Cross week in 2021

The veneration of the cross week of lent in 2021 falls on the middle of it. This is the time that is dedicated to the worship of the Holy Cross and the memory of the suffering of Jesus Christ in the last days of the earthly life. The article presents the history of the cross of the week, as well as the basic tradition of falling on these days.

When will the veneration of the Cross week

The veneration of the cross Week starts with Sunday, ends the third week of lent. However, many believers think it a festive fourth week of lent, as it have all the services and traditions. It is worth noting that each year cross the beginning of the Week falls on a different date. So many believers are interested in the question, a number of the Cross begins week in 2021.

To this question the Orthodox calendar gives an unequivocal answer – the festival starts March 22 and will last for seven days to 28 March inclusive.

Cross week in 2021


The first mention of the life-giving Cross date back as far as 326 year when it was first found, Saint Helena. However, later, during the Iranian-Byzantine confrontation, all trace of him was lost. Subsequently, the Holy Cross was discovered only in the year 631, when after the war the Emperor had made him to Jerusalem. This event became the reason for the celebration of the veneration of the cross Week.

Today the veneration of the Cross week is a traditional holiday of lent. Its main goal is the worship of the heroism of Christ, and strengthening believers in the test of lent and abstinence from all temptation.

How is the service

Service veneration of the cross week of lent in 2021 will be held in accordance with all traditions. On Saturday evening the temple is made a Cross that serves as a reminder for all members about the upcoming Holy week and Bright holiday of Easter. After making all the priests and believers do the triple bow before the Holy Cross.

During the week the main symbol of the holiday is in the centre of the Church only on Friday the Holy Cross entered in the altar before the conduct of the Liturgy.

Cross week in 2021

How to eat

Lent calls all believers to abandon eating animal products such as meat, milk and dairy products, fish, eggs. In addition, in this period there is a tradition of baking “crosses”, which are cookies cruciform shape.

For each cross the number of weeks in 2021 there is a list of foods that can be consumed.

  1. Sunday, March 22 – the diet may consist of hot food such as porridge and soups, you can refuel vegetable oil. Allowed the use of small quantities of red wine.
  2. Monday, March 23 – allowed the preparation of vegetable salads, however, they should not contain oil. Also on this day, you can include in your diet pickled vegetables and lean breads.
  3. Tuesday, March 24 – allowed hot meal: porridge, not nourishing soups without meat, oven baked vegetables or fruits.
  4. Wednesday, March 25 – allowed to consume only raw foods: vegetables and fruits. You can add to your diet nuts and beans.
  5. Thursday, March 26 – eaten hot meals without using oil.
  6. Friday, March 27 – the period of shoedini, allowed the use of lean breads, vegetables and fruits.
  7. Saturday, March 28 – it is recommended the consumption of hot cereals, soups, or soup, when cooking you can use vegetable oil. Can also made dumplings with potato or cabbage, the dough is prepared without eggs.

Cross week in 2021

What you can and cannot do

It is considered that the third week of Great lent is the most difficult for believers. At this time, many abandon long-term abstinence and fail to follow the rules established for the period.

Clerics argue that stand the test of lent is much easier if you attend Church services twice a day, i.e. morning and evening services.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind the necessity of avoiding any entertainment events and entertainment. During this period, the faithful are forbidden to visit cinemas, concerts, cafes and other establishments.

The other important events that must visit all believers are Saturday and Sunday, when each Church in the center of the room the cross is brought out.

Cross week in 2021

Thus, we can conclude that the third week of lent is an important celebration for all parishioners. The start and end dates for the veneration of the cross week in 2021 according to the Orthodox calendar falls on 22-28 March. During this period, it is important to refrain from visiting entertainment facilities, as well as to avoid eating forbidden foods.

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