Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

In anticipation of the winter holidays and New year celebrations are the large companies and small companies organize corporate parties. Often the event goes into the hands of professionals, but if there is a "special" order from the boss or your own desire, it is easy to pick up some cool scenarios.

New year party 2021 will hold a presenter and Santa Claus. Individual parts and contests you can replace or add a new one.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

Scenario 1

The appearance of fairy tale characters at the new year party 2021 is not immediate, and after colleagues congratulate each other, said a few toasts and be ready for the unfolding action.

"How many wonderful holidays,
Everyone has their turn.
But the best good holiday
A favorite from childhood — the New year!
Rolled snowy road,
Gone snowflakes dance.
Mysterious and austere,
Comes in the heart of the New year!"
Leading takes a glass filled with champagne and coming up to present, starting with the head, gives him the floor General greetings for colleagues, and then start the competitions.

To conduct must be determined by the 6 volunteers of both sexes. When the pair selected, then backs to each other set 6 chairs, on which sit men. Included Eastern dance and dancing girl in front of his partner. Importantly, beauties have tried. To achieve this easily, if the host cheers, first one and then the other girl.

At the end of the tune, each man the opportunity to speak, what part of the body of the partner during the dance was for him the most impressive. Sometimes men are confused and call something neutral: hand, ear, knee or face.

Host: "The essence of competition is that marked out the place you need to bestow a passionate kiss".

So that the osculation "neutral" knees and ears, turns into a hilarious spectacle. After the contest a break for the exchange of experiences and holiday parties.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

"Again, the smell of spruce, for a table we sat down.
Let them be a happy person You
Here soon there will be a solemn hour —
So a good story You all looked!"

Comes Santa Claus.

Santa Claus: "Hello, kids, how you have grown this year. I have to warm up a few mysteries:

In the summer I was walking through the Park

Pattern saw a bright

Review it wanted

Suddenly closed halves

And the picture flew away. (Butterfly)

A blue sheet covers the whole world. (The firmament)

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

When you need it — throw it away,
and didn’t need a lift. (Anchor)

The more removed from it, the huger it becomes. (Pit)

Hanging a sieve, but not with twisted spokes. (Web)

Although I see that some long-shave (to young man), and some are still there (a bearded man). Well, if you’re big, can play grown-up. Determine the sexiest man in your team."

Selected 5-7 willing or not, to participate in this activity. To the belt of each player is tied with a rope attached at the end of tangerine. The height is chosen such that the fruit can reach the floor. Before the participants set a light cardboard or plastic box. Without the use of hands to push a box to a predetermined finish point. The one who wins gets a prize – a bottle of champagne.

Host: "Well, now the time has come to enter a New 2021, and leave behind old! When crossing obstacles make in the mind the desire, just no it does not say that it would come true"

Symbolic section depict long Christmas garland tied to far standing from each other the chairs. The height of the pick sparing, given the narrow dresses of the ladies present.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

"Corporate is coming to an end

Health, happiness to wish, want,

That dream was the embodiment,

Today, in the coming year!

Let it be money, power, and patience,

Success in your future endeavours,

Working all the time mood

But sometimes in the clouds!"

Scenario 2

New year 2021 for the adult team has a special poignancy and humor. Small companies, no hiring of outsiders leading perfect the organization of corporate parties in the form of contests and games collected in one scenario. From colleagues selected by the organizer who will assign tasks. To help himself he chooses snow white, which will help. To inform in advance about the role optional. Much more interesting, if "elections" will be held also in the form of competition.

Host: "Help I need a fairytale beauty, otherwise, what New year without snow Maiden!"

  • The competition "Kiss the chef". Selected 5-6 employees. Each of the participants need to kiss the head, even if the boss is a woman. With a little acting and the addition grimaces and antics, the action would look ridiculous and silly. The most artistic employee becomes a Maiden. Leading refers to its image by using crowns or caps.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

Now she becomes co-host of the evening. And immediately carried out the next contest.

  • Leading with assistant choose a few men. They sit on chairs, lined up in a row, throwing one leg over the other. Pant leg is leg, located on top of the rolled to the knee. In front of the chairs becomes a maiden, challenge colleagues to melt the snow beauty. For this purpose, they say the maximum number of compliments, on what is capable. The task of the girls to say, from whose pleasant words she "really" melted away.

Host: "In fact, the winner we have another (looks at the situation, maybe timing?). Maiden’s a young girl and shy, as she is in such a decent society recognizes that in actual fact it is melted, not compliments. And from the amount of vegetation on the legs of the most brutal men".

All participants are taking their seats, the winner is awarded a symbolic gift. After the break a presenter takes from the Desk of the head of the company, and gives him a job.

Host: "How long have you heard the good word from our beloved leader? Mind you, today he has prepared!"

  • Teams rarely accepted in the tactile contact between the colleagues and boss are given a task, it is necessary to embrace subordinates and to say a compliment: you’re smart, you’re responsible, you’re polite. If compliments are bad, then you can prepare in advance certificates, which will be written those words. And the chief let their reads and distributes at its discretion.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

Host: "And among those who didn’t get a diploma, have a further casting for the character of the year".

  • Selected 2-3 players who will run around the room, depicting the animal of the upcoming year. You can stand on all fours, manipulative poryskat through the hall in search of mink, hastily gnaw a crust of bread. But if colleagues still didn’t know to emit a characteristic mouse squeak. The winner determined by audience vote, and he put the Hoop with mouse ears.

Host: "Let the chief Rat of the New year 2021 will speak to colleagues toast!"

After the next feast and dance competitions are held as an Assembly.

Corporate Christmas 2021: cool scenarios

Host: "I think today we have to choose not only the symbol of the year, but the best speaker for news programs on our television"

  • Participants selected up to 3, are invited to read from the sheet any tongue Twister, it is desirable that it was a common play on words, such as "was Sasha on highway and sucked drying" or "Charles at Clara stole corals, and Clara at Charles stole a clarnet". The apogee in the time of the feast, even this sentence will be a half adults. Winner is awarded instead of popping a bottle of champagne.

Host: "It is on television need not only the speaker, but also a prompter. This role will select only the very plastic and graceful. Check your talents"

  • Job is pronounced ear two of the participants. Using pantomime to portray his boss. Trying to imitate the characteristic gestures, facial expressions, copying their gait. The participant coped with the task, a game which colleagues guessed.

Host: "At the end of the evening left to play only one competition, but it is the most fun, someone who will agree to execute it as a gift is a bottle of cognac or champagne."

  • Party need one, when found wanting, explain to him that it is necessary to offer "Private services". Leading or maiden phone type in any digits, the call, the entrant is required to offer sexual services of father Frost (the snow Maiden) new year’s eve for a bowl of salad. Try not to laugh, and at the end to apologize for the inconvenience and congratulate the person with the New year.

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