Cross-fire – movie 2021

The premiere of the film “Cross fire” is scheduled for 2021, although it was initially planned to release it in 2020. The delay associated with the employment of the main actor: Donnie Yen in parallel starred in the film adaptation of disney’s “Mulan”, so the “Cross fire” will be released late. But the audience do not lose heart: they are willing to wait until 2021 to see your pet Donnie yen in two premieres.

The plot

Trailer yet, but the synopsis is already known. Donnie Yen plays the role of a former COP named Eugene Lai, who suddenly learns of his wife’s disappearance. She went to South Africa to help the needy, but together with his team of volunteers were exposed to attack is unknown. The whole group were found deceased, and the wife’s Bark was missing. Desperate, the husband immediately sets out to find her.

The already dangerous journey marred by two aspects. First the local police Barking prohibits to interfere in the Affairs of the security service, but at stake is the life of his wife, so no bans don’t affect it. The second aspect: the drug Lord nicknamed “the Poet” also opens at Eugene hunt. Lai decides to get to the truth, to understand why you need it is incomprehensible to the drug cartels. But at the same time he discovers a group of police officers who have long hunted for the “Poet”. Joining him, the Barking gradually gets all the answers to his tormenting questions concerning his wife and himself.

Cross-fire – movie 2021

The reflection of the names in the story

The literal translation of the original title – “crossfire” – quite accurately reflects the plot of the Thriller. It turns out that Eugene Lai is playing a double game: on the one hand he’s an ex-COP who must follow the canons of honor and justice. But he is discouraged by a man who is willing to do everything for the sake of his wife, including to go on a reckless killing.

In American cinema there is one movie with the same name. “Cross fire”, released in 2014, talks about mathar the criminal who once again got behind bars. Realizing that because of this prison, he could lose his family, decides to become a repeat offender, an accomplice and informant of one of the police officers. It turns out that “crossfire” is also suitable as the title for the film, only in the original painting is called “Bad Country”, which means “Bad country”. But the Russian adaptation decided to make my own translation, which was more successful. But will confuse the two films after the release of Chinese “Cross-fire”?

There is another “Cross fire” (2016) production of Canada. The film tells the story of a female soldier participating in the war with Iraq. Returning home, she gets charged with the perpetration of a fire that killed Americans. Being shell-shocked, she does not remember, that was really the case, and begins to collect the memories bit by bit.

Other Chinese fighters

The fact that China is able to shoot the fighters, the audience knows from the time of the Comedy of Jackie Chan. In those films also demonstrated an unprecedented action, which was accompanied by a very interesting plot. But it was the Comedy insurgents who watched mainly because of Jackie Chan.

Gradually the Chinese film industry began to grow and gave the world more great pictures. Among them the trilogy “IP man” (2008, 2010, 2015) and the film “Last of the best” (2014) with the same Donnie yen in the lead roles. As well as drama “House of flying daggers” (2014), action movies “War wolves” (2015) and “headhunters” (2016) and many others. And this is not a typical Chinese folk paintings that are fun to watch only to local residents. This is a world premiere, which received their portion of glory. And it is expected that the film “Cross fire”, release date is scheduled for 2021, will also join the list of worthy projects in China.

Cross-fire – movie 2021

The film crew and the cast

A major role, as already mentioned, played by Donnie Yen. This popular actor of Chinese descent, who is also a producer, a producer, screenwriter and stunt coordinator. Audience he is best known for the films “IP man” (2008, 2010, 2015), “the monkey King” (2014), “Three wars: world domination” (2016). Now Ian is busy in several projects. Except for “crossfire” and “Moulana” in 2020-2021 years is expected to have several Prime with his participation: “the Great master”, “Exit fatty dragon”, “American revenge.”

One of the villains nicknamed the “Big dog” will play Kevin Lee, who, because of their characteristic appearance often plays negative characters. For example, he was a hired killer in “Armour of God” (2017).

The movie “Cross fire” 2021 producing tandem of Director and actor: it’s benny Chan and Donnie Yen. Extensive experience with these two geniuses of Chinese cinema will produce a great product look forward to in China and in the world.

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