain “birthday” month. It was taken in the spring are important for the development and improvement of protection solutions and was introduced in the basic documents.

How was the holiday

Modern holiday date determined by presidential decree in 2006 and in 2021 in a new way this day will be celebrated for the fourteenth time. However, the true history of the holiday is much richer.

In the USSR, whose successor became the Russian Federation, also had a similar occasion. He appeared in 1975 as a professional date for everyone who is related to air defense. Initially, the event was a fixed date – April 11, but five years later, in 1980, the celebration moved to the second Sunday of the month. The decree of the President confirmed the selected day in the current situation.

Day of air defense in 2021

What is PVO

Air defense or air defense is detection of the armed aerial forces of the enemy. The defense held with the help of special means of surveillance and represents a set of activities carried out by special army units.

That is the definition you give of encyclopedias and handbooks. However, those who wear the insignia, you know that the defense is first and foremost a willingness to defend the homeland, to feel responsible for the service, the willingness to overcome obstacles and hardships.

The history of the

The first units of the air defense in the Russian (Imperial) army – although to call them so would be a stretch – was organized in 1914. Initially it was only a few guns mounted on the platform-turret. As anti-aircraft guns used conventional machine guns and (rarely) light guns. To combat airplanes and airships or balloons that was enough.

With the release of the USA from the First world war and the subsequent revolution, the development of the parts slowed down. But in the red Army, with a new Board of Advice, the first full-fledged air defence units.

Day of air defense in 2021

The real test of strength for new kinds of troops became the Great Patriotic war. And the first serious test was defensive in 1941 year. It was then that the anti-aircraft troops were able to show their worth in full measure, because without anti-aircraft military operation could have ended very differently.

In the period of world war II in the development of air defense, has made significant progress. So, the defenders were divided into two parts – the military protection and defense within the home territory. This helped to save a huge amount of settlements to protect towns and villages from air raids and bombing. Under the protection was not only a city, but railway junctions, warehouses, factories and industrial zones.

In the postwar period the development has not stopped. The second world has shown how important a good, competent defense, based on the principles of maximum equipment and complete dedication. Since the mid-twentieth century to the present day, the troops were equipped with planes, artillery, air defense systems, radio and other things.

Events in other countries

Their professional holiday there and in other CIS countries. For example, it is celebrated in Belarus and Ukraine, in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. And in each state emphasizes the role of air defense in the modern army.

  • Belarus – the second Sunday of April;
  • Ukraine – until 2007, the first Sunday of July, today is the first Sunday of August;
  • Kazakhstan – second April’s output (as in Russia and Belarus);
  • Kyrgyzstan – on August 18, the feast is called the Day of air defense Forces;
  • Uzbekistan – the third Sunday of August;
  • Abkhazia – April 9;
  • Armenia – third may Sunday.

Day of air defense in 2021

Air defense forces have come a long way from light guns and machine guns to units aircraft and anti-aircraft guns; from a small number of air defense was doing just a few people in the division up to full troops, individual soldiers from the observer to the modern computerized surveillance systems. Small units managed to grow to the modern, efficient units, who many accurate instruments and the most advanced management system.

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