Day house in 2021

Care about the welfare of their home or plan to move – we’ll tell you what number in 2021 to celebrate the Day a house, how to build relationships with the home spirit and what are the signs and beliefs related to house-elves and offer an original postcard for congratulation with this unusual occasion.

The invisible hosts

Since ancient times people believed that every house near the owners live in the spirit, which may become a for people, as the indispensable and serious problem. It all depends on, whether owners of Houses, if they can find a common language with him.

Important! The house-elves are not evil, as it retreated from the dark side, that would help people. Our ancestors believed that the soul, the home of the spirit gets the opportunity to go to Heaven, having served the owners of the house faithfully for 70 years.

Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021

Brownies seem to people very rarely. Often they let know about the presence in the house and respect the owners of their actions. A good Elf will take care of the people and animals, helping to farm and keep house order and comfort. It is believed that the spirit is able not only to protect the house from evil relatives, but also for tangible things, for example:

  • to protect domestic animals (cattle) from a variety of misfortunes;
  • to warn owners of impending danger;
  • Wake up at night in special cases (for example, if in the house the fire will happen).

Day house in 2021

Contrary to some prevailing modern humans to stereotypes, the house-elves are not alone and not isolated in the boundaries of any home. They can choose the house in which to live, but unable to communicate with their relatives, to visit and even move along with any owners.

The years go by and, along with the lifestyle of people are changing and Brownies. If earlier they preferred houses with stoves and barns, where he conducted a farm and kept a lot of cattle, today with pleasure live in urban apartments. In other respects, their habits and tastes haven’t changed. To the aid of the spirit can always count a good caring owner in the house who did not hear of quarrels and cries, and the table is always a lot of Goodies. If you notice some “mischief” on the part of the Roomie, so he is angry that the farm disorder or wants more of your attention.

Day house in 2021

To appease your friend and helper in 2021 in several ways:

  1. leaving for his favorite Goodies (the pot of warm porridge, a bun with milk, candy, sugar);
  2. treat Pets (everyone knows that house-elves are particularly favored by cats);
  3. congratulating a Friend in 2021 on the day of the brownie.

Day Brownie

In 2021, the birthday of a House falls on 10 February (Cutesy and Velesichi). In some regions of the USA the holiday is usually celebrated by the old calendar on January 28.

In the people this holiday is called “Day treats Brownie”, because according to ancient beliefs in the night from 10 to 11 February hostess cooked meals for the “Grandpa-neighbors”, trying to establish contact with the “homemaker” and to appease him for the coming year.

In 2021 on Day Brownie, you can prepare:

  1. box with gifts, which were traditionally put colourful beads and buttons, pieces of cloth and coins;
  2. treats, which can be cookies, cakes, sweet rolls or pies;
  3. a card of congratulations.

Important! The house-elves do not appreciate the amount of money from the owners, and their thriftiness and concern, therefore, all gifts for your domestic helper must be done by hand.

The only thing you can get ready for the Day Brownie in 2021 – it cards. Printing a beautiful picture, add some words from myself, necessarily expressing gratitude for services rendered in the past year help.

Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021

Get a beautiful plate to be used only for those purposes. Harvested all the gifts you need to put in the evening, saying thus:

Eat porridge so save our hut!

Brownie my Hodinka (or another name of your House)!

I brought you delicious meals,

Dishes sweet (or rich, if a treat is not sweet),

Hook me up with my food.

It is necessary to speak slowly, with warmth and an open heart, because the spirit feels false and you can get a dramatically opposite effect.

If you missed Day Brownie, not knowing what day it is celebrated in 2021, or simply absent at this time, to give the Elf any day of the year.

Day house in 2021

Send an original greeting card, you and your friends, family or acquaintances who might not know or remember what number celebrate Brownie in 2021. Such a fun reminder will help people not miss the opportunity to treat her “familiar spirit”, or just pick them up.

Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021
Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021 Day house in 2021


The legend of the house-elves is rooted in the distant (even pagan) past Russia. Like many other ancient beliefs, the story of the good assistants, guarding the peace of their owners and helps to create houses a cosiness, have acquired their characters, which is worth paying attention to.

  1. Missing sock – a warning to the owner of the house that it is necessary to pay more attention to the family and to establish a way of life.
  2. Lost dishes – a hint to the hostess that should take care of the house.
  3. Lost knives – a warning to the family, which is often quarrels and misunderstanding.
  4. Much knocking dishes to the danger (beware of fire).
  5. Pulling the hair to be a quarrel between the spouses.
  6. Gently stroking in a dream – to good changes.
  7. Sighs – losses.
  8. Knocking on the pipes to the offense.
  9. Crying (howling) – to trouble.
  10. The soft rustling of a broom, a gentle creaking door or the barely perceptible sound of crockery is a normal and natural behavior in your house of the spirit, which checks your farm and restore order.

Important! The signs are relevant not only in the Day House, and at any other time in 2021 when your Roomie wished for a sign.

Day house in 2021

If you are going to move, take the time to get a new home, think whether you want to take with the previous Owner of the apartment (house) or prefer to try to establish more cordial relations with the new House.


Now you know what numbers and how to celebrate the day of the Brownie in 2021 and we suggest to follow these simple guidelines, regardless of whether you believe in the existence of spirits or not. Prepare snacks with your child, pamper pet, hover around the order, and you will immediately feel how the atmosphere in the house will become warmer and kinder.

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