Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

Contests are a great opportunity for talented teachers to demonstrate their skills, share experiences, and learn many new and interesting in the field of education. In addition, they are the motivation for development of teachers, the invention of new techniques, innovative approaches in the training of the younger generation. To participate in the prestigious, and the prizes can be financial reward. In 2021 in the USA will be a lot of competitions of all-Russian and regional scale.

Teacher of the year USA

The most prestigious, exciting and challenging annual intellectual contest for teachers of the USA is “the Teacher of year”. Its main objectives are the search and promotion of talented teachers, as well as a General increase in the quality of teaching in the country. All the achievements of the laureates is available for study on the official website Therefore, each teacher can remotely at any time take master classes, listen to lectures or get acquainted with the extraordinary techniques lessons from the best teachers from all over the USA.

Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

To compete for the title of “teacher of the year” may be a teacher, experience of which at least 3 years and who works in a secondary (private or public) institutions. The competition is held in three stages:

  1. School. Selection of applicants is made at the school level. The organizers are the administration of the school. Time – approximately December 2020.
  2. Municipal. Held at the city level (district or village). The organizers – the state local government. Time – roughly February 2021.
  3. Regional. Is conducted at the level of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Organizers – state bodies in education of the subject of the Russian Federation.

Organizational and methodological support of I-III stages is carried out by steering committees, which are created by educational institutions and local authorities. They reglamentary all procedures, terms and order of carrying out of competitions at this level.

The final stage (final) is regulated by the Ministry of education, USA. In the final where only one representative from each subject of the Russian Federation. The procedure for conducting the final stage of approved by the organizing Committee of the national competition and is published on the official website (tentatively March 2021). The structure of the tests has a part-time format and can consist of the following elements:

  • demonstration personal Internet resource (website, blog, page in social networks);
  • essay writing (done in the classroom for 5 hours in handwritten format);
  • an open lesson.
  • organization of extracurricular activities;
  • demonstration master-class;
  • the creation of an educational project;
  • public speaking;
  • the conversation with the Minister.

For each test, the jury will accrue a certain number of points based on the approved criteria. The winner is the participant with the highest number of points. He was awarded the honorary title, and awarded prizes. The results will be announced in October 2021 in the town of subject of the Russian Federation the previous winner.


It is expected that in 2021 will continue to exist all-Russian contest “#ucitel”. He created a nonprofit philanthropic organization “Fishermen’s Fund” together with the Association “the National society of technology in education” (NOTO). It can involve all teachers and teaching staff, regardless of their experience. The competition is held on the territory of the USA format of Internet projects.

Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

The main tasks “#Uchitel” are to identify and support teachers in their work using modern innovative technologies. They may have not only technical, but also methodological and social character. In addition, teachers will have the opportunity to host various webinars and online master classes to enhance their skills and improve projects.

Teachers sent to the organizing Committee work in the following areas:

  • “Leader of change”;
  • “Master of the digital world”;
  • “Educational designer”;
  • “STREAM-teacher”;
  • “Master-maker”.

The organizers reserve the right to change the concept of the main directions and add a new one. Projects will be evaluated by a special Commission. The contest winners will be trained in the Certification Academy NOTO in Helsinki (Finland).

Enrollment is on the official website The period – roughly, from October to December 2020. The examination is performed for 1-1. 5 months. Summarize the results in February 2021.

The portal competitions “Pedagogical talent USA”

Informational-educational portal for teachers https://педталант.рф provides the opportunity to participate in various themed contests on a regular basis. The portal was created to support talented teachers and to improve the quality of education in the country through the publication of innovative and effective teaching materials. Competitions are held in a distance format with the informational support of the Ministry of education.

Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

  • “Lessons for the GEF”;
  • My site;
  • “My visuals”;
  • “My best lesson”;
  • “My teaching experience” etc.

All presented in the catalog are the current tenders and requests to participate are accepted at any time in electronic form.

Every work that meets the standards of the portal and the requirements of the FSES, shall be published on the resource “teaching talent USA”. Participants receive diplomas and certificates confirming the publication in the media. They can be used to compile a portfolio for assessment. For registration and forward this certificate will be required to pay organizational fee in the amount of 200 rubles for an electronic version and 500 for the paper original.

All-Russian competition “Innovative technologies of training in school subjects”

The organizer of the competitions of pedagogical skill is the community “LESSON.Of the Russian Federation” with the support of LEGO Education. Its main task – to stimulate the interest of children in studying of subjects in all fields: physics, mathematics, geography, etc. To do this, the LEGO company proposes to introduce in the learning process visual AIDS in particular, education solutions LEGO Education. Visual AIDS allow you to visualize theoretical knowledge, develop imagination and critical thinking.

Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

The competition is open to teachers of any specialty, including primary classes, social teachers and psychologists. The organizing Committee will be evaluated unique methodical development of the teacher-practice with the use of LEGO. Work should be submitted in the format of the summary of the lesson with a photo report about his conduct. In the competition can participate only unique, previously unpublished teaching materials.

After summing up the winners will receive prizes from LEGO Education:

  • 1st place: basic education set WeDo 2.0;
  • 2nd place: a set of “Technology and physics” c EV3.

The deadline for the applications is September 19, 2020. Registration is conducted on the portal “LESSON.Of the Russian Federation” https://урок.рф/contest/836.

The competition “Digital lesson “Russian textbook”

The company “Russian textbook” offers to all teachers of secondary schools to participate in the contest “Digital lesson”. It is held in a remote format. The organizers will be evaluated by the authoring teachers who use electronic versions of textbooks. In work it is necessary to describe the plan interesting lessons with the use of digital educational platforms. When submitting work, special attention should be paid to the uniqueness of the text – it should not contain plagiarism, and may not be published in other publications.

Contests for teachers in 2021 in USA

Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2020 on the official portal of “Russian textbook” on the link

The winners will receive valuable gifts from the partners, discounts for passing remote training course free six-month subscription to the web version of the journal is “Methodist”. All participants will receive a certificate confirming the publication in the media.

The contest “let’s Save nature”

This is another contest organized by the “Russian textbook.” It is open to all teachers of preschool and educational institutions of the USA. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the competition will be held in the fall. The deadline for submission of applications is 31 October 2020.

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