Day grandparents in 2021

To congratulate relatives, older persons Day grandparents in the USA in 2021 at the end of October. This holiday it is customary to give flowers in a pot. Although to please close people and nice gifts. The best gift can be time together – going to the theatre or cinema, a walk in the Park, city tour, dinner in a cafe etc.

Day grandparents in 2021

When will be in USA

Few people know that when the Day of grandparents in 2021, since the holiday is young and not yet popular. In the USA it will mark only the 5th time. In some towns it’s not even heard.

Important! Congratulations to the grandparents in 2021 grandchildren can present on October 28.

The holiday has a fixed date that does not change from year to year. While it is not included in the official celebrations, though each year there are more of his fans. It’s so nice to give gifts and prepare surprises native elderly. Often with grandparents associated with the most warm memories of childhood, so a dedicated day is a good opportunity to give thanks and show respect to the older generation in the family.

In other countries

October 28 family festival is celebrated in the Netherlands and most other countries. Although some countries have their own dates of celebration:

  • Poland – 21-22 January;
  • Mexico – August 28;
  • Canada, Philippines, Puerto Rico – the second Sunday of September;
  • United Kingdom, South America, the first Sunday in October;
  • Germany, Pakistan the second Sunday in October;
  • Italy – 2 Oct etc.

Day grandparents in 2021

In some countries, separated by the holidays for grandparents, and in France the older generation is honored three times a year.

A bit of history

It is believed that the Day of the grandparents was born in Holland. In this country, grow tulips, roses and other flowers. Farmers engaged in floriculture, decided to hold a rally – to give the elderly a flower in a pot. Alive and flowering plant symbolizes the lust for life and durability. Is a symbol of the continuation of life regardless of age in contrast with cut flowers that quickly fade and lose their beauty. In addition, the plant became a symbol of the connection between the older and younger generation (roots and flowers).

The action was supported by the public, and the following year decided to hold a celebration for seniors who have grandchildren. In 2009 it celebrated in 30 countries. The idea was supported by almost all European countries, although the date in each state established their. Just a couple of years the holiday has spread beyond the continent. It was celebrated in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

USA joined the celebration of the International day for grandmothers only a few years ago. For the first time the solemn event was held in the capital, although the total for the year the idea of a family holiday for the elderly is supported in other Russian cities.

Day grandparents in 2021


The main tradition of the holiday is to give to elderly relatives living flowers in pots. Many people when buying flowers pay attention to their meaning. For example, hibiscus symbolizes longevity, and the geranium is a symbol of financial prosperity.

Some families in the USA in the Day of grandparents in 2021 will gather at the holiday table. Sometimes grandmothers prepare sweet treats, and after with their children and grandchildren organize a tea party. On this day in the older generation sound thanks for their hard work and education, their warm greetings. Often the whole family gathers in a close circle to see the old photos.

There is a tradition to organize charity events for the elderly. In the homes of elderly pensioners living alone often give flowers and gifts and arrange for their concerts or entertainment. Often the elderly do discounts in shops, cinemas, pharmacies, and also hosts free exhibitions and tours.

Day grandparents in 2021

Interesting facts

With the older generation due to many interesting facts. Here are some of them:

  1. The youngest grandmother in the world is Romanian of Rifca Stanescu. She is 23 years old. She had a baby in 5 years. The title of the most senior grandmother went to the 122 year old Jeanne Louise calment. She’s seen great-grandchildren to the sixth generation.
  2. Alex Shapovalov – the record for the number of grandchildren. He had 13 children, 117 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren.
  3. The results of the social survey, it became known that grandchildren are warmer to my mom’s parents than my father.
  4. It is believed that to leave the children with grandma and safer than with a nanny, although the excessive vigilance of the older generation sometimes harms children.
  5. In America, the 95-year-old grandfather made a parachute jump with my adult grandson.

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