Cyberclaw movie 2021

A bold experiment I decided to conduct an independent Russian animation Studio Evil Pirate Studio, hand in the creation of the cartoon, which combines elements of a cozy Slavic life and aggressive cyberpunk. Animated film “Cyberlaw” due out in 2021, and while critics disagree about its success.

It is understood that the cartoon “Cyberlaw” will cover a large audience, because among the spectators should be fans of the Russian national epic, and fans of anime and cyberpunk. But the reality may be much sadder: the picture is quite similar to the good old Russian polnometrazhki about three heroes with a gay horse and a charming Queen. Although on IMDb the movie has an amazing rating of expectations – 98%.

The producer of “Cyberlaw” about your project: video

The plot

They describe their project like this: it’s an old Russian story with modern characters. To help peaceful town, which was attacked by alien monsters, comes not a great athletic squad and individual characters, which are enhanced with cybernetic mechanisms. But they can not independently protect people, and then under the heroic old Slavic music on the battlefield, and he appears – Cyberclaw. This is a huge man who resembles a hero. But classic character, it features a helmet-mask, almost like Robocop. The equipment is also a lot of metal elements, making Cyberclaw even more epic.

As for the time period of the story, the action takes place somewhere in the future, not the past, as it may seem from the Slavic orientation. Yes, now there is no such native Americans cities, but Cybernetics has not yet reached such a level that people do yourself a robotic prostheses and cybersapce with ear-flaps. The theory the audience that the plot is approximately 2,300 year or even later, confirms the direction of the musical group OLIGARKH, who wrote the main soundtrack (ethnofuturism), and the sign on the wall in the trailer: “Zadornov was right.” Does this mean that enemies-murderers of the city are the Americans? This affair, which will continue until the premiere.

Cyberclaw movie 2021

The main characters

In the team Cyberclaw also very original characters. One of them is a priest, is reminiscent of Pyromania Theophanes, who sings about that “Cold woods” and that “it is Necessary to stamp down the field”. The main strength of this hero is a huge metal cross which destroys emits laser light.

Cyberclaw has a huge powerful cybermesa, with which he overcomes the enemy and cuts it into 2 parts. Also among his powers is the ability to fly (or go up very high and then attack from there enemies. Power Cyberclaw so great that after his confrontation with the enemy from the face of the earth erased entire forest and over the plain rising up to the sky pillar of fire.

Cyberclaw movie 2021

Animated features

Though Studio Studio Evil Pirate and reports on his page in social networks that they are fighting for, “in order to raise native cartoon industriously from his knees,” but in the trailer it is seen that the animation is not domestic. Battle scenes resemble the anime series “Evangelion” (1995-1998): the Archer takes too brisk acceleration, which is shown from different angles. And Cyberlaw epic appears in the background of the huge full moon. All this is pretty impressive, but doesn’t sound like the same cartoons about heroes. The faces of the people also charged characters of Japanese cartoons. In clothing the inhabitants of the Slavic cyberhood also have metal bracelets and something like cybernautic in hats with ear-flaps.

The original and the contrast of the cartoon. This is also evident in the trailer: episodes with a demonstration of domes of churches with Slavic motifs are replaced by cool action shots with burning houses and ciaramelli, slowly emerging out of the fire.

Release date “Cyberlaw” is still unknown, but it is expected that the cartoon will be released in 2021. Given the fact that the trailer is already there, maybe it will happen sooner. Curious what the rating assigns the animation. The murder scene there clearly are, so at least 16+. But the half-naked Archer in armor bra can be the reason that the cinemas will not let teenagers under age 18.

Cyberclaw movie 2021

Some flaws and shortcomings of the trailer the audience graciously forgives the creators, because this is a project based only on enthusiasm. It is not clear where the children get sponsorship, but it’s definitely not the Cinema Fund. Most likely, it’s just a group of friends who get pleasure from work.

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