Daughter’s day in 2021: what date and date

In the festive calendar included the memorable days, thanks to which strengthened family values. The international event daughter’s Day is celebrated in 2021 on January 12, Tuesday. A great date would unite all the members of the fairer sex from Babes with bows to respectable ladies. All of them received the social status of their daughter at birth. In a series of family holidays, where grandparents, fathers and mothers are honored, it is logical for sons and, of course, daughters to have their own day.

Public holidays

The birth of a daughter in the family is always a joyful event, although in the old days they were more proud of the appearance of sons, the successors of the family. Boys were raised more often, were given a good education, and helped build a career. The girls were taught basic knowledge, good manners, and housekeeping. It was believed that the bride in the future will forever leave the parental home, go to another family.

Echoes of the past still sometimes remind us of prejudice. The world community initiated the celebration of daughters in order to pay more attention to the concerns, problems of expectant mothers, and family relationships. The social role of the daughter has been rethought over the past century, and the role of generational continuity in the female line has been realized.

Daughter's day in 2021: what date and date

Historically, thanks to various international organizations, there are other dates that celebrate women’s contribution to family life:

  • March 3– they hold a Japanese Hinamatsuri festival dedicated to girls. Decorative dolls that attract the attention of evil spirits are placed on prepared platforms covered with red cloth in advance. This is how parents protect their daughters from misfortune. After the festival, the dolls are burned in the temple.
  • last Sunday in September– celebrate daughters ‘ Day, established by the United Nations children’s Fund (UNICEF) to highlight social issues and problems related to the health, upbringing, and education of expectant mothers;
  • October 11– celebrate the international day of girls, approved by the UN, has existed since 2012;
  • November 20– congratulations to all children on international children’s Day, including their daughters.

In America, the spring holiday that came from America, celebrated on April 25, has taken root most of all. The history of the overseas daughter’s Day is long-standing, connected with open door events that were held at the place of work of parents. Traditionally, on the last Thursday of April, adults brought children to their workplaces to show the specifics of work, instill interest in any business. It is interesting that until 2002, parents were mainly introduced to the profession of girls, but in 2003 they began to attract boys as well.

Children always liked such a celebration, as they were given guided tours and entertaining programs. On the day of daughters and sons, the management publicly thanked employees for their work, arousing young people’s pride in their parents. Children often provided all possible help on this day, performed small tasks. So the young generation was instilled an interest in work.

Daughter's day in 2021: what date and date

Whatever date is taken as the basis for showing attention to your daughter, the support of family members is important. Growing girls need support from their parents, siblings, and grandparents.


On holidays dedicated to daughters, it is customary to pay attention to the great achievements of women in various sectors of the economy, politics, and public life. The absence of harassment during adulthood opens up opportunities for spiritual growth, success in work and personal life.

Social services, following the holiday calendar, celebrate the daughter’s Day by holding seminars, exhibitions, round tables discussing the upbringing and education of teenage girls. At the meetings of parents, issues of harmonious development of girls, preserving and strengthening their health, showing love and caring for them are discussed.

In the home environment, the holiday is celebrated in the family circle. It is possible to communicate several generations along the female line, when the grandmother, mother and daughter reflect on how the position of women in society is changing, what paths open up for professional and spiritual development of the individual.

Daughter's day in 2021: what date and date

A homely atmosphere imbued with love, warmth, and care serves as the protection that helps a little girl grow up, go through the stages of development, and become the mistress of her home and a full-fledged member of society.


The date of the daughter’s Day celebration is not official. Gifts to your favorite daughters are made by close people and friends. A gift from a pure heart always pleases, lifts the mood. Depending on the age of their daughters, they are given sweets, toys, costume jewelry, a trip to the theater, or an excursion. A valuable gift will not be the thing that is expensive, but the one that is inherited, which symbolizes the connection of generations. A joint photo taken on a holiday will have a special place in the family album.

Spiritual values do not change over time. In 2021, just like a thousand years ago, the main thing at the heart of the gift is the attention and love of relatives.

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