Contests for the New year 2021 | new year’s events

The entertainment program on the main night of the country is no less important than gifts and a festive menu. Contests for adults and children, for large and small companies will help to make an unforgettable meeting of the New year 2021.

Contests for a large company

The new year’s corporate event is approaching, and contests will help the company’s employees make friends and get to know each other better. You can start with interesting greetings, continue with an intellectual quiz, and continue with outdoor games.

Quiz is a “symbol of the year»

For each correct answer of the new year’s quiz, the host distributes tokens, who has accumulated more of them-will receive a super prize. On the eve of the year of the metal white bull, it’s a good idea to show off your mind and ingenuity. It is better to choose funny questions, not necessarily difficult ones:

  1. Why did the bull sigh in the famous poem? Who wrote this sad story?
  2. Who was allowed what was not allowed to the bull?
  3. What material was used to make the “tar barrel” from the folk tale:
  4. What unusual kinship relationship did the main characters of the animated film “the Wolf and the calf”have?

Additionally, the host asks rhetorical funny questions: Why do the company’s problems resemble a fairy tale about a white bull? Should I have a bullfight before raising my salary? Are the horns of a bull competing for the new year’s prize big enough?

Contests for the New year 2021 | new year's events

The bull’s desire is the law

This new year’s contest can be played at the table. You need to prepare the attributes in advance. On a large soft toy (undoubtedly a bull) attach wrapped pieces of paper, each with an interesting wish of a bull, for example:

  • touch the nose of the neighbor on the right;
  • show the language to the waiter;
  • wish everyone a happy new year;
  • answer a tricky question (the question is asked by the host or participants);
  • sing a song;
  • tell us who smokes during business hours;
  • find out who steals food from the shared refrigerator.

The winner is the one who fulfills the most wishes of the symbol of the year.

“Career advancement»

That portends a rise in position? That’s right, a big salary. The new year’s mini-game is as follows:

  1. Players stand in a single line, they are given cash bills.
  2. After 2-3 meters, as far as the room allows, a finishing tape is installed.
  3. At the command “start”, participants toss up the bills and start blowing on them so that they move towards the finish line.
  4. The winner is the one who sends the money to the destination faster.

If the banknote falls – the game does not end, no one prevents the participant from blowing further.

Contests for the New year 2021 | new year's events

It’s time to dance!

For the new year’s contest, you will need a rope and a flash drive with cutting musical compositions of different styles. They go out on the dance floor for 2 participants, connect the left leg of one with the right leg of the other, turn on the music and ask to dance hip-hop, breakdance, tango or Lambada. The number of rounds of each participating couple is unlimited. The main prize is taken by the couple who managed to dance the given styles most accurately or most amusingly.

Let’s go to rest

New year’s holidays are a time of small vacations abroad. First you need to prepare for the trip! Guests are divided into 2 teams, one-tourists, the other-customs.

Customs asks the question: what will you take first on vacation? The tourist must name the item that begins with the first letter of the customs officer’s name. Who can say more items he won.

Fun snag or Snowfall

A fun new year’s contest is best held at the very beginning of the holiday, while players can confidently stand on their feet. Participants stand in a circle. The rules are explained:

  1. The host whispers the names of the animal in everyone’s ear, and each participant has their own animal. It is important that the other participants do not hear what the moderator is saying.
  2. The host calls one of the animals, and the player whose animal is named must immediately sit down.
  3. Players to the left and right of the person sitting down must prevent them from sitting down: hold them under their arms, for example.
  4. Anyone who manages to sit down will receive a prize.

The catch is that the host has previously named only one animal to all the participants. When he says the signal word, there is a hilarious mess, everyone trying to sit down and hold the other at the same time.

Contests for the New year 2021 | new year's events

Contests for children

New year’s contests for toddlers and older children are held at school and kindergarten “Christmas Trees”, at home, in the game room. 2021 needs to be met correctly: bull doesn’t like to be bored.

Tangerine treat

What child would refuse a new year’s treat, a fragrant tangerine? And eat it for speed and get a prize?

Children are divided into pairs, each is given a peeled tangerine. Partners start feeding tangerine to each other at the signal of the host. The couple who completed the task the fastest gets a gift.

The rhythm of the new year

Kids sit on chairs in a circle. One of the participants sets a certain rhythm with his feet (stomps). We need to remember Christmas songs. The others in the circle must repeat the given motive, who gets lost, leaves the game. The contest is held until the last participant.

Contests for the New year 2021 | new year's events

New year’s songs

Participants need to remember new year’s songs. The prize will be awarded to the person who names the most pieces of music. You can complicate the task for participants by giving them the task to sing the song they want to sing.

Puzzles from Santa Claus

Even toddlers can do a simple task. You need to print out large images of new year’s themes, such as A3 format, cut it into fragments and ask the children to assemble an illustration. The smallest ones cut the picture into 4-6 large parts, older children can prepare more small elements.

Snow maiden-the snowmen

Mini-game for small children. Chairs are placed in a circle according to the number of participants. The rules are as follows:

  1. The presenter says the word-signal “snow maiden”. The children should take their seats.
  2. The presenter says “the Snowmen”. The kids get up from their seats.

Anyone who hesitates is eliminated from the game. You can complicate the task for older children, for example, by adding the signal word “Snow”, after hearing it, the children should lie down on the floor.

Contests for the New year 2021 | new year's events

Two bulls

Players are divided into pairs, after which they are given a strong rope (rope). Prizes are placed on different sides of them. The child must reach for his prize, while not allowing the other to get to his gift. Who can reach, that’s the prize.


Entertainment is suitable for students regardless of age. Participants are divided into teams, but you can play one – on-one. The goal is to create a new fairy tale based on the old ones. You can use different genres: Thriller, detective, Comedy. For example, little Red riding Hood investigates the case of a missing Kolobok And herself falls into the trap of two repeat offenders, a Fox and a Wolf.

The winner is determined by voting or applause from the audience.

Christmas contests – holiday decoration, not necessarily for 2021 to choose the game that is associated with a major holiday. Entertainment can be anything, the main thing is to choose them, taking into account the age of players and other parameters.

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