Day bartender in 2021

In 2021, the Day bartender’s scale will be celebrating in all the bars, cafes and restaurants. Although the professional holiday is young, he has been gaining more and more popularity. This day honors the hard work of people who stand behind the bar. And even though the bartenders were not held in high esteem, now their work is appreciated.

When it is noted

Day bartender does not apply to public holidays, and therefore a public holiday it is not. Celebrate it in the USA, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries. The holiday has long gained international status. In this regard, some events are held with the participation of the bartenders from different States.

Important! The date for the celebration of the Day the bartender fixed in contrast to most professional events. Celebrate it on February 6. In 2021, this tradition will not change.

Day bartender in 2021

In the USA there is a similar holiday dedicated to this difficult profession, but celebrate it the first Friday of December.

The history of

First Day the bartender said in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev. All the events were held in the rock club “Docker Pub”. The main initiator was the international center of bartenders “Planet Z”, which specializiruetsya on the training of professionals working behind the bar. In 2009, the idea was supported by other institutions. In addition, the festival has quickly overstepped the boundaries – it has been noted in the USA. Later, the Ukraine and the USA joined other countries of the CIS and Europe. Every year there are increasingly large-scale events on local and international level.

This holiday is often associated with the Day of Saint Amanda. The fact that the Catholic Church February 6, honors his memory. It is believed that the day of the professional holiday was chosen for a reason, as St. Amand was the first bartender in Europe. Besides, he is considered the patron Saint of winemaking. Amand became in 20 years a monk, although his family was against this decision. From France he went to Rome, and after had been a missionary, worked in bars in Germany. 15 years later he was ordained to the Bishop.

In fact, a professional holiday almost no overlap with the Day of the Holy Amanda, despite some connection. The fact that it is celebrated mainly in Orthodox countries, where the honor of the Catholic Saint.


In 2021, traditionally the international day of the bartender’s guide to cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants will congratulate subordinates on the occasion. As an incentive, usually paid the premiums, but the best employees are awarded prizes, diplomas and gratitude.

The day before or the day of the celebration is often carried out:

  • courses for professional development;
  • educational lectures;
  • master-classes on cooking of unusual cocktails.

Day bartender in 2021

Known restaurateurs organize open meetings to share their secrets of success. In the entertainment business has traditionally put on a show with the participation of bartenders, wine tasting and other beverages, and also entertainment.

Traditionally, between employees behind the bar contests and competitions, in which they demonstrate their skills, skill, speed, dexterity, and improvisation. The jury checks the taste quality cocktails.

Interesting! The most prestigious competition is considered the Bacardi-Martini Grand Prix. He held since 1966. Every year competitions are held in a new country. Russian experts repeatedly won in the contest prizes.

Interesting facts

The profession of bartender appeared in the XIX century, at the peak of the gold rush. The owners of some shops have decided to sell booze on tap. The service was in great demand. To separate the zone from the recreation area, installed a rack.

Here are some interesting facts and records:

  1. In 2011, two men from Milan has set a world record – just over an hour, they were able to cook 683 cups of coffee.
  2. At the end of the nineteenth century, the first book about cocktails. It was written by Jerry Thomas.
  3. The oldest woman who works behind the bar, already more than 90 years. His beloved profession Dolly Savile gave 70 years of his life. Among men also there are Champions. Angelo of Camarta worked behind the bar 79. He once forced breaks in work during the Second world war.
  4. In Tyumen during the show it was made by Domino 555 cocktails.

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