Day daughter in 2021

In our country every year more and more attention is given to the family holidays. Currently worldwide, there are officially approved date, when will celebrate the daughter’s day in 2021.

The history of the holiday

The celebration is of American origin. However, in the US is Labor day daughters and sons. The specialty of the event lies in the fact that at this time parents can bring their daughters to work. There they see what efforts their moms and dads are given earned money. Thus, in children, increases respect for the families and increases the value of money. It is a kind of “open doors”.

For children it is really a joyful and memorable event – visit the work place of their parents, where they conduct entertaining activities and exciting excursions. Employees show their superiors, and the leadership publicly thanked the “little” employees for work performed.

Day daughter in 2021

Daughters day in America is celebrated with the aim of increasing respect for and attention to the girls, like members of the family. It helps them to enhance their self-esteem. According to psychologists, the main goal of the festival is to attract the attention of the state and the public to the issues of adolescent girls, to help them during the socialization method of the development of the professions, legal and psychological assistance in a number of problems.

Holiday in India

Special attention to the daughter’s day is given to residents of India. January 24, the country celebrates national girls ‘ day (National Girl Child Day). It was established in 2008 to enhance the importance of the position of females in society and the importance of fighting for their rights. Social networking runs a special program that allows parents to send their girls congratulations.

The main purpose is to draw attention to the inequality of women and sexual discrimination in India. Gender inequality is an urgent problem of modern India. It manifests itself in all spheres of life of Indians – legal rights, education, health, marriage.

Day daughter in 2021

When there exists a family holiday?

Official information, a number of daughter’s day is celebrated in 2021 in the USA, yet, but he usually falls on April 25-28. This is an important and responsible event always falls on the fourth Thursday of April. So in 2021 it will be celebrated a little earlier – on April 23.

In addition, there are other important dates when parents can congratulate their child:

  • January 12 – international day daughters.
  • 1 June – children’s day in the USA. This is another reason to please both girls and boys, to Express his love and care.
  • National day of sons and daughters (NationalSonsandDaughtersDay) – 11 Aug.
  • National day daughters (NationalDaughtersDay) in America, which is celebrated on September 25.
  • To congratulate girls and 4 th Sunday of September. The festival is dedicated to the future successor of sorts, approved by the UNICEF children’s Fund at the United Nations.
  • October 11 – world day of the girl child, approved by the UN in 2012. This is a relatively new holiday, but it also gives parents an opportunity to once again indulge their children and remind them that they are loved and welcome in their family.

As the event takes place

Social services this holiday workshops will be organized, during which raise the question about the importance of girls in each family, the actual problems occurring in specific age of the child. Parents – lectures, as a rule, change their own attitude to their children, try to understand them and put yourself in their place. Most adults change their views on the upbringing and development of girls in the family. They begin to pay more attention, to show love and care.

Through these lectures, questions were frequently raised about the future of female children. Parents can ask experts questions that relate to their success in school, career, family life, motherhood.

Day daughter in 2021

  • sports competitions in all possible sports;
  • dancing;
  • concerts;
  • quiz;
  • relay.

Given that the day of her daughter is a family holiday, it should be done with native people. Parents and other relatives in the family where there are girls, cook for them, gifts and entertainment program. On this day the whole family can enjoy the cinema, theatre, zoo, amusement Park. It is important that the time allotted for family activities this day was filled with love, warmth and respect for their own child.

Day daughter in 2021

Have the information, what day is the day of daughters in 2021, it should advance to prepare for it. Give this holiday gift or not – to solve only to parents. Don’t have to do expensive gifts, the main thing – to give a sign of attention and care. The girls are glad to be a small gift, such as:

  • Souvenirs;
  • books;
  • electronic gadgets;
  • dolls;
  • soft toys.

When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the age and interests of the child.

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